Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy 2005!!!!

Happy New Year to EVERYONE and Happy FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!


*Inspired by Kat's "Why am I Single- Let me Count the Ways" posts...

Reading Kat's very introspective posts about why she believes she is still single in her 30's, led me to think about why I am married. When you really think about it marriage is an insane idea...much more insane than still being single. You are willingly committing to one person for the rest of your life. One person. Most of us have more than one friend, and I find that I have friends that fill different needs...a confidant, a partner in endless shopping, a mommy friend, a party friend... Yet, we are supposed to find a mate that fills all of our needs...forever. So what it is that clicks one day in your dating life that tells you 'this is the one’? This is the person I can wake up next to for the next 40 years and not loathe the sight of... I have NO idea.

Before I got married I had a list of things that I refused to compromise on...everyone said that I was unrealistic.
I never liked college guys. I know that sounds weird, but at the end of the day...don't talk to me about the philosophies of Heidegger or John Locke when you can't fix my toilet -or change the oil and brakes in my car. I guess it's my perception of what a man is. So I wanted a blue collar worker (not a landscaper or car detailer...someone with a trade). And I wanted someone that was smart. A smart blue collar worker. And I wanted someone who dressed really good. Being the clothes-horse that I am I couldn't have a guy with no appreciation of the finer things...someone that would bitch at me about the cost of each frivolous purpose. A smart blue collar worker with fashion sense. I also wanted someone with a great work ethic that made a decent living...let's face it; I'm used to being spoiled. BUT, they couldn't be BORN into money. I wanted someone that grew up the way I did and made it on their own. Most guys with inherited money have a sense of entitlement that I can't stand. A smart, fashion savvy, born poor now with money blue collar worker. So, you see where my friends were coming from saying that I was NEVER going to find what I was looking for. I would be single forever.

Enter The Man...

The Man was born to a crappy family. Father a drug addict musician -mother, well, she's still alive so we'll leave it as he had a mother. Grew up poor as hell. Became an HVAC prodigy at the age of 17. Companies fighting to get him. Supply houses battling to have him be their representative. Smart as hell. Can do algebra, geometry and physics in his head without an ounce of formal training in it.

First time we meet:
I am dating a friend of his. My roommate and I have just paid over a $100 for an oil delivery and we have no heat. He comes to check it for us. He walks in wearing camouflage, WWII Army spats over Patent leather Creepers boots, a tux vest with a dress shirt OVER it, spiked white blonde hair and the bluest eyes I had ever seen.
Not my type though. I liked long haired Harley boys and this kid was clean cut and clean shaven...a definite pretty boy. But then he went to work and he gave us heat! He wasn't some hack...he really knew what the hell he was doing and all the principles behind it.

We got engaged 3 months after we started dating and married 3 months after that. Looking back now I am not sure if I was 'in love' with him when I married him (he hates when I say that). I think all that beginning stuff is infatuation and lust and true love grows over time. What I knew was that he fit my crazy criteria. He was/is the hardest worker I have ever met -working as I write this in dire need of double reconstructive surgery on his knees...but working none-the-less. He likes to shop as much/maybe more than I do. He notices when I buy new sheets and comments on the texture (Free!). And most important...we have the same sense of humor...silly & childish (we had a real Barbie and Ken on our wedding cake and had to call Mattel to find out how we could dye Ken's hair blonde). Amazingly enough, even after eight years, we rarely fight (unless he drinks vodka or I pick out boots that he thinks are ugly).

Not sure where I am going with this except to say that the guidelines that you set (or the deal-breakers) are not being picky. Stick by them. Marriage is hard work and you should go in with your requirements in tact --as there will be a 1,000 other things that will crop up that you never thought of...

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Students Trying to Take Back Higher Education

Fox News answered the outcry against the left-wing bias in the media --despite the claims that there was no such bias-- and now gets higher ratings than CNN and MSNBC combined. What about a FNC University with Rupert Murdoch as President and Roger Ailes as Provost? I think it's the only answer....

"Traditionally, clashes over academic freedom have pitted politicians or administrators against instructors who wanted to express their opinions and teach as they saw fit. But increasingly, it is students who are invoking academic freedom, claiming biased professors are violating their right to a classroom free from indoctrination."

North Carolina: Three students sued the University of NC because of the REQUIREMENT that all incoming freshman read the Qur'an. The students lost the case, but UNC did take the word 'required' off the reading list.
Colorado: Student's claims/examples of Professor left-wing bias documented in publications. Student's suing for 'academic rights' withdrew their case after Colorado Universities agreed to adopt the principles of fair education outlined.
New York: Students at Columbia University make documentary alleging that Professors have bias toward students who show support of Israel. CU has set up a panel to investigate student’s claims.

"Similarly, academic freedom guidelines have traditionally been cited to protect left-leaning students from punishment for disagreeing with teachers about such issues as American neutrality before World War II and U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Now, those same guidelines are being invoked by conservative students who support the war in Iraq."

A recent study by Santa Clara University found that in social sciences Democrat Professors outnumber Republicans 7 to 1, and in other fields 30 to 1. "In the last election, the two employers whose workers contributed the most to Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign were the University of California system and Harvard University."

"Many teachers insist personal politics don't affect teaching. But in a recent survey of students at 50 top schools by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a group that has argued there is too little intellectual diversity on campuses, 49 percent reported at least some professors frequently commented on politics in class even if it was outside the subject matter.

Thirty-one percent said they felt there were some courses in which they needed to agree with a professor's political or social views to get a good grade." (Read the story -CNN *hat tip to Singlemom)

Will those on the left agree that it is not in a student's best interest to be consistently presented only one side of US and world views? That students should never be penalized for disagreeing with a Professor's ideology? That the ratio of 7 liberals to 1 conservative is a great distortion from the makeup of the country?
Maybe I need to change my major once again...Professor ALa...Failing liberal students one semester at a time...

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Resolution? No Resolutions!

I have always hated the idea of New Years resolutions. I know this sounds terribly condescending, but the whole ritual seems so trite. People never choose things that are attainable -or things that they have a shot of accomplishing - but they pick things like losing 100 lbs., quitting smoking, start exercising every day (when they don’t exercise at all), get a new job with a $20K/yr. raise, or meet and marry a Brad Pitt look-a-like. If any of these things were actually important to them, they would just do them and wouldn't need a day specified to outline their goals. I hate that people that I have never met in the grocery store ask what my resolutions are. Hello? Do I know you?
This is not saying that I am not a goal-oriented person. I am. I just don't need a click upwards on the calendar to tell me to get my ass in gear. I am more of a long-term goal person (and daily goals, which I anally write out each night for the next day).

Here is my long-term list:

Have a Louis Vuitton bag by January '06 (if pressed by some persistent little old lady, this will be the resolution)
Quit smoking at/by 35
Have Master's Degree by January '07
Have great paying job by February '07
Get new place of employment to pay for PhD
Force everyone (including family) to call me Dr. ALa by 2010
Own a house in the Outer Banks, NC
Have enough money to put the boys in a private college-prep high school
Never get old (with the help of Dr. G.)

So, forget about New Year's won't keep them anyway. Outline what you want in the next ten years and begin to work toward that. Setting unrealistic goals only hinders us from attempting the achievable ones!

Johnny Depp?!

Roald Dahl is my favorite children's author. I think he was a, he was a genius. Many may be surprised to know that he HATED 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' (1971 movie adaptation)--and the main reason was that he abhorred Gene Wilder in the role. (I, personally, thought he was brilliant) I do agree that the movie has a very different tone than the book.

Due in part to this and other movie disappointments, Dahl's wife had honored his wishes and not sold any movie rights for his stories since his death. After years of begging and wooing Tim Burton (another favorite of mine) has managed to get the rights to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and has re-made the movie.
Now, obviously the role of Willy Wonka is integral to the success of the movie. I had THE PERFECT actor to play Mr. Wonka....Christopher Walken...
Am I wrong?! Of course not, he would be perfect!

