Monday, November 29, 2004

A Rainy Moment of Clarity...

I think I can FINALLY pinpoint it… It came to me on Thanksgiving as I was driving around in a downpour looking for a store that was open... (aside: Thank you Kmart and Martha Stewart for coming through on a holiday and supplying the half-way decent table cloth that had completely slipped my mind until two hours before people were set to arrive…)

Oh yeah… ‘It’, is what turns me off to ‘progressive politics’ and ‘liberalism’ as a whole. It is entitlement.
Ok, everyone has a family member or friend that ‘expects’ things right… no matter how much you do for them they are never grateful, never thankful and are often even dismissive of your efforts… (If you do not have ‘one of these’ in your life, then I regret to inform you that it is probably YOU!)… Anyway, I decided that ‘entitlement’ is what I deem as the biggest character flaw that a person can possess. It leads to various other detrimental flaws –such as lack of empathy, narcissism, arrogance and rudeness in general. I have two people in my life who possess this sense of entitlement and seem to have been born with it (If you know me well enough to know that I have this site and are reading it…don’t worry –it’s not you). I find this sense of prerogative maddening. I have spent hours doing painstaking and personally inconveniencing favors for these people without so much as a pat on the back in MY time was owed to them or earned by them somehow…

I believe that ‘liberal/progressive’ policies promote this unwarranted sense of entitlement. I am poor…someone should help me. I don’t have enough…someone should help me. I need more…someone should help me. Why? Who the hell are you and what have you done to deserve anything from anyone?

It can’t be a socioeconomic factor that determines the ‘entitlement factor’ because I have known afflicted from all walks of life (though it seems to be most prevalent in the very rich and the very poor). It is a foreign concept to me and one that I abhor. The Democratic policies of enablement are also foreign to me and to how I was raised. You work = you get rewarded… You don’t work = you get nothing. You study = you get an A. You don’t study = you fail. It seems like good old fashioned common sense. This ties in with the whole ‘rewarding bad behavior’ American phenomenon too (also an embodiment of progressive ideals and a practice that leads to the aforementioned entitlement). If you stay out of trouble, go to college, get married and have a baby (in that order) you will be rewarded with $50K of student loan debt …BUT if you get knocked up right out of high school and don’t get married –Bam! Free college for you! (and free day care while you’re in college, WIC, free health care for the baby)-- All this as the girl that ‘did the right thing’ struggles to work full time as she goes to school full time and busts her ass just to graduate and find that most jobs won’t cover her student loan debt –so alas, so must acquire more debt to get a higher degree to pay for the first one…Why didn’t she just have a kid? That would have solved all the problems…right?

Anyway, this was a bit more cohesive in my head, that day in the rain –but you get the idea. I am not saying that these are the ultimate goals of the progressives and I am not implying that all these ultimately-enabling government programs did not begin with altruistic intentions… What I am saying is that, in my humble opinion, a monster has been created… A ‘governmental-my-kid-can-do-no-wrong-Mother’ who bails out her citizen-children time and time again -giving them the unrealistic notion that there are no negative consequences for poor behavior/bad choices. The enabling mother who ruins the child in her efforts to ‘save’ them --the guilt-ridden mother. The mother who creates the child that thinks it can do no wrong and that thinks it deserves everything…the child that is inevitably the last one to be picked in dodge ball.
The “Not my Joey…” mother….

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