Thursday, December 30, 2004

Students Trying to Take Back Higher Education

Fox News answered the outcry against the left-wing bias in the media --despite the claims that there was no such bias-- and now gets higher ratings than CNN and MSNBC combined. What about a FNC University with Rupert Murdoch as President and Roger Ailes as Provost? I think it's the only answer....

"Traditionally, clashes over academic freedom have pitted politicians or administrators against instructors who wanted to express their opinions and teach as they saw fit. But increasingly, it is students who are invoking academic freedom, claiming biased professors are violating their right to a classroom free from indoctrination."

North Carolina: Three students sued the University of NC because of the REQUIREMENT that all incoming freshman read the Qur'an. The students lost the case, but UNC did take the word 'required' off the reading list.
Colorado: Student's claims/examples of Professor left-wing bias documented in publications. Student's suing for 'academic rights' withdrew their case after Colorado Universities agreed to adopt the principles of fair education outlined.
New York: Students at Columbia University make documentary alleging that Professors have bias toward students who show support of Israel. CU has set up a panel to investigate student’s claims.

"Similarly, academic freedom guidelines have traditionally been cited to protect left-leaning students from punishment for disagreeing with teachers about such issues as American neutrality before World War II and U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Now, those same guidelines are being invoked by conservative students who support the war in Iraq."

A recent study by Santa Clara University found that in social sciences Democrat Professors outnumber Republicans 7 to 1, and in other fields 30 to 1. "In the last election, the two employers whose workers contributed the most to Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign were the University of California system and Harvard University."

"Many teachers insist personal politics don't affect teaching. But in a recent survey of students at 50 top schools by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a group that has argued there is too little intellectual diversity on campuses, 49 percent reported at least some professors frequently commented on politics in class even if it was outside the subject matter.

Thirty-one percent said they felt there were some courses in which they needed to agree with a professor's political or social views to get a good grade." (Read the story -CNN *hat tip to Singlemom)

Will those on the left agree that it is not in a student's best interest to be consistently presented only one side of US and world views? That students should never be penalized for disagreeing with a Professor's ideology? That the ratio of 7 liberals to 1 conservative is a great distortion from the makeup of the country?
Maybe I need to change my major once again...Professor ALa...Failing liberal students one semester at a time...

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