BUT... Mr. Burton has cast Johnny Depp ONCE AGAIN...(does he have blackmail pics of him or what?) Now girls, I know you think he's cute and you loved him in 21 Jump Street....but, he is a pretty boy and he is WAY too young to be Wonka. The premise of the 'golden ticket' contest is that Mr. Wonka is getting up there in age and has no successor to run the chocolate factory. Apparently Marilyn Manson was actively campaigning for the role. To no avail, but --I actually think he would have been better than Depp...
Watch the trailer and see what you think...

This is a Tim Burton movie, so I think that it will still be great despite the terrible casting of Willy Wonka. Sorry should have been you!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Slip of the Tongue or Honest Mistake?

There is one thing that I have always thought this Administration lied about...not WMD, or secret plans to gain oil, or an agenda to aid big business through environmental policy...but United Airlines Flight 93. It has always been my belief that the flight that was 'taken down by passengers' in that Pennsylvania field, was actually shot down by the military. I have never blamed the powers that be for revising the story if that was the case. The American public couldn't have handled that horrific truth in those days following September 11th. The pain was tangible and raw and one more thing could have broken wills and spirits.

In my mind, there were just too many coincidences -the barren field, the fact that eyewitnesses claimed to see another plane flying with the United Airlines plane, and the fact that there was nothing left.

After reading the 9/11 Commission Report, I changed my mind and decided that maybe all of those things had happened that neatly, and of their own accord. The report found that planes were scrambled and permission given to shoot the plane -but that the scramble formation/plan was left over from the Cold War days and the planes went out over the Atlantic...leaving no time to have come back east and taken out Flight 93. I was pacified with that explanation. Comforted really.

Donald Rumsfeld was in Iraq on Christmas Eve. In an address to the troops he said this:
"I think all of us have a sense if we imagine the kind of world we would face if the people who bombed the mess hall in Mosul, or the people who did the bombing in Spain, or the people who attacked the United States in New York, shot down the plane over Pennsylvania and attacked the Pentagon, the people who cut off peoples' heads on television to intimidate, to frighten – indeed the word 'terrorized' is just that. Its purpose is to terrorize, to alter behavior, to make people be something other than that which they want to be." (Read the story)

Slip of the tongue? I don't know. But all my old suspicions have been unearthed. I am not sure why because if the plane was shot down -it was a justified precaution and most likely saved more lives than it took, BUT truthfully, I don't want to know. I don't think the families want to know. Let them rest in the idea that their loved ones took down that flight. That their loved ones sacrificed themselves for the good of the Country. That 'Let's Roll' meant all that we thought it did...

(The Pentagon insists this was just a mistake and Rumsfeld believes the passengers aboard Flight 93 were indeed the ones that brought it down -CNN).

Monday, December 27, 2004

When Laws Collide (*Explicit Links*)

Yesterday, a 44 year old man was arrested on murder charges for allegedly kicking his girlfriend in her stomach and causing her to deliver a still-born baby. She was 18 weeks pregnant. Undoubtedly the prosecution of this man will open the doors to further challenges of Roe V. Wade (Read the story)...

This is not a post on the rights or wrongs of abortion -but on the discrepancies regarding pregnancy and laws relating to it in America 2004...and on logic and seeming lack of common sense in the American legal system...

President Bush signed into law the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 (Read Laci & Conner's Law ) after it passed through the House and the Senate. This law provides legal rights and recourse for the unborn. This law seems to directly conflict with Roe V. Wade in interpretation, if not legal application. If something is fetal tissue and not a bona fide life -how can it possibly have rights or deserve equal protection under the law?

Most likely, this law would not have passed through Congress without the following section:
"Nothing in this section shall be construed to permit the prosecution--(1) of any person for conduct relating to an abortion for which the consent of the pregnant woman, or a person authorized by law to act on her behalf, has been obtained or for which such consent is implied by law".

So someone can be prosecuted for killing and unborn child (also referred to in the bill as a 'human being') and receive the same penalty as if the harm had come to the mother -even WITHOUT the foreknowledge that said mother was pregnant. BUT a doctor, with full knowledge the woman is pregnant, may terminate the pregnancy at any time the law of his/her state allows.

This makes no LOGICAL sense. Either the 'fetal mass' is a baby or it is not. If it is, killing it (under any description or legal protection) is murder --if it's not, there should be no punishment for its cessation.

Sharon Rocha (Laci Peterson's mother) told Congress that before this law victims in her situation would be told, "Sorry, in the eyes of the law there is no dead baby." (Sharon Rocha's letter to Congress)

If Roe V. Wade remains legal...there IS no dead baby in the eyes of the law. I am confused how Roe and Laci's law can exist in the same legal system.... But, hey...I guess it's just me.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Good Day Was Had by All...

A family get together is not rare for our family, but a family photo is. Yesterday, with one brother home from Japan and one home from the Left Coast, we took our first 'sibling' picture in years. (Yes, he wanted to look like he was picking his nose because he knew that I would post this).

The Man endured the day quite valiantly (he hates holidays) and spent the night with beer-in-hand watching Lindsey Lohan in low cut t-shirts ('Mean Girls').

Justice and Mason had a great day...the favorite gifts were: Robosapian (once they wrestled him away from The Man -his reply, "I bought it, I should be able to play with it")

...and the 'scientist kit' that we got for Justice. To aid in microscope viewing, he was cutting people's hair, scraping people's skin and hunting for bugs willing to die in the name of science all day...


Yes kids, I stuck by my guns and did not get the Coach boots (much to The Man's dismay-I think he liked them more than I did)...I instead got a full year of tanning and Uggs (yes, I know boys hate them, and The Man really hates them...but I don't care)...

I hope you all had a wonderful day. Justrose and I will be talking about all of you (only good things of course...) as we SHOP all day long today!

For those who didn't see this before Blogger ate my post---My brother made his own Christmas cards this year... thought I'd share...

Friday, December 24, 2004

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

*Dedicated to ALL the wonderful people I have met this year...on the left and in the right...

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the ‘sphere
Only TESCO was stirring, opening his fifth beer;
The stockings were hung in the ROWHOUSE with care,
and JERICHO only hoped that St. Nick would be bare;

BONNIE and GHOST were nestled all snug in their beds,
While Savage’s rants danced in their heads;
And CHEEKY in her 'kerchief, and LEFTY in his cap,
Had just settled down to read Moore’s latest book of crap,

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
FREE sprung from the bed to see whom he could splatter.
Away to the window AUNT BITCHY flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters, then lit up some hash.

The skull on the breast of the newly-bitten VADER
Gave our soldiers a reason to thank her later,
When, what to CIGGY’S wondering eyes should appear,
But KAT on a cycle, decked out in all leather gear,

Now, knowing BIG AND MEAN, so lively and quick,
I knew someone just like him would make a killer St. Nick.
More rapidly made than ERIC’S martinis, his comebacks they came,
He and REDLEG called each lib out by name;

On, DONAL! on JFM! on, PAUL and RAB !
Canada all of you! Please make the call!
Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!"

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky,
So onto a Delta flight to Canada they flew,
With ~JEN~ and TAMMI waving Adieu!

And then, in a twinkling, 92ALPHA heard on the roof
The wailing and frothing of one more DNC GOOF.
As he drew in his hand, and was turning around,
Down the chimney
ALa came with a bound.

She was dressed all in fur and Coach from head to foot,
And her clothes were stunning even covered with soot;
A bundle of toys she had flung in a Prada pack,
because Compassionate Conservatives always give back.

Her eyes -- how they twinkled! Her dimples how merry!
Her cheeks were like roses, her lipstick MAC berry!
Her little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
It must be the election that gave her that glow;

A Marlboro Light Menthol held tight in her teeth,
And the smoke it encircled her blonde hair like a wreath;
She had a kind face and a wonderful smell (Chanel),
And her mission for 2005 she was ready to tell.

She was brash and sassy, and ready to fight for her beliefs,
for the ACLU had stolen everyone’s wreaths!;
Were off to help KEYSTONE SOLDIERS with a unified cry;

New friends came too to help with this ploy,
G-MAN, Salt,
Old Friends were always willing to do their share
TOM, FRATER, PHIL and RICEBURNER, all blogging with flare.

She decided that PUNK ASS BITCH and JP would be spared,
Because one was a nice lib and the other never really cared.
ALa called to them all on the eve of another year of debate and strife,

Christmas comes early for ALa...

