Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Resolution? No Resolutions!

I have always hated the idea of New Years resolutions. I know this sounds terribly condescending, but the whole ritual seems so trite. People never choose things that are attainable -or things that they have a shot of accomplishing - but they pick things like losing 100 lbs., quitting smoking, start exercising every day (when they don’t exercise at all), get a new job with a $20K/yr. raise, or meet and marry a Brad Pitt look-a-like. If any of these things were actually important to them, they would just do them and wouldn't need a day specified to outline their goals. I hate that people that I have never met in the grocery store ask what my resolutions are. Hello? Do I know you?
This is not saying that I am not a goal-oriented person. I am. I just don't need a click upwards on the calendar to tell me to get my ass in gear. I am more of a long-term goal person (and daily goals, which I anally write out each night for the next day).

Here is my long-term list:

Have a Louis Vuitton bag by January '06 (if pressed by some persistent little old lady, this will be the resolution)
Quit smoking at/by 35
Have Master's Degree by January '07
Have great paying job by February '07
Get new place of employment to pay for PhD
Force everyone (including family) to call me Dr. ALa by 2010
Own a house in the Outer Banks, NC
Have enough money to put the boys in a private college-prep high school
Never get old (with the help of Dr. G.)

So, forget about New Year's won't keep them anyway. Outline what you want in the next ten years and begin to work toward that. Setting unrealistic goals only hinders us from attempting the achievable ones!

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