Monday, November 15, 2004

Really Not Getting (and Missing) the Point

The speculation continues on 'what went wrong' for the Kerry campaign and the Democrats in general. The advice from one lefty to another has been amusing..."Isn't feeding the poor a value?!"..."Isn't world peace a moral virtue?"...

They just don't get it --and why would's the blind leading the blind. If they KNEW what to do to reach 'middle America' they would have won! Some on the left have asked us not to speculate on their loss --or to offer up reasons why because it's 'annoying and condescending'... THAT'S why you lost. Who better to give you advice than the other side! If your party had half a clue they would hire Sean, Rush, Laura or Ann... Don't scoff, how do you think Clinton won two terms...he hired Dick Morris -a Republican! The inspiration won't come in the group think bubble...think outside the progressive box people!

Clinton's Democratic 'think tank' does not agree with all the on-line lefties about the reason for the defeat. Al Fromm heads up New Democrats Online and gives a detailed account of the DNC shortcomings. (Saying, "We got our clocks cleaned up and down the ballot" seems like they even think the President has a mandate...) To their credit, Fromm doesn't blame 'scare tactics, or 'Jesus freaks' or 'bigotry'...he says, "We didn't effectively make the case for firing the incumbents and replacing them with Democrats." Simple.
Some of their 'findings':
* "But while [Kerry] convinced Americans we would be smarter on national security, he could not overcome the party's reputation for being weaker, and that was a deal-breaker for many voters who didn't want to take any chances with their security.
* "Democrats often reinforced the idea that the GOP was the "reform" party by trying to scare voters about every bad or deceptive Republican idea for changing government programs, instead of offering our own alternatives for reform."
* "The third "trust gap" that hurt Democrats was another hardy perennial: values and culture. And here the evidence of a Democratic handicap is overwhelming."
Their conclusion:
"It's time for Democrats to clearly stand for values, principles, and ideas that will earn us the opportunity to become the majority party of the future."

We can monitor their play book & talking points here. We also need to 'lay off' on Hillary. I know that may seem strange coming from me -who predicted a Bush win because that's what the Clintonistas wanted (so Hillary would have the coronation in '08). BUT...let's not ruin her before that. Let's have them believe she has mainstream appeal-- so they don't run someone like Evan Bayh. Hold your arsenal people. If we monitor the talking points, amass the goods on Hillary and stay true to the ideals we believe...'08 will be ours too -and I don't know if they could ever recover after that...

*post title 'borrowed' from 'LeftyJones'....

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