*** The Daou Report (run by John Kerry's Campaign Communications Advisor) linked Blonde Sagacity's 'Kwanzaa' post yesterday with a sample paragraph...above Michelle Malkin and Neal Boortz!***
My VERY, VERY favorite blog -Protein Wisdom -linked this post...Jeff makes me laugh EVERY day and there are not many people that I can say that about!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

What the @!%$* is Kwanzaa?!

Preface: A few days ago I was watching Nickelodeon with the boys and noticed the Happy Kwanzaa messages. I, like many Americans, was under the false impression that Kwanzaa was an African holiday that had been adopted by Blacks in America. I decided to look into it a bit (in case Justice came home singing Kwanzaa songs...I needed ammunition). I did all the research and wrote the post for today...and low and of the first damn stories on Hannity & Colmes last night was about the 'myth' of Kwanzaa. Further proof that I should be a FNC producer!

Looking back, I think I became aware of the existence of Kwanzaa in the early '90's. (I went to a private Christian school that wouldn't have entertained such secular notions). I assumed -due to the ingenious use of African words -that it was a bona fide holiday passed down to African-Americans through their African ancestry. I asked a few people and found that they had all surmised the same thing. We were all wrong. I assume that I never really thought about it before a) because there wasn't much talk of it in the past b) I didn't have a child in public school.

Here is the official definition of Kwanzaa:

Kwanzaa is a unique African American celebration with focus on the traditional African values of family, community responsibility, commerce, and self-improvement. Kwanzaa is neither political nor religious and despite some misconceptions, is not a substitute for Christmas. It is simply a time of reaffirming African-American people, their ancestors and culture. Kwanzaa, which means "first fruits of the harvest" in the African language Kiswahili, has gained tremendous acceptance. Since its founding in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga, Kwanzaa has come to be observed by more than18 million people worldwide, as reported by the New York Times. When establishing Kwanzaa in 1966, Dr. Karenga included an additional "a" to the end of the spelling to reflect the difference between the African American celebration (kwanzaa) and the Motherland spelling (kwanza).

<>Sounds good right...cheery and harmless? Well there are a few facts that were left out of this rosy description. Dr. Maulana Karenga is actually a man named Ron Everette...born and raised in Maryland...not Africa. While attending UCLA in the '60's he created a movement to rival the Marxist Black Panthers. His movement was Nationalist in nature, wanting racial separation while the Panthers wanted integration. Violence under Karenga began shortly after when two of his followers shot and killed two members of the Panthers in the college cafeteria at UCLA. In Karenga's book, The Quotable Karenga, the "true path of blackness" is laid out for his followers. The book claims that the "sevenfold path of blackness is think black, talk black, act black, create black, buy black, vote black and live black." Robberies and assaults were sanctioned within the group, if they followed the guidelines of the 'black book'.

That is mild stuff though...compared to what he was eventually incarcerated for. This felon that 'made up' a holiday to 'de-whitenize' Christmas. On May 9, 1970 he tortured two women. He was sentenced in September of 1971 to 1-10 years on (2) counts of felony assault and (1) count of false imprisonment. The LA Times reported the story as such:

"The victims said they were living at Karenga’s home when Karenga accused them of trying to kill him by placing crystals in his food and water and in various areas of his house. When they denied it, allegedly they were beaten with an electrical cord and a hot soldering iron was put in Miss Davis’ mouth and against her face. Police were told that one of Miss Jones’ toes was placed in a small vise, which then was tightened by the men and one woman. The following day Karenga told the women that ‘Vietnamese torture is nothing compared to what I know." Miss Tamao put detergent in their mouths; Smith turned a water hose full force on their faces, and Karenga, holding a gun, threatened to shoot both of them. The victims Deborah Jones and Gail Davis were whipped with an electrical cord and beaten with a karate baton after being ordered to remove their clothing." (LAT 5/14/71)

So this is the origin of the 'holiday' that is now given equal footing with Chanukah and Christmas. (Karenga puts L.Ron Hubbard to shame!) After his release from prison in 1975, Karenga adopted the ideals of Marxism which are reflected in the 'seven principles of Kwanzaa'...which include "collective work" and "collective economics". So, if your child comes home humming Kwanzaa songs during this PC season of 'WINTER celebrations'...ask them what their teacher told them about this 'holiday', and compare that with the facts...

<>source, source,source,source

On a Lighter note...Happy 6th Birthday to Justice today!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Relationship Deal-Breakers

Two of the best pundits of the blogosphere...
Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files a.k.a. Ciggy and Kat Missouri have posted, on their respective sites, their lists of relationship deal breakers... or actually guidelines to whom they would consider dating in the first place...
If you get a chance check them both out!

Cig's List

Kat's List

Lefty has joined in the fun at his site too. There are also some 'deal-breaker' lists in the comments...

Get the US out of the UN

Despite the cries of outrage from the left when you dare to utter these words…the United Nations has a LONG history of anti-Semitism –and, of course, Anti-Americanism. Even though American taxpayers fund the majority of the organization. The only defense of the left is to cry that it was the United Nations that first proposed the partitioning and creation of two states (Israel and Palestine). AGES ago. The original mandate of the UN was to protect the equal rights of men and women of nations large and small. The United Nations General Assembly is now under the control of 60 Muslim countries (mainly dictatorships and autocracies) who vote as a block against US and Israeli interests many with egregious human rights records...

A few moments in U.N. history:

A pro-Palestinian lobby began in the 1970’s. Arab/Muslim nations banded together to pass resolutions against Israel and in support of the PLO.

In 1974 Yassar Arafat was invited speak and that same year resolution 3379 was passed which branded Zionism as racism. (in 1991 this resolution was overturned at the behest of the US –not one Arab/Muslim country voted to overturn it).

In 1975 the Committee on the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinians was formed. Since then Israel has been subject to more special committees and rapporteurs than any other state. 26% of the UN’s ‘Commission on Human Rights’ resolutions have been directed at Israel with NONE against Syria or Libya. (Actually Syria was in charge of this commission –is that a joke?)

“Ironically, UN Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338 proposed the bilateral negotiations that are consistently undermined by the General Assembly resolutions.” (source)

In November the UN passed the FIRST resolution that recognized the struggle of the Israelis since the initial proposal of the split state AGES ago. This was a historic break from their typical anti-Semitic pattern –and most likely done under duress to appease American/Israeli anger over the Oil for Food scandal and the miserable failure that is Kofi Anon. A resolution was passed that condemned Anti-Semitism. It is mentioned in a broader resolution against intolerance, BUT despite European reports on growing animosity toward Jews –this has never been included before. Israel has abstained from votes in prior years due to this exclusion. This specific mention of anti-Semitism was added to the resolution despite the outcry against it from the Organization of the Islamic Council. Despite the growing numbers shown by the European report a UN summation gave 57 paragraphs to the effect that 9/11 had on Muslims/Arabs and ONE paragraph to the growing anti-Semitism throughout the world. (source)

The Committee of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People is never mentioned in the 129 page UN REFORM report that was ordered by Kofi Anon (though it is listed on the website under the General Assembly). For all school children that walk into the UN right now there is a giant display depicting the Palestinian struggle --complete with a section that describes the humiliation of being searched for bombs. No where does this display the pain or carnage that is being caused by those bombs. This display is three times the size of the World AIDS display. (?) In addition to that November 29th has been recognized by the UN as the 'Annual Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People'. This is the only specific day recognized by the UN for any state or any people. They had a moment of silence in the General Assembly for all those that have died fighting the Palestinian cause. They are using US tax dollars to have a moment of silence for homicide bombers aka terrorists. (source)

It is time for the United Nations to go the way of the League of Nations. It is time for America and the world to admit that this is another world unification experiment gone wrong. Another Tower of Babel. It is corrupt. Its diplomats get unwarranted immunity. There have been sex scandals. Financial scandals. It's time for the US to get out of the UN...


Monday, December 20, 2004

FREE's Taking His Shot...

Okay, so I was late :)

But better late than never I always say. So now I bring you live and in color, complete with spell check; the guest post of Free0352.

