Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Accusation

Someone on the left recently accused me of being the equivalent of Mr. R. Limbaugh. Yes, I admit readily that Rush tows the party line...and I would too if offered a seat at the proverbial table. But, as yet, my panache has gone widely unnoticed by the GOP I am free to disagree on policy with some in the party & the Administration.

Many on the right have tried to express the diversity in this party --did we dwell on it before the election?...of course was not the time for family in-fighting.
Here are some of the areas where I don't 'tow the party line' or where I just don't agree with the administration (though it is usually in instances where they aren't being conservative enough):

1) I will be beyond distressed if this 'Fallujah Marine' is offered up unjustly to appease the 'Arab street'. There is a petition available on line that will be sent to Congress -I urge all of you to read and sign it. Sign Petition...

2) I am very unhappy about the proposed 'Temporary Worker' Program that Bush is proposing for ILLEGAL aliens. There are people trying to get into this country LEGALLY and I think it is a mistake to reward illegal behavior. Let the people with current visa applications fill any jobs that "Americans don't want' and send those who came here illegally home. -OR- Vicente Fox can start sending a barrel of oil with each alien that passes the border.

3) This is a hypothetical, BUT I will be angry (and feeling betrayed) if Bush caves to the left and nominates "Sandra Day O'Connor" judges to the bench. As I have said before -Clinton sent up the Pro-Choice leader for the ACLU, Ruth Bader Ginsberg...