Monday, November 22, 2004

Football 101

OK...bear with me for a moment as this is going somewhere...

In my narcissistic twenties I had a list of 'can't do's' when it came to picking a husband:
1) No one in a band
2) No one in the military
3) No one that watches sports/plays sports

The reason, you ask? Simple, I could not fathom coming second to anything. (Little did I know that I should have added 'owning your own business' to that list...)

Anyway, considering that I have since given birth to two boys...I believe that I now have reason to regret the third stipulation. The Man is as ambivalent to sports as a human being can be and I have two little guys that LOVE anything to do with a ball. The dilemma is that it is now me who has been allotted the job of watching games with them. I watched some football when I was younger (mainly just to have something to talk to my Dad about), but the only sport I ever really cared about was hockey. In elementary school I had a wicked crush on Bobby Clarke (but only with his teeth out!)

So, if the Flyers were playing it would be OK...but when it comes to football I'm pretty lost. Here are some of the questions that came up yesterday that I couldn't answer:

1) Why did Chris Samuels (Redskins) have that 'giant thing' sticking out of his back?
Ok, good question right, because it sure looked like a back brace and, in my humble estimation, it would seem if you need a back brace you damn well shouldn't be playing football.

2) Why does Donovan always keep the ball and get tackled when he should have thrown it?
I was actually thinking the same thing...he seems a bit of a ball hog.

3) Is #11 a good player? (Re: Patrick Ramsey -Redskins)
Idon't know, but he's cute...

4) Who is the guy with the blonde hair and why does the coach look mad at him?
(I am not sure who they meant...did another QB come in? Maybe it was Koy Detmer? and why was Andy Reid mad at him...)

You see my dilemma... I have to study up quick -as Mom is never allowed to 'not know' answers... So, to all the single girls out there making lists about what you want in a mate, think beyond the here and now...or you may end up watching football on Sundays & Mondays -unable to answer the simple questions asked of you....

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