Okay, okay…wow…thank you. Oh right…hold your applause. Jericho, stop spiting on the rightwingers! Wipe that foam off your face. You lunatic, don’t you know we all carry guns! Anyway, on to the topic.

I found this peace of excrement on Micky the Moron’s (Michael Moore’s) web sight. Where I go from time to time, to remember why I vote Republican. I’ve added some comments to Mickey’s letter, in italics.

“It's Time to Stop Being Hit...a letter from Michael Moore”

Dear Friends, -This means fellow socialists.
“It is no surprise that the Republicans are sore winners.”

Free Says- Remember that one fuckface. Winners. Hurts a little, huh?

They have spent the better part of the past month beating their chests, threatening to send to Siberia any Republican who doesn’t toe the line (poor Arlen Specter), and promising everything short of martial law if the Democrats don’t do what they are told.

That’s not quite an accurate statement. We want to [edited by gov't official] Arlen Specter. As for the weaker party, our evil plan is to ignore them to death, as they are no longer relevant. That’s all three houses of government we now control, the Presidency, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Ohhh Democrats that must sting a little, huh? Why should we listen to a bunch of whiney cry babies’ hell bent on redistributing the wealth of this nation to those who haven’t earned it? Surely not to get re-elected.

What’s worse is to watch the pathetic sight of the DLC (the conservative, pro-corporate group of Democrats) also known as quasi intelligent Democrats, or Democrats capable of winning elections apologizing for being Democrats and promising to “purge” the party of the likes of, well, all of US! Their comments are so hilarious and really not even worth recognizing but the media is paying so much attention to them, I thought it might be worth doing a little reality check.

Michael Moore says: “God Forbid! We’re kicked out of the Democratic Party! Then we’ll have to join the socialist one where we belong.”

The most people the DLC is able to get out to an event of theirs is about 200 at their annual dinner (where you have to pay thousands of dollars to get in).
Contrast this with the following:
-Total members of Move On: More than 2,000,000
-Total Attendance at Vote for Change Concerts: An estimated 280,000
-Total Union Members in U.S.: Around 16,000,000
-Total Number of People Who Have Seen “Fahrenheit 9/11”: Over 50 million
-Total number of you reading this: Perhaps 10 million or more

And still GWB wins by the largest margin in history, even beating…Slick Willy!

The days of trying to move the Democratic Party to the right are over. We lost a very close election (a one-state difference) by running the #1 liberal in the Senate. Not bad. The country is shifting in our direction, not to the right. But the country was attacked and people were scared. They were manipulated with fear. And America has never thrown a sitting president out during wartime. That’s the facts. Oh, and our candidate could have run a better campaign (but we’ll have that discussion another day).
No, your candidate should have refrained from spiting on fellow war veterans and committing treason. But stick with that “shifting left” idea. That way our future victories will be assured.
In the meantime, while we reflect on what went wrong, I would like to pass on to you an essay that a friend who works with abuse victims sent to me. It was written by a woman who has spent years working as an advocate for victims of domestic abuse and she sees many parallels between her work and the reaction of many Democrats to last month’s election. Her name is Mel Giles and here is what she had to say…
Oh, I. Can’t. Wait. To see this chunk of crap.
Watch Dan Rather apologize for not getting his facts straight, humiliated before the eyes of America, voluntarily undermining his credibility and career of over thirty years. Observe Donna Brazille squirm as she is ridiculed by Bay Buchanan, and pronounced irrelevant and nearly non-existent. Listen as Donna and Nancy Pelosi and Senator Charles Schumer take to the airwaves saying that they have to go back to the drawing board and learn from their mistakes and try to be better, more likable, more appealing, have a stronger message, speak to morality. Watch them awkwardly quote the bible, trying to speak the ‘new’ language of America. Surf the blogs, and read the comments of dismayed, discombobulated, confused individuals trying to figure out what they did wrong. Hear the cacophony of voices, crying out, "Why did they beat me?"

They beat you, poor sad liberals, because you’re ideology is demonstrably incorrect and bereft of logic and reason.
And then ask anyone who has ever worked in a domestic violence shelter if they have heard this before.
They will tell you: Every single day.
Yes liberals…you were in fact bitch slapped.
The answer is quite simple. They beat us because they are abusers. We can call it hate. We can call it fear. We can say it is unfair. But we are looped into the cycle of violence, and we need to start calling the dominating side what they are: abusive. And we need to recognize that we are the victims of verbal, mental, and even, in the case of Iraq, physical violence.
Just when I thought the lefties couldn’t take their “Victim” complex any further…
As victims we can't stop asking ourselves what we did wrong. We can't seem to grasp that they will keep hitting us and beating us as long as we keep sticking around and asking ourselves what we are doing to deserve the beating.
Oh kaaayyyyee. You were beaten because a majority of Americans voted for GWB and not the melting candle. Retards.
Listen to George Bush say that the will of God excuses his behavior. Listen, as he refuses to take responsibility, or express remorse, or even once, admit a mistake. Watch him strut, and tell us that he will only work with those who agree with him, and that each of us is only allowed one question (soon, it will be none at all; abusers hit hard when questioned; the press corps can tell you that). See him surround himself with only those who pledge oaths of allegiance. Hear him tell us that if we will only listen and do as he says and agree with his every utterance, all will go well for us (it won't; we will never be worthy).
Listen, as this lump of dog shit cries like a five year old picked last for kickball. You are irrelevant; why the fuck should we listen to moonbats?
And watch the Democratic Party leadership walk on eggshells, try to meet him, please him, wash the windows better, get out that spot, distance themselves from gays and civil rights. See the Democrats cry for the attention and affection and approval of the President and his followers. Watch us squirm. Watch us descend into a world of crazy-making, where logic does not work and the other side tells us we are nuts when we rely on facts. A world where, worst of all, we begin to believe we are crazy.
His followers, you know us…the majority of the nation. That squirming you feel is extinction coming on.
How to break free? Again, the answer is quite simple.
Is Canada offering political asylum to Democrats?
First, you must admit you are a victim. (see new heights! I guess that’s a no for Canada…) Then, you must declare the state of affairs unacceptable. Next, you must promise to protect yourself and everyone around you that is being victimized. You don't do this by responding to their demands, or becoming more like them, or engaging in logical conversation, or trying to persuade them that you are right. You also don't do this by going catatonic and resigned, by closing up your ears and eyes and covering your head and submitting to the blows, figuring its over faster and hurts less if you don't resist and fight back.
Once again. I encourage all liberals to keep moving left. That way you party can go the way of the Whigs so much the sooner.
Instead, you walk away. You find other folks like yourself, 57 million of them, who are hurting, broken, and beating themselves up. You tell them what you've learned, and that you aren't going to take it anymore. You stand tall, with 57 million people at your side and behind you, and you look right into the eyes of the abuser and you tell him to go to hell. Then you walk out the door, taking the kids and gays and minorities with you, and you start a new life. The new life is hard. But it's better than the abuse.
Remember liberals…walk away. All the way to Canada. Remember, everything’s better in Canada.
We have a mandate to be as radical and liberal and steadfast as we need to be. The progressive beliefs and social justice we stand for, our core, must not be altered. We are 57 million strong. We are building from the bottom up. We are meeting, on the net, in church basements, at work, in small groups, and right now, we are crying, because we are trying to break free and we don't know how.
You have a mandate to loose as many elections as you want. All 57 million of your patchouli oil drenched selves.
Any battered woman in America, any oppressed person around the globe who has defied her oppressor will tell you this: There is nothing wrong with you. You are in good company. You are safe. You are not alone. You are strong. You must change only one thing: Stop responding to the abuser.
Unless that abuser is Saddam Hussein, Hammas, or Islamic Jihad. Then you should shut up and take it.
Don't let him dictate the terms or frame the debate (he'll win, not because he's right, but because force works). Sure, we can build a better grassroots campaign, cultivate and raise up better leaders, reform the election system to make it fail-proof, stick to our message, learn from the strategy of the other side. But we absolutely must dispense with the notion that we are weak, godless, cowardly, disorganized, crazy, too liberal, naive, amoral, "loose,” irrelevant, outmoded, stupid and soon to be extinct. We have the mandate of the world to back us, and the legacy of oppressed people throughout history.
You’re all so oppressed…blah, blah, blah. The problem with liberals is that they are in fact too weak, godless, cowardly, disorganized, crazy, liberal, na├»ve, amoral, “loose” outmoded, stupid and most definitely irrelevant and very soon shall soon be extinct. Bye, Bye fuck wads, and good riddance.
Even if you do everything right, they'll hit you anyway. Look at the poor souls who voted for this nonsense. They are working for six dollars an hour if they are working at all, their children are dying overseas and suffering from lack of health care and a depleted environment and a shoddy education.
Wow! That sounds like a socialist country! Surprise, those few shmucks working minimum wage have A. opportunity, and B. Freedom. Unlike the country made in you’re worthless image, like oh…Cuba. That means they have the opportunity and freedom to rise above the six bucks an hour. Might I suggest you go to and to better educate your moronic selves.. But it’s not a guarantee like you’d like. We in the Republican Party believe strongly in a thing called hard work and self reliance. Here you have to pull your own weight. We only steal from those who produce and give to those who do not on a limited basis in the United States. Now go on ahead and fuck your selves.
And they don't even know they are being hit.
They also clearly don’t know things like “common sense,” and “reason.”
How true. And that is our challenge over the next couple of years; to hold out our hand to those being hit the hardest and help them leave behind a party that only seeks to keep beating them, their children, and the kid next door who’s on his way to Iraq.
Yeah losers (hey, it’s not just an insult anymore! It’s a statement of fact!) Go on and spit on the kid next door on his way to Iraq, at least then he can punch you the hell out. Earth to Democrats, you can not support the troops without supporting the mission. Now go tear that bumper sticker of you Honda Hybrid, you don’t deserve it.
Michael Moore

