Saturday, November 06, 2004

Name Your Dream Team

There has been a lot of W2 advise bandied about today, on news shows, by the 'weekend talking heads'. One of the themes that we continue to hear is that the President needs to 'reach across the isle'. (Michael Savage SLAP the other side). I agree with both sides on this issue (I must have Kerryitis).
On one hand I want to gloat, to stick my tongue out (it's pierced ya know) at all the naysayers and haters, to put the 'L' up to anyone that said Kerry was a guaranteed win. BigandMean is right...for the past four years we 'righties' have had to hear lots of crap...the popular vote...stole Florida...he betrayed this country...targeting civilians...time to moveon...blah blah blah. So why shouldn't we feel vindicated? It wasn't a popular vote win of 5K, but almost 4Million...and that's a sign that the people have spoken. That means he brought people out that hadn't voted before, that he got votes from Gore voters, that he got 44% of the 18--24 MTV Vote-or-Die crowd that was supposedly Kerry's for the taking and it means the independents broke for him and not the challenger. So I get it...
BUT, I also really want all this crap to end, and I realize that 48% of Americans voted against him. I want things to get done. I don't want another four years of fantasy voter-fraud conspiracies. There was no conspiracy...many Bush voters were telling friends they were voting Kerry...telling pollsters the same just wasn't PC in metropolitan areas to admit you were pulling the lever for Bush. He got a higher Jewish vote, a higher Catholic vote, a higher Black vote and a higher gay vote than he did in 2000. Deal. (It's what GayPatriot recognized as the Frank Rizzo Factor). Dead on!
So here's the deal...some want to gloat, some to sulk and scheme and some actually want to come together and deal with the stuff that is on our collective plate. ...
Back to the 'talking heads'...their suggestion was that Bush reach out and put some Dems on the Administration (let's pretend he didn't already learn his lesson with Norman Manetta). Today's question is to name the Administration you would love to see... I haven't thought of mine yet, but I will ponder how magnanimous I would be willing to be today...
To the Republicans...who seriously would you like to see & is there room for some moderate Democrats in the cabinet?
To the Democrats...who are realistic Democratic candidates AND would it help to ease some of your distrust of this President if he included these people...?

P.S. Yes, I finally gave in to technology and am now using Haloscan comments. Don't Worry!...All previous comments can be found by clicking 'archives' before the 'defenses presented'...
Have a GREAT weekend!


The Cassandra Page said...

The trouble with inviting Democrats to join the cabinet is:

1) They undermine policy. Norman Minetta has been waging war on "profiling" for three years.

2) They publicly defect at the worst possible times. The MSM will always seek them out, question them about the most controversial of the Bush policies and try to drive a wedge between the Bush cabinet and the Bush policies.

The truth is, the bitterness will not end until the left has taken all of our guns, aborted all of the babies at taxpayer expense, eliminated all references to God from public and commercial life, socialized the health care system, etc. If they are not satisfied with the increases in government size and power over the past 40 years, nothing will satisfy them.

J. Marquis said...

Well, since you sent out the invitation I might as well put in my two cents:

Jim Bunning for head of Homeland Security since he sees relatives of Saddam Hussein everywhere he goes.

Zell Miller to head the new Dept. of Confederacy and Deulin'.

Karen Cheney should manage the Gay Relocation Camps. She'd be like the Jews who kept the other Jews in line at Auschwitz.

John McCain for Secretary of Commerce since he sold his soul to have one more shot at being president.

Anne Coulter should replace Norman Minneta at Transportation since she's a bitch on wheels.

Don Rumsfield should be moved to the Office of Faith Based Inititiatives because it's going to take a freakin' miracle for us to succeed in Iraq.

Tucker Carlson should be in charge of the new Twits with Bowties. They can bring George Will on as a senior adviser.

I know you think I'm just being sarcastic...but my motto with the Republicans today is EXPECT THE IMPOSSIBLE.

leftyjones said...

I'm one Democrat who is not looking for a hand across the aisle and who does not want one.
It's your mess, you can either solve it or do what you usually do when things get difficult.....
Blow something up.

In seriousness...there is no point. Anything less than an inner circle position is just a silly token and frankly, I cannot think of what democrat that I would trust who could agreeably remain in that inner circle.
I'd be more moved to see legislation that has input from both sides of the aisle than I would care about a worthless token cabinet position.

McWizard said...

We have already seen what people from the opposite party can do to a President. Do the names Clarke or Snow ring a bell. Why not invite a psychopath into your house for as long as they can make it without maiming you.
The only "Republican" I can remember in Clintons cabinet was Bill Cohen and he was from Maine.

Bigandmean said...

I'd put Lefty in charge of the new Department of Whining and staff it with several million like-minded democrats. Their only function would be to concentrate on whining about everything for four more years like they've done for the last four. That way, they'll be out of the way so the adults can take care of things.

Otherwise, I can't think of any democrats who are qualified for any work in the Whitehouse that doesn't require kneepads.