Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Boys at Wells College...?!

Wells College claims they lack the applicants to keep the school a strictly women's college as it has been since 1868. Students are now suing to block the proposed male infiltration of Fall 2005.

The main reason given in various interviews that I watched today?...The girls can go to class in sweats, without makeup...and that makes them feel comfortable. Uh, Hello? This is a reason? Nothing about civil rights -discrimination -or constitutional guarantees...? Just 'we want to be slobs and don't want the boys to see what we'll end up looking like after they put a ring on our finger?'

I am a firm disbeliever in unisex schools. There is a large all boys’ Catholic high school near here and you can always tell the boys that go there --they are still hitting girls they think are pretty in the 12th grade. It's about socialization folks. We have to learn how to co-exist. These is no unisex world out there...not many unisex workplaces...few unisex marriages. Getting ready to go to class for four years is good practice for the working world where you will need to do this. I see being able to roll out of bed in sweats and a wrinkled tee a disservice... And what difference should it make if there are boys there or not? If you want to be a slob-- be one --regardless of the population of the school you attend....does this mean that these women are dressing FOR the boys and not for themselves? Not very feminist or liberated of them, huh....?

I say brush your damn hair and let the boys in...

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