Friday, January 07, 2005

Cultures vs. Morals

There are people that say that the practices of different cultures shouldn't be judged by outsiders. That we are looking at them through a Western scope of ignorance. That we have no right to judge these cultural differences. That there are no moral absolutes.
I was going to write about a few of these people (various Professors) and some of the various practices that they think outsiders shouldn't judge. Some going as far as to condemn the UN's human rights council (and Amnesty International) --not because they are a miserable failure in preventing human rights travesties, but because they don't believe there are universal human rights.
I was going to tie in an article that I found about The Netherlands and how they have been practicing selective birth for the past six years. Aborting babies that appear to have undesirable (but not life threatening) ailments and/or traits.
Bed burning in India, female circumcision, burquas, stoning for adultery, leaving girl babies on beaches in China, genetic selection, cloning, severing the hands of thieves, tribal killing, self mutilation... these are some of the few practices that have been at the heart of this debate.
Instead of writing my own diatribe about this, I thought I would just ask the question...Are there universal wrongs? Is there a universal code of human rights? Are there any moral absolutes?

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