Monday, January 24, 2005

The Hamburg Cell (Caution -NOT a PC Post)

(This is my raw un-censored reaction after watching the first film made about pre-9/11 events...)
Snowed in this weekend, The Man and I decided to watch The Hamburg Cell --which is playing on HBO. The Man had watched it once already and I was unsure if I was ready to see it...less than 3 1/2 years after that dreadful day...

In 1998, a few months after Justice was born, The Man and I watched Path to Paradise --a movie depicting the first World Trade Center bombing (I subsequentely gave my copy to Sean Hannity the first time I met him). It was virtually unbearable. The final scene shows...well, I won't tell you. You should see it. Put it this way, in light of 9/11 (which didn't happen until four years after this movie was made) --the final scene is downright eerie...

After seeing both movies, it is hard to be sympathetic to any Muslim (not to mention the overwhelming desire to incarcerate everyone that works for the airlines). I know that sounds terrible, but I would be lying if I didn't say that was the feeling that I came away with. Don't think the movie was made by hawks looking to comdemn Muslims though --it wasn't. At times it actually paints a sympathetic view of Ziad Jarrah (the 'pilot' of AA flight 93 and the main focus of the movie). Mohammad Atta was creepy...

Both movies (based on the facts that are available) completely debunk the liberal mantra that "Poverty breeds terrorism"... Rich kids... The whole lot of the highjackers. Rich boys from affluent, prominent families. The recriuting methods are chilling because of their seeming inocence. The simple fact that Mohammad Atta (along with a few of the other 9/11 highjackers) where training in Afghanistan with Ayman al-Zawahiri in 1998 --while The Man and I were watching that first movie!!!!!

The other feeling that I got while watching it...If one more of my Jewish friends shows empathy for the plight of the 'mis-treated Mulims'...or even the Palastinians-- around me I am going to throw up. Do you think they don't HATE you...? Do you think they don't want you DEAD at ANY cost? Do you think that they don't hate you more than they hate me? -- Do you think they care if you are sympathetic to their cause...? Do they not view you as a ZIONIST and if you live they are kafir...? Yeah, yeah...maybe not all of them would actually kill you...but do you have any doubt that they feel this way deep down? Are we not the infidels -the crusaders -the Zionists...?

We didn't take the WTC bombing in 1993 seriously and the planning was immediately underway for September 11th. We NEED to get serious. We NEED to declare war. The plans for 9/11 were dramatically scaled down from what they were supposed to be because of trouble obtaining US visas...but with the ACLU working hard we may not be as lucky next time.

Watch these movies and see what we are up against. Look into the heart of those that would behead you and your children. Look at how they see their mission as Godly and sanctioned --nessesary. How do we fight that?!

The Hamburg Cell: Edinburg Film Festival Review, UK Review


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