Friday, December 03, 2004

All I Want For Christmas...

It's hard to believe that it's December already. It hasn't even been that cold here yet, and last year I swear it had snowed already by this time. I am usually so organized...but not so much this year. Yes, I have almost all of my shopping done and some of it wrapped, BUT I usually have it all done and wrapped and usually have all my Christmas cards done by now too -and I just ordered them last week.
I noticed that JFM over at the The Dirty South did an "All I Want For Christmas" post the other day, and that it was political in nature. I think asking for a 'viable' liberal candidate (Oxymoron?)...or something like that. And I realized that my Christmas wishes (in light of the fact that WE WON) can be purely shallow and materialistic. Each year I cut and paste things from magazines and make The Man a portable 'Ala's Wish List'... (Lest he ponders the idea of being creative and pick out something that was not pre-sanctioned). Boring, you ask? Not really...I don't know which things on the list that he will end up getting, right?
I decided to post it here this year and he can reference it when the time comes.

First and foremost this year... (Can I just admit that I have dreamed of these boots...)
*Tammi -these aren't even in stores yet!
1) Sharma Coach boots (a real 'bargain' at $430)
(There is a matching purse too, but I won't be so presumptuous...)

2) Chenille Duvet cover & pillow shams (only $109 @

3) Coach Cashmere lined leather Gloves ($98)

4) Carpet Cleaner ($79 @
A MUST when living with three males and a dog...

5) Roomba Vacuum -This 'knows' not to fall down steps and puts itself back in the charger when it's done vacuuming! How cool is that.

6) Wonder Woman Cami Set - (longing for my childhood WW underoos)

7) Last but not least, my never-ending search for a white gold chain that doesn't rip all my hair out...I have been through for since our anniversary in May when the Man got me a beautiful diamond cross...the quest continues...

That's it. A fairly modest list right?
I know that I have spent the last few months trying to dispel the myths of the money hungry not-caring-about-the-poor Republicans...and I hate to solidify that stereotype BUT, this year...if asked to choose between THOSE BOOTS and world peace...the boots are SO cute!

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