Sunday, November 07, 2004

You're Wrong!...again...

So, the word in the press (Slate, NYT, etc), and the Blogosphere, is...the reason Kerry lost is because the people that voted for him fit a certain stereotype that Dems can't (or don't want) to reach out to. They are looking into how to 'speak' to this person.

This is why that theory is SO wrong: (please add the obligatory-"not that there's anything wrong with that" after each line...thank you)

I am not a member of any church

I have not attended church services in almost 8 years

I have a college degree and am in the process of getting my Master's degree

I have a Passport...that has been used

I have lived in another country

I believe that being gay is not always a choice

I live in a Metropolitan area of a 'Blue State'

I do not, nor have I ever, lived in a portable home

I support civil unions

I have never watched Nascar

I don't listen to Country music

I have tattoos

I have peircings

I curse & smoke

I read...a lot

I do not own a single farm animal

I do not own a gun

I have never, and will never go hunting

I am not rich

I do not own stocks, bonds or money markets

I think any SUV bigger than a Jeep is ridiculous

I don't own a banjo...or a harmonica

I give to numerous charities faithfully

I do not live in the South or the Midwest

I prefer organic foods

I never litter

I don't say 'pop', 'sub' or 'sucker'

I don't particularly like eating meat

I have never skinned a rabbit

I recycle

I do not have any relatives that married each other

I do not own overalls

I have never spoken in tongues, nor have I charmed a snake...

...and I voted for George W. Bush.

...and I am quite sure each and every 'Bush voter' has a list of things that wouldn't fit into your God, gays and guns file. Do you all fit in THIS typical liberal file?

...Back to the drawing board Mr. McAuliffe................................

(well, I have charmed many snakes, but not of the reptilian persuasion) ....

Kat also addressed this issue in her latest post...An Open Letter to the Democrats...her pre-9/11 party.

(Completely off-topic, I had NO idea that Anderson Cooper (CNN) was Gloria Vanderbilt's son!)

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