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Tommy Conwell Absconded With My Camera...

So...the day ended WAY better than it began. Actually I guess it is tomorrow. JustRose and I just got back from a night out at a local rockabilly/cocktail bar. Tommy Conwell (as in Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers -Tesco's cousin was a Young Rumbler back in the day...) was playing. I know this sounds crazy and I hate to divulge private (?) info...but this was the first time JR was at a bar after 33 years. Yes, in life I have always been the catalyst of debauchery in her life --and I must continue to uphold that role.
First of all one of my best friends, C, is the bartender...which is dangerous when you are driving...

I had three Coronas and a shot of Raspberry Kamikaze (under duress) and JR had a glass of wine, a taste of Rock 'N Rye and a double shot of JACK DANIELS!!! Damn girl! (and we ate and the bill was only $12 –THANK YOU C!!!)
It's an 'older' crowd in the bar and sadly Tommy was being paid by the Christmas shopping patrons to sing Christmas Carols.... how depressing. He is a disc jockey now that comes on right after Howard on Philly's 'rock station'. But he also carried out his own equipment. I will not say anything bad because he told me I was nice and then gave me a hug goodbye and told me I was hot -so therefore he is the greatest musician that EVER lived!

I believe that JR had a really good time (correct me if I'm wrong)...I can't believe that she has NEVER been drunk... Though if I am saying that Tommy Conwell is the greatest musician that ever lived...I may be drunk right now... (No, seriously, I feel bad...he was REALLY nice...)

Oh, I guess I should explain the title...C took pictures of me, JR and Tommy but the flash didn't go off and it was dark as hell in there. So Tommy took the camera determined to get the flash to work... OK, so it doesn't sound as funny as it was at the time...go have three beers and a Kamikaze and then come back and read this....

P.S. My brother is going to be fine...just banged up and bruised with a possible concussion.

Saturday, December 18, 2004


This has NOT been a good day....

1) The boys decided they would 'help' me and while I was in the shower removed all the ornaments from the tree (breaking many a Lenox collectible) and pretended they were chopping down a tree for me in the 'forest' aka my living room....knocking the tree on it's side and spilling the water from the stand all over the ball pieces everywhere...
The tree is pathetic...but I DID put it back together instead of throwing into the backyard as I was tempted to do...

2) I got a phone call from the Emergency Room saying that my little brother was there. The one that just got home from Japan two days ago. He was walking to his bank and was hit by a car. We are waiting on CAT scan results...

3) I am supposed to go out tonight for the first time in forever...with a rockabilly bar. Tommy Conwell is playing. I could care less about Tommy (where are the Young Rumblers -was he just a Philly thing?), but's out of the house. It's already 4:30 though and The Man is still not home and is working in Jersey today...

So all in all -I may have to do what I haven't done in YEARS and drink twice in one week...let's see if I can manage more than three this time. Hell, Corona makes a light beer now...

To Salt1907: Hopefully I can amend this with my usual happy ending -tomorrow!

Friday, December 17, 2004

Coming to the House of Sage: FREE

Just letting you all know that MONDAY will be the day of Free's guest post. I have it in my hot little hands...but, the build up is half the fun right?!

Ring girls...get out those bikinis...

Are you ready to Ruuuuummmble....?!

P.S. Update for anyone that called me shallow: The Man called everywhere to find the SOLD OUT Coach boots that I want AND was ready to buy them and I said 'NO...that's too much for boots'..... so there. *sniff*
You COULD have been mine, oh yes, you could have been mine.....

Just out of curiosity...

In 1987 I hated Oliver North. It was for purely selfish 16-year-old reasoning. The only time I got to watch my soaps (which I haven't watched in years...any!)was in the summer when we were off school. EVERY channel needed to play the Iran/Contra hearings? I have never understood that actually. Why put something on every channel...? So, though I thought he was handsome, I hated him. I knew little about Iran/Contra back then. I knew that Reagan had managed to get back our hostages when Carter couldn't and I thought the story should have ended there. But, that just always ends in a 'do the ends justify the means' arguement...

Today, Ollie North is one of my favorites. His dedication to the troops and their families is tireless. He is the founder of the Freedom Alliance , which gives full scholarships to any child whose parent is killed in combat. He is a constant advocate for the troops and has been back and forth to Afghanistan and Iraq more than any other journalist. He is a 22-year combat decorated Marine (who refused (3) Purple Hearts in Vietnam to ensure he was not sent home), a great writer, an impeccable speaker and an inventor (he holds 3 U.S. patents).

Iran/Contra detracts many from North's accomplishements -such as his part in capturing the hijackers of the Achille Lauro, the rescue of 804 medical students in Grenada and the raids on Mommar kadafy's Lybian terrorist camps (for which he was later targetted for assasination by Abu Nidal -who was in Iraq...a Iraq?)...along with his military accomplishments.

I am curious to know what others think of Ollie -the older generation and the younger. Curious as to what has resonated with most...the courage or the scandal... Is he a great American or a partisan shill?

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Was It Worth it for The Kids...?

I am not, I repeat NOT, rehashing the Iraq war. Whether we should or should not be there. Whether there were/were not weapons of mass destruction other than Saddam himself. Whether the post war planning has been efficient/inefficent. NOT doing that. What I AM doing is reflecting on one aspect of the afforementioned liberation. The children of Iraq...

Countless human rights groups (and subsequently zombie-eyed liberals) have been spouting the numbers of civilian children killed during OIF. Yeah, the statue fell, but how many kids have died? Yeah, there will be elections, but how many kids have died? Yeah, Saddam was evil, but how many kids have died? Yeah, there were mass graves, but what about the dead kids?

TRUE! What about the kids? What about the kids who were spirited away from their homes and taken to children's prisons? The kids that were stolen and tortured by Saddam because their parents had 'spoken out' against the regime? Had they committed any crimes? Can a three year old commit a crime? The Marines 5th Regiment liberated close to 150 children (some who had been imprisoned for up to five years: source) as they entered NE Bahgdad. These children who ranged from 2 years old to 13 years old. These children who had committed no crime. The Marines found them malnourished and barley clothed. Take a moment to think of your child -taken from your home -scared -confused -crying-and thrown into a dirt cell...tortured...

This is from an interview in Time magazine with Scott Ritter:

"You've spoke about having seen the children's prisons in Iraq. Can you describe what you saw there?

