Friday, November 12, 2004


If I have to see one more second of news coverage devoted to Arafat's funeral I'm going to puke. Would we be doing this for Bin Laden? There are those on the 'Muslim Street' that think he is a hero too, but that doesn't make him one... Arafat's legacy is one of blood (do we forget he killed 21 children?), this man is the father of homicide bombings (there are records up to a month ago of his orders to pay $800 per bastard -Saddam paid $35,000), this man squandered an opportunity to actually make life better for the Palestinian people that he claims to love, this man has billions stashed in French and Swiss banks -while his people live in squalor...The proof is in the head-dress...which he wore in a shape that he saw as a representation of Palestine...after the destruction of the Jews. This was not a Statesman --this a murderer and a terrorist...

"Without the terrorism, liberals would hate Muslims." Ann Coulter

You're shocked right...Oh my God, she is implying that liberals are pro-terror!
That's the thing about Ann...she throws it right out there and people react to the shock of hearing things so bluntly...but let's think about what she meant. The nuance lefties, you guys love that.
What have we been hearing in the almost-two-weeks since the election?
This country is going to hell in a handbasket because of fundamentalists...kooks that want to overturn Roe V. Wade...freaks that think that gay marriage is wrong...yahoos that think that religion has a place in government...These people are ruining all the strides we've made...they are too backwards to grasp 'progressive ideals' and their ignorance will be the downfall of this deed and in the eyes of the world.
Is that accurate? This is what I've been hearing.
BUT...then the terrorists killing Americans are 'insurgents' and 'freedom fighters' and 'resistance'...

Matt Laurer: "Let me talk about this idea that a rag-tag group, not well-fed, not well-clothed, completely under-equipped as compared to this great British army and the Hessian could accomplish this. And let me ask you to think about what is going on in Iraq today. Where the insurgents not well equipped, smaller in numbers, the greatest army in the world is their opposition. What's, what's the lesson?"
Lynn Cheney: "Well, the difference of course is who's fighting on the side of freedom. Ideas motivate people. And the idea of freedom is such a mighty one. There's a very good book by a man named David Hackett Fischer has written a book called Washington's Crossing. And I spent a good deal of time talking to him. He talks about how this is an entirely new thing. These are people who are fighting not because they had to, they could walk off. At one point Washington had to convince many of them to stay."
Lauer: "I think he promised them more pay, actually."
Cheney: "He did. But he also told them they were fighting for a mighty idea. And I think the same has been true. The same advantage has been at the back of Americans forever. We have a mighty cause in which we're fighting."
Lauer: "I'm just saying, but the insurgents believe they're fighting for a cause as well. They don't believe any less than we believe. And yet—"
Cheney: "Well, but Matt, you're being awfully relativistic here. I mean, the insurgents are killing Iraqis by the hundreds, Iraqis by the thousands. It's not as though this is a matter between just 'on the one hand on the other hand.' We are on the side of freedom. We are on the side that I think that idea is so powerful and does give us wind at our back."

Chris Matthews did the same thing when he asked Jimmy Carter if the 'Iraqi insurgents' were like the historical U.S. 'Minute Men'... "Do you see any parallels between the, the fighting that we did on our side and the fighting that is going on in Iraq today?"

So, the liberal media will elevate terrorists to the likes of George Washington. They will defend Arafat and condemn Sharon, they will blame 9/11 on the US Israel/Palestinian policy, they will empathize with Chechen 'rebels', they will continue to use the term 'suicide bomber'...all in the same breathe with the condemnation of 'Christian fundametalism' and it's threat to this country.

OK...Muslims HATE homosexuality, you would be stoned for having an abortion, religion is a part of all facets of life...
So Evangelicals are similar to radical Muslims MINUS the terrorism --and they hate all that we stand for... why defend the radical Islamists...the liberal media or left wing bloggers would never defend us...They would dance in the streets if Jerry Falwell died...and he never killed anyone -YET Katie Couric wears black for Arafat. Of course, there are still old-skool Democrats who will call terror 'terror' Joe Lieberman. It's ashame your party dismissed the 'Joe-mentum'.

"If it weren't for the terrorism, liberals would hate Muslims." Ann Coulter
Am I missing something?

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