Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Get the US out of the UN

Despite the cries of outrage from the left when you dare to utter these words…the United Nations has a LONG history of anti-Semitism –and, of course, Anti-Americanism. Even though American taxpayers fund the majority of the organization. The only defense of the left is to cry that it was the United Nations that first proposed the partitioning and creation of two states (Israel and Palestine). AGES ago. The original mandate of the UN was to protect the equal rights of men and women of nations large and small. The United Nations General Assembly is now under the control of 60 Muslim countries (mainly dictatorships and autocracies) who vote as a block against US and Israeli interests many with egregious human rights records...

A few moments in U.N. history:

A pro-Palestinian lobby began in the 1970’s. Arab/Muslim nations banded together to pass resolutions against Israel and in support of the PLO.

In 1974 Yassar Arafat was invited speak and that same year resolution 3379 was passed which branded Zionism as racism. (in 1991 this resolution was overturned at the behest of the US –not one Arab/Muslim country voted to overturn it).

In 1975 the Committee on the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinians was formed. Since then Israel has been subject to more special committees and rapporteurs than any other state. 26% of the UN’s ‘Commission on Human Rights’ resolutions have been directed at Israel with NONE against Syria or Libya. (Actually Syria was in charge of this commission –is that a joke?)

“Ironically, UN Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338 proposed the bilateral negotiations that are consistently undermined by the General Assembly resolutions.” (source)

In November the UN passed the FIRST resolution that recognized the struggle of the Israelis since the initial proposal of the split state AGES ago. This was a historic break from their typical anti-Semitic pattern –and most likely done under duress to appease American/Israeli anger over the Oil for Food scandal and the miserable failure that is Kofi Anon. A resolution was passed that condemned Anti-Semitism. It is mentioned in a broader resolution against intolerance, BUT despite European reports on growing animosity toward Jews –this has never been included before. Israel has abstained from votes in prior years due to this exclusion. This specific mention of anti-Semitism was added to the resolution despite the outcry against it from the Organization of the Islamic Council. Despite the growing numbers shown by the European report a UN summation gave 57 paragraphs to the effect that 9/11 had on Muslims/Arabs and ONE paragraph to the growing anti-Semitism throughout the world. (source)

The Committee of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People is never mentioned in the 129 page UN REFORM report that was ordered by Kofi Anon (though it is listed on the website under the General Assembly). For all school children that walk into the UN right now there is a giant display depicting the Palestinian struggle --complete with a section that describes the humiliation of being searched for bombs. No where does this display the pain or carnage that is being caused by those bombs. This display is three times the size of the World AIDS display. (?) In addition to that November 29th has been recognized by the UN as the 'Annual Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People'. This is the only specific day recognized by the UN for any state or any people. They had a moment of silence in the General Assembly for all those that have died fighting the Palestinian cause. They are using US tax dollars to have a moment of silence for homicide bombers aka terrorists. (source)

It is time for the United Nations to go the way of the League of Nations. It is time for America and the world to admit that this is another world unification experiment gone wrong. Another Tower of Babel. It is corrupt. Its diplomats get unwarranted immunity. There have been sex scandals. Financial scandals. It's time for the US to get out of the UN...


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