The prison in question is at the General Security Services headquarters, which was inspected by my team in Jan. 1998. It appeared to be a prison for children — toddlers up to pre-adolescents — whose only crime was to be the offspring of those who have spoken out politically against the regime of Saddam Hussein. It was a horrific scene. Actually I'm not going to describe what I saw there because what I saw was so horrible that it can be used by those who would want to promote war with Iraq, and right now I'm waging peace. "
(read article)

Another article reported:
"...Ironically, these children may have been the lucky ones. Over the past decade, international organizations like Human Rights Watch, have repeatedly reported on the imprisonment, torture, and execution of children by the Saddam Hussein regime. Children have been among the nearly 300,000 persons who have "disappeared" in Iraq since the later 1970s. Children have been routinely and repeatedly arrested to force their parents to confess to crimes against the regime.

For example, a March Boston Globe story detailed the interrogation of a former Iraqi secret police thug who had specialized in torture. The thug admitted torturing children as young as five or six to "get their mothers talking." He claimed that Iraqi torturers never killed the children, just "beat them with steel cables." But he was contradicted by a BBC story in which another former regime torturer said it was common to kill children if their parents wouldn't talk...
" (read article)

So, my question about those kids? The children's prison is closed and parents no longer have to worry about Uday or Qusay's henchman coming and taking their toddlers. So ask yourself this...If this would have been the reason given for regime change...would it have been enough?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Not Quite as Racy as Vader & Cig's Questions...

Since I remain blog-blocked, I have 'borrowed' a blog quiz from Eric at Straight White Guy (whose site is great BTW)....

Three names you go by:
Blea (Don't ask...)

Three screen names you have:
The artist formerly known as ALa71
I'll never tell...

Three things you like about yourself:

My compassionate Conservatism *smile*
my need to laugh
my impecible politics

Three things you hate/dislike about yourself:

It’s hard to be humble when you're never wrong
My need to control everything /everyone
My savior complex

Three parts of your heritage:

Three things that scare you:

Unshaved liberals
Patchouli oil
Black (night) oceans

Three of your everyday essentials:
Hugs from the boys
The phone

Three things you are wearing right now:
Black Juicy zip-up sweat shirt
Diesel jeans
Tiffany 'O' ring

Three of your favorite bands (at the moment):
Dave Matthews

Three of your favorite songs *at present*:
Joey -Concrete Blonde
Two Step- Dave Matthews
Ego Tripping- Flaming Lips

Three new things that you try in the next 12 months:
Learn Guitar
Knit/Crochet (shhhh)
Being wrong

Three things you want in a relationship (love is a given):
....uh, the other given...

Two truths and a lie:
I got asked backstage twice at Metallica shows
I was once a registered Democrat
I met the band Godflesh (all boys) in a girl's bathroom

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to you:

Over 6'1
Strong back & shoulders
Blue eyes

Three things you just can't do:
Buy clothes at Wal-Mart/K-Mart
Let my kids dress themselves

Three of your favorite hobbies:

Three things you want to do really badly right now:
Win the Lottery
Have a cigarette
Hire a maid

Three careers you're considering:
GOP consultant

Three places you want to go on vacation:
New Orleans
Mallorca, Spain

Three kids names:

(The Man vetoed them all)

Three things you want to do before you die:
Be known
Eat real Moroccan food in Casablanca
Be rich

*Above is the picture from my Christmas card last year -put there to remind me that I have to take the pictures for the card this!

An Eye for an Eye...or Not...

So, it seems that Scott Peterson has indeed received the death Penalty (lethal injection) for the murder of his wife Lacey and son Connor. Of course, this is in California which probably means that he will die of old age before he is actually ever injected...

I thought that it was a little sick that people were cheering outside the courthouse when the jury returned the sentence.
To be perfectly honest, I am not quite sure what I think of the death penalty.
BUT, before you lefties get too excited it's probably not for the reasons that you think... I hate that it takes so damn long after so many appeals (even when there is concrete DNA evidence). I hate that the taxpayer/victim's family (i.e. Sharon Rocha -Lacey's Mom) will be funding Scott's stay for the next 25+ years. Paying for him to work out, use the internet, go to school, etc. I also hate the thought of anyone innocent being put to death. I also hate the thought of anyone guilty going free....

It is really a tough proposition and unless it was a child molestation/murder case with solid physical evidence, I think I would indeed have trouble recommending death for another human being. It was hard enough for me to make that decision about my dog when he was dying of a brain tumor... Anyway, the other day I think Free surprised everyone when he said that he was against the death penalty. I know Riceburner is also. In light of Peterson's sentence that was given on a circumstantial case...I thought I'd throw the death penalty question out there. I am not saying that Scott shouldn't die for taking two lives -- I am not sure what I think truthfully... Help me hash it out.

Monday, December 13, 2004

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I have never had any luck with cars -nor with people that I try to help...

My first car was a 1978 VW Rabbit (an automatic with a sunroof and a hitch(!)) that my Dad and CWA LET me buy *ahem* for $900...

It was in the shop more than it was on the road and when it got to the point that my mechanic refused to work on it anymore I went and got my first loan to buy a new (to me) vehicle. I found an older couple selling a GMC S-15 Jimmy- thier son had been deployed to the Gulf and wanted the money. This was back before the term SUV was a household name and all my friends kept saying, "Why would a girl want a truck." I LOVED my Jimmy. Of course, when I bought it I had no idea how to drive a manual, so it was a scary first month for all my friends.

During this time a friend of a friend got sent to Juvee for a 'prank gone wrong' and I heard that no one was writing him. I felt bad for him and became his lone penpal. He loved getting my letters as the envelopes would be covered in Pusshead drawings and complete with lyrics from 'Suicidal Tendencies'... He wrote me once or twice a week, constantly telling me how all his real friends had abandoned him and how he relyed on me to get him through whatever was happening in there.
This is one of the pics he sent me while he was 'away'...
George Adams

Nice story, right...wrong. The night he was released (about 8 mths. later) he came to a party --got wasted --stole the keys to the Jimmy out of my purse and proceeded to get into FIVE hit and run ended in 7 officers with guns drawn. I shit you not.
To make a long story short -he went back to jail, parents bailed him out, and then he skipped town with a "friend's" Social Security card. There is still a warrant and a judgement for $5000 that I will never ever get...

When they tow your vehichle you have 30 days to recover your personal effects -I went two weeks after the accident(s) and they couldn't find the box that held the contents of the truck. MY LIFE was in that truck. Over 100 tapes (ha), tons of clothes, my senior yearbook, shoes, purses.... I was SO depressed (maybe the defining moment of my staunch conservatism).

Recently, while planning a high school reunion, I was telling a girl from my graduating class this story and how I wished I could see the senior yearbook again...I had called the school years ago to see if any extras had been floating around...
"No sweetie, and that's a shame, didn't you design the cover?"
A few weeks after talking to this girl, a package arrived with a beautifully wrapped gift in it. It was the 1989 senior yearbook! The girl had called around and found someone that had two for all these years. It is one of the best gifts I have ever received... It had been over 12 years since I had seen it...

The moral of this story? I must remain constantly aware that my professionally diagnosed savior complex drives me to acts of liberalism that I always regret in the end....

Saturday, December 11, 2004

FREE! This one's for YOU!

I hardly ever read Wonkette...because she's a Blogger who is consistantly invited on news shows and I don't think she's all that good (translation: I'm jealous)-plus she's a lib...
But anyway...I saw this over there before and copied it to post...
I know I don't usually copy other people's posts, but hey, it's the weekend...

"Blue State Rage Seeks Outlet

The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club:

Straight male seeks Bush supporter for fair, physical fight - m4m

Reply to:
Date: Wed Nov 03 19:11:50 2004

I would like to fight a Bush supporter to vent my anger. If you are one, have a fiery streek, please contact me so we can meet and physically fight. I would like to beat the shit out of you.

Yeah, he says he wants a fair fight, but he's posting to Craigslist. He might as well have placed it as personal ad in the Voice. Take that blue state bluster over to Free Republic -- where the populace is angry and armed -- and then we'll be impressed."

Straight male seeks Bush supporter for fair, physical fight -[Craigslist]"

Sounds like it could relieve some tension...

Second rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club....

