Friday, December 17, 2004

Just out of curiosity...

In 1987 I hated Oliver North. It was for purely selfish 16-year-old reasoning. The only time I got to watch my soaps (which I haven't watched in years...any!)was in the summer when we were off school. EVERY channel needed to play the Iran/Contra hearings? I have never understood that actually. Why put something on every channel...? So, though I thought he was handsome, I hated him. I knew little about Iran/Contra back then. I knew that Reagan had managed to get back our hostages when Carter couldn't and I thought the story should have ended there. But, that just always ends in a 'do the ends justify the means' arguement...

Today, Ollie North is one of my favorites. His dedication to the troops and their families is tireless. He is the founder of the Freedom Alliance , which gives full scholarships to any child whose parent is killed in combat. He is a constant advocate for the troops and has been back and forth to Afghanistan and Iraq more than any other journalist. He is a 22-year combat decorated Marine (who refused (3) Purple Hearts in Vietnam to ensure he was not sent home), a great writer, an impeccable speaker and an inventor (he holds 3 U.S. patents).

Iran/Contra detracts many from North's accomplishements -such as his part in capturing the hijackers of the Achille Lauro, the rescue of 804 medical students in Grenada and the raids on Mommar kadafy's Lybian terrorist camps (for which he was later targetted for assasination by Abu Nidal -who was in Iraq...a Iraq?)...along with his military accomplishments.

I am curious to know what others think of Ollie -the older generation and the younger. Curious as to what has resonated with most...the courage or the scandal... Is he a great American or a partisan shill?

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