Sunday, November 14, 2004

Interesting Stats...

For those of you out there slamming the 'red states' (and the freaky Evangelicals) for producing tons of homophobes and bigots that came out in scores for Bush because of the gay marriage amendments that were on ballots in 11 States...

Voting FOR bans on gay marriage:
45% of registered Democrats
60% of new Democratic registrants
60% of African Americans

*Looks like you'll start having to add your own base to your tongue lashings and lectures...

Broken Trends: (Not Really)

1) Undecideds always break for the challanger:
I watched a Presidential Election historian on C-Span (before the election) who said that he didn't understand why all the pundits and talking heads kept saying this, because (he said) that it had never been born out in history, nor in data. He said that (especially during a war) undecideds almost always go with the incumbent.

2) No incumbent can be re-elected when more than 49% of the people believe that the 'country is headed in the wrong direction':
Can I just say...damn I'm good. I said ages ago that Bush will win precisely because the country was headed in the wrong direction. Silly Zogby, I emailed and told you you were asking the question wrong. Yes, they thought it was going in the wrong direction -but not because of President Bush...because of the ACLU, NOW, NARAL, MOVEON, ACTUP, ANSWER and their ilk.

3) John Kerry is a great closer:
Well, he did seem to close the door to politics on John Edwards...

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