Saturday, November 13, 2004

My Penance

PA Primaries...2004...I stood inside the booth for way-too-long...wrestling with strategically?...or vote my conscience?

Arlen Specter or Pat Toomey.

Arlen Specter is a RINO plain and simple (Republican in name only). He is more liberal than many of the Democrats in Congress. He is pro-choice and anti-tort reform. He was one of the very few Senators that voted FOR having our servicemen & women stand before an international criminal court! He is bound to the lawyers lobbies and even organized labor. The PA unions actually asked members to change party affiliation before the primaries so they could vote for Specter (that's a BAD sign to a conservative voter). But no one said the man is dumb, he votes conservatively whenever an election is on the horizon. He voted for the war, for the ban on partial birth abortion and for the unborn victims of violence act...because he was up for re-election.

I pushed the button for Specter...felt sick in my stomach...Toomey was a far better candidate...BUT I didn't think Toomey could beat Mr. Hoeffel in the General election...for the first time in my life I opted to vote against my conscience...and I am already regretting it (as are many in PA who wrestled with the same issues in the booth that day).

Specter is now set to become the Chairman of the Judicial Committee. EeeK! The man that would have our military judged before foreign courts! The man who recently 'threatened' the President to be careful about who he put up for nomination to the bench... and the man who would threaten the Patriot Act (and this I don't understand...what seems to be the only worthwhile thing to come out of the 9/11 Commission is that BOTH sides of the aisle reinforced the need and benefit of the Patriot Act).

This would be as much of a disaster as Sandra Day O'Connor has been on the Supreme Court. Now some on the left may say...good, Bush shouldn't be putting up ultra conservatives anyway...BUT can we take a look at Ruth Bader Ginsberg --ultra left-wing and former lead council for the ACLU (Pro-choice ACLU's Women's Rights Project) and nominated by Clinton...not exactly a 'middle of the road' appointment... (and Clinton didn't even get 50% of the popular vote).

There should be no litmus test in choosing judges...for federal courts or the Supreme Court. Abortion IS NOT a constitutional right and should not be determined by a group of un-elected judges. Just as the left argues against a 'gay marriage amendment'....let them not be hypocritical. These things are NOT constitutional rights and should be determined BY THE PEOPLE at the State level. The courts job is to adhere to the Constitution...not bend it to their whims.

In my act of penance for silencing my conscience and voting in the very liberal Specter...I ask my fellow conservatives to write your Senators and ask them to block this important appointment. It is not written in stone.

The following link will walk you through the process of contacting them. This nomination could shape the future of our courts...Specter is a 'lame duck' Senator...this is his last term and he has no reason to bend to constituent pressure. This is dangerous in today's political climate. Don't allow all good judges to be gored by the RINO (like Judge Robert Bork was) stop Specter today!

On a completely un-related and shallow note:
How friggin' hot is he?

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