Sunday, January 23, 2005

2LT Eivind O. Forseth, Airborne Ranger

Meet 2LT Eivind O. Forseth, Airborne Ranger in the 82nd out of Fort Bragg. He was seriously wounded in Iraq, and is now at Walter Reed.

"His flashbacks to the attack are lessening, and he is being encouraged to talk about it as much as he can; one problem is that he never lost consciousness and can remember every sound and sight. He remembers carrying his arm while the medic was yelling "Get out of the kill zone, get out of the kill zone!" and speeding off to the field hospital."
2LT Eivind O. Forseth
19 January: From LT Forseth's Mother:
Surgery yesterday was 8 hours long; only a "fake" bone, plates and screws on the right arm. He still has open flesh wounds and unattached nerves covered by surgical sponges and wrappings with a wound vac to drain them.

Today was a nerve block to manage pain. Friday is a surgical wash to prevent infection in the bone. Next week, barring infection, will be possible nerve grafts, and skins grafts, possibly surgically attaching his arm to his rib cage for two weeks while tissue grows. They are looking at moving tendons and some other tissues to allow functions in the right hand.

His spirits were good until he got a high fever tonight, and they are testing for infections and pneumonia. That will dictate all further progress. The arm is still at risk.

His command came from Fort Bragg and presented him with his purple heart today, and Donald Rumsfeld gave him a coin.

His veins keep collapsing making blood draws and fluid intake very difficult, so docs are looking at putting in a pic line. He has edema now in his right leg and an ulcer on his foot. But we realize that there are going to be many peaks and valleys. So, every day is a new day.

Once again, it is still too early for visitors and phone calls; the daily procedures and pain completely exhaust him. Thanks to everyone for thinking of him.
~Judith Forseth

Cards may be sent to his address at Walter Reed.
2LT Eivind O. Forseth Ward 57
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20307

*Thanks to AFSister for the info on LT. Forseth. Maybe as we are all buying cards for our significant others this Valentines Day we can pick up a few extra for our injured soldiers at Walter Reed. Lt. Forseth is just one example...
Any Soldier has lists of email addresses, and Keystone Soldiers also has 'Make a Soldier your Valentine'....

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