Saturday, November 20, 2004

A Flashback

About a week ago a paper came home in Justice's packet saying that Friday, November 19th was "Teacher Student Switch Day". The teachers were going to dress like students and the students like teachers. Justice was really excited about this as he would get to wear one of The Man's ties. Yesterday morning he got up early and eagerly got ready with dress shirt and cool tie intact.

I dropped him off with a kiss and promise to see him soon, as I would be returning at 10:40 to sit in on Math lab (for National Education Week). As I walked into his class, I saw him there at his little desk-- with his giant tie and his hair sprayed to the side as a teacher might have-- and quickly realized that he was the ONLY kid in the class dressed this way. My heart sunk...

Flashback 1981 -I am 10 years old and invited to a 'Skating Party' for a friend's birthday. This was a big deal as it was the 'Cool Teenagers' hang-out and I was normally never allowed to go there (USA Skating Rink, now defunct, -for the Philly Bloggers out there). My mom told me about the skating parties she had gone to and all about the little skating skirts that you HAD to wear to said parties. I was skeptical, but trusted my mom. She spent the week before the party sewing me a navy blue skating skirt -complete with pleats and rhinestone buttons...only to be outdone by the mother-of-pearl shiny white tights. I arrived at the rink only to walk in and see nothing but a vast sea of denim...not a skate skirt to be found. I swear everyone stopped what they were doing to look at me...somehow I held my head high and walked to the table with my jean-clad friends -all the while dying inside.

...All this instantly went through my mind as I saw my little man sitting there in his dress shirt and blue-striped a sea of sweat pants and Eagles jerseys. I whispered to the Mom next to me, "Wasn't today the day they were dressing up like teachers?"
"Oh, yeah, but Kindergarteners never do it."
Well, wouldn't it have been nice if the flyer they sent home MENTIONED that helpful tidbit!

On the way home, I asked Justice if he was upset that he was the only one who dressed up. Obviously confused he answered, "Why Mom? Everyone told me how handsome I was all day..." Yeah, that's my kid!
...And....psychiatrist couch narrowly avoided once again.
Does everyone get those moments that catapult you right back in time and make you feel all those 'little kid' embarrassments so tangibly again?
I informed my mother last night that I have yet to forgive her for the Skate skirt which she laughed a little too hard...

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