Ghost vs. Jericho
Free vs. TWD
Redleg vs. Lefty
Half Time- Aunt Bitchy vs. Folk Girl (Jell-O or mud?)
Ciggy vs. Nimbus
BigandMean vs. Paul

...~Jen~, Kat, AFsister and I ,of course, will be the Ring Girls...LOL...

Blogger Pay-Per-View event...

(My money would definately be on the conservatives!)

A Quiz Perhaps? Or Two?

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence:
You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.
An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view.
A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.
You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.
What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?

You Are a Religious Republican:
You believe it's important for religious people to stand up for their beliefs in politics.
And for you, this means voting your conscience - which almost always means voting Republican.
Your pet causes include the sanctity of life, school vouchers, and prayer in school
What political persuasion are you?

Friday, December 10, 2004

Cleaning out the Closet -Tesco Vs. ALa

Do you remember the conversation in "When Harry Met Sally" about men and women not being able to be friends because 'the sex thing always gets in the way'...
That exact conversation has taken place in our house 4,000 times. We have that exact 'discussion/disagreement' over and over. I wanted to post about that and just relay his side, but decided to bring The Man in on the conversation...

ALa: OK, So we will start out simple and I will ask you this...You know that I have many male friends --and it is your contention that NONE of them are my friends because of my sparkling personality?

Thanks for taking it down to my 'simple' level. Strike one. *Disclaimer: All answers are based on the majority of my experience*. We as men are drawn to women for the obvious reasons. If a friendship develops, rest assured it started with attraction. If it wasn't actual physical attraction, it was a 'mental picture' attraction.

ALa: How about YOUR friends that are friends with me too then?

Tesco: Physical attraction.

ALa: This really pisses me off. You are saying that my personality isn't good enough for someone just to like? I think guys like me because I like a lot of 'guy things'...Harleys, tattoos, death metal.... I have always had more guy than girl friends. AND before you say it...I never slept with them -so they are willing to hang around for years on a hope?

Tesco: How did they know you liked these 'guy things'? They had to talk to you to find this out. Why did they talk to you? Because they found you ATTRACTIVE!

ALa: Not necessarily...they could have been introduced through a friend -the way WE were... You didn't talk to me because I was pretty or ugly, you talked to me because we ended up in the same crowd.

Tesco: Answer this, What was the first question I asked 'P' when we were away from you?

ALa: I have no idea...

Tesco: Oh, you do.... I told you the morning after the 'Ice Capades'.... 'P', How the f*** did YOU get that?!

ALa: THAT? I was a that? *sighs* But what if I would have looked different? Are you saying that we were friends for FIVE years before we started dating because of how I looked -that I wasn't fun to hang out with --do you see how shitty that is?!

Tesco: Think back Ala..... Your not-so-attractive friend claimed to 'like' me after I met both of you.... How long have I been friends with her?

ALa: Circumstances. Do you understand why this is so upsetting? You don't. It means that women must be suspect of every man --and not because of anything she is or isn't doing, but because your contention is that all men are base pigs... AND you have been friends with unattractive women --even dated a few if memory serves...

Tesco: You have the most beautiful [edited by ALa].

Ala: Be serious! You are conceding then? Men are pigs and are incapable of relating to a woman on an intellectual/emotional level without thinking of scoring somewhere down the road?

Tesco: Ok, (*enter serious tesco*) Men will 'strike up' a conversation with a woman when he is attracted to her.... even if at the time he can't score with her for what ever reason, somewhere in his mind he feels he will. We are a perfect example of that. This doesn't mean a substantive relationship can't be formed on the way, it means that given the opportunity, he will risk that relationship for a shot at her [edited by ALa].

Ala: Well, at least that's a bit more honest... It's still sad though, and I guess it's why many women long for a gay friend. I know that men may think being friends because of attraction is a compliment, but women don't. Alright, how about this...if there was no such thing as sex -would men and women be friends?

Tesco: No.

Ala: That is SO F'ed up! So really you're saying that if it weren't for sex you would all be gay... You would rather be hanging with other men than with women... ?

Tesco: Yes...............No really, we would definitely have a lot less female friends. We would have no reason initially to speak to you.... then again, without the sexual attraction we would never know you were created in hell.... Tough question - Pass.

Ala: You never answered about the unattractive women that you have been friends with (the tooth), did you want to have sex with them too?

Tesco: Unattractive to YOU. I slept with every 'friend' I had. Well, almost... the ones I didn't sleep with, I wanted to.

Ala: You are a pig and I can't believe that I bore your children. Ok, here is a two part question. You are claiming that you have NEVER had a friend that you didn't sleep with or didn't want to sleep with? AND, how about MY friends that you are friends with you want to sleep with them?

Tesco: Do I have to answer that?

Ala: Yes.

Tesco: Technicality - As the 'hunter' you have to accept your surroundings and sometimes embrace them. If an honest friendship develops, it was beyond control - STILL the friendship was based on the attraction to the 'prey'.

ALa: Wow...politician answer... OK, so I am now assuming that you want to sleep with all my friends BESIDES the new 16 yr. old blonde at WaWa... *laughing* Alright, Last question. Let's say I'll concede for the moment that a male/female relationship begins on the basis of physical attraction -can that be overcome to a regular platonic friendship without ever sleeping together?

Tesco: Well..... Yes..... but that doesn't mean he won't jump on the first opportunity if it arises. ....She has GOT to be older than 16!!!

ALa: She is NOT older than 16... you and CJM are two dirty old men.... Anyway, ok, so what if she sleeps with him -can they be friends then with no more strings?

Tesco: If it's up to him, yes. My experience is that SHE won't let it be... either it becomes a more 'involved' relationship or they drift apart.

ALa: This is why we keep having this discussion...because it just goes in circles and the bottom line is that men are so base and shallow. It's quite sad actually...

Tesco: whatever

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Support the Troops...How About the Vets?!

Drudge had a very disturbing article linked yesterday about troops returning to the States from Iraq and Afghanistan. It was from the Washington Times and claimed that 300,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. 300,000! (half of these vets are from Vietnam). This indicates (to me anyway) a larger problem than a few soldiers making poor financial decisions. When troops first started coming home the Pentagon did indeed acknowledge that 'reassimilation time' for the troops had been rushed, but they have since claimed that the problem has been fixed. …Really?

"Data from the Department of Veterans Affairs shows that as of last July, nearly 28,000 veterans from Iraq sought health care from the VA. One out of every five was diagnosed with a mental disorder, according to the VA. An Army study in the New England Journal of Medicine in July showed that 17 percent of service members returning from Iraq met screening criteria for major depression, generalized anxiety disorder or PTSD."

Why isn't this a red flag to the Pentagon/Administration that there is a major problem with how 'returns' are being handled? These boys have seen things that could scar Charles Manson, yet they are expected to somehow instantly resume civilian life?

"Around one-fourth of all homeless Americans are veterans, and more than 75 percent of them have some sort of mental or substance abuse problem, often PTSD, according to the Homeless Veterans coalition."

For the staunch fiscal conservatives out there...I ask...Isn't the cost to society/morale/reenlistment greater than the monetary cost for truly helping these vets? These are the folks who gave what most will not -and we tie the yellow ribbons, hang the POW/MIA flags out and put the magnetic yellow ribbons on our cars while they are away...but what do we do when they return? This is the government's responsibility! It is tax payer's money that should be making sure that these men and women have the best transition possible -the best medical care -the best psychiatric care and continued monetary compensation for wounds (physical and emotional) that can not be healed. It makes me sick to think that the government is paying to buy millions of women baby formula through WIC (when they have perfect breast milk free in their body) while 300,000 vets are homeless...

Read the article...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Boys at Wells College...?!

Wells College claims they lack the applicants to keep the school a strictly women's college as it has been since 1868. Students are now suing to block the proposed male infiltration of Fall 2005.

The main reason given in various interviews that I watched today?...The girls can go to class in sweats, without makeup...and that makes them feel comfortable. Uh, Hello? This is a reason? Nothing about civil rights -discrimination -or constitutional guarantees...? Just 'we want to be slobs and don't want the boys to see what we'll end up looking like after they put a ring on our finger?'

I am a firm disbeliever in unisex schools. There is a large all boys’ Catholic high school near here and you can always tell the boys that go there --they are still hitting girls they think are pretty in the 12th grade. It's about socialization folks. We have to learn how to co-exist. These is no unisex world out there...not many unisex workplaces...few unisex marriages. Getting ready to go to class for four years is good practice for the working world where you will need to do this. I see being able to roll out of bed in sweats and a wrinkled tee a disservice... And what difference should it make if there are boys there or not? If you want to be a slob-- be one --regardless of the population of the school you attend....does this mean that these women are dressing FOR the boys and not for themselves? Not very feminist or liberated of them, huh....?

I say brush your damn hair and let the boys in...

*I have asked both FREE0352 and 91GHOST if they would consider being sometime contributors to The House of Sagacity -whenever the mood may strike them...and I am happy to report that they have both agreed. Look for their posts to be appearing here from time to time.

The Best Metrosexual Ever... Real Madrid's DAVID BECKHAM...(He played for Manchester United until Spain paid a 41 million dollar transfer fee to get him).
The best 'football' player in England at 29 years old.
Yes, this post has nothing to do with anything except giving the girls something nice to look at work...

(This very shallow post is dedicated to Girlgrey...its' OK to lighten up sometimes, and if anyone can do it for you -Becks can!)

Let's go through a Beckham pictorial...Indulge me please...(and I promise to return to more substantive posts tomorrow).

Ok, I LIKE his hair like this even though The Man hates it.

This is my favorite -I can't help it, I still love long hair...

Oh my!


The many faces of Becks...

Loving the skull caps...

Soccer anyone?

Unfortunately he's married to a Spice girl...Posh Spice...

But with a face like this


Becks can easily be forgiven....

Tomorrow we will return to our regularly scheduled programming. Please excuse this brief lapse into shallowness and non-politicalness... It had to be done.

Monday, December 06, 2004

The Day the Music Died...

This past week I realized that I have been letting politics totally consume my life (I am sure this is no newsflash). About a year ago I completely stopped listening to anything but Talk Radio: Bill Bennett, Laura Inghram, Rush, Sean, Savage, Drudge....all talk all the time. I stopped watching anything but news: Fox (of course), C-Span, MSNBC, CNN, and Meet the Press all in lieu of movies, shows or anything for purely entertainment purposes.
These past couple weeks since the election have been a rebirth. I know that is a bit dramatic, but it's true. CDs have made their way back into the Jeep and the enjoyment derived from them seems to have exceeded pre-election levels...maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder...

"So here we are tonight, you and me together
The storm outside, the fire is bright
And in your eyes I see what’s on my mind
You’ve got me wild, turned around inside
And then desire, see, is creeping up heavy inside here
And do you feel the same way as I do now
Now let’s make this an evening
Lovers for a night, lovers for tonight..."

Ahhhh, yes! Dave Matthews. I can now forget that your politics are abysmal (because we won!) and loose myself in the raw passion of your lyrics...

"I'd been the tempting one
Stole her from herself
This gift in pain
Her pain was life
And sometimes I feel so sorry
I regret this the hurting of you..."

Pantera! I have no idea what their politics are, but I didn't care -there was no time -there was election to win... But now 'This Love' can resume its place on ALa's 'most played songs' rotation.
Eminem always holds a seat of honor (I just skip past the anti-Bush song on the new CD), Metallica (pre-rehab of course), Suicidal Tendencies, The Fugees, De La Soul, Natalie Merchant, Counting Crows, No Doubt...

"...and if you complain once more, you'll meet and army of me..."

BJORK! God, I missed you girl.

Killing in the Name Of -Rage Against the Machine
Guns and the Young -The Bosstones
Speak English or Die - S.O.D.
Dead Skin Mask -Slayer
Eulogy -Tool

There are indeed posts to be written about the much needed dissolution of the U.N. and the removal of Kofi Anon...But today, let's just celebrate music and media and how wonderfully fulfilling it can be without the infiltration of politics into it's midst. I have turned off talk radio (sorry Sean!) and have returned to the days when car rides were about music and relaxing (not jotting notes while trying to drive through Philly traffic).

"I find sometimes it’s easy to be myself
Sometimes I find better to be somebody else

So much to say..."

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Wow, who knew there was any GOOD news from Iraq...

Here are some things that you may not have heard on CNN or read in the NYT.
Thanks to all of our soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan, who are helping the people of both countries bring a dream to fruition that many never thought was possible.

* Over 400,000 kids have up-to-date immunizations.

* School attendance is up 80% from levels before the war.

* Over 1,500 schools have been renovated and rid of the weapons stored there so education can occur.

* The port of Uhm Qasar was renovated so grain can be off-loaded from ships faster.

* Oil production hit 2 million barrels a day in April 2004.

* Treatment facilities have been repaired and over 4.5 million people have clean drinking water in Iraq.

* Electricity production now exceeds pre-war levels.

* 100% of the hospitals are open and fully staffed, compared to 35% before the war.

* Though elections remain a point of contention, they are taking place in every major city, and city councils are in place.

* Sewer and water lines are installed in every major city, and work is still underway in this regard.

* Iraq police are now patrolling the streets -the goal is to train 35-50 thousand.

* Over 100,000 Iraqi civil defense police are securing the country.

* Iraqi soldiers are patrolling the streets side by side with US soldiers.

* Over 400,000 people now have operational telephones in Iraq.

* Students are taught field sanitation and hand washing techniques to prevent the spread of germs.

* An interim constitution has been signed.

* Enrollment of girls has increased in local schools.

* Textbooks that don't mention Saddam are in the schools for the first time in 30 years.

If you want to send a care package to the troops for Christmas...please contact Keystone Soldiers -whose tireless efforts for the troops have recently been chronicled by CNN and will be featured on Lou Dobbs show Christmas week.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

The House Of Leo...

I LOVE astrology. Not the daily horoscope astrology, mind you. I agree that's a bunch of generalizations that could apply to anyone. But the charts, birth-sign, moon-sign and rising-sign kind of astrology. I don't know how or why, but it does seem that the alignment of the planets at your birth ultimately have an effect on your character traits. I can usually tell someone what sign they are after an hour or so of talking to them...and I am usually only wrong if someone was born on the cusp of another month.
I am a Leo. And I am a Leo. The perfect embodiment of all Leo traits -good and bad.
My first tattoo (Morecambe, England in 1996 -it's on my lower back)

"No one could ask for a better friend. If approached in the right way (flattery is always the right way), Leo will do almost anything, but she expects praise and appreciation and admiration in return. Pride is Leo's Achilles’ heel. Leo's ego demands not respect but adoration, not compliments but flattery, and when she receives lavish praise Leo never stops to wonder if it’s insincere. It is difficult (though not impossible) to dislike a Leo. True, she can be bombastic and overbearing at times. True, she loves to give advice and tell others how to live their lives...but Leo's great warmth and sunny disposition is very hard to resist. The world would be a lot less fun without Leo."

My second tattoo (Cadillac Tattoo, Philly -after Justice was born in 1998. It's the Leo sign, Virgo-The Man, and Capricorn -Justice)

So, you see, Mason was not born yet and therefore HIS sign is not in the band. Now I know you're thinking...he's only four...he has no idea. Well, that would probably be true if Justice hadn't taken to telling him at least once a week now that it's Justice, Mom and Dad and no Mace... SO -another astrological tattoo is in the works.
Here is a rough drawing of what will be my third tattoo (which I am pretty sure I am getting on the top of my foot -Mason is a Scorpio...oh God, yes, I gave birth to a Scorpio...)

Each sign on the zodiac is paired with another sign that is it's exact opposite -called the polarity sign. Mine is Aquarius.
Justrose is an Aquarius,and we have been friends for 29 years, so obviously polar opposites can work out... When we were little if it hadn't been for me -she would have never done anything, but if it hadn't been for her, I would have done way too much. (she was my Jiminy Cricket).

Each sign also has a 'Danger' and I thought mine was funny (in light of the blaahhhg):
"Leo people tend to be bombastic and challenging, and often knowingly invoke others to impulsive violence. They are also prone towards being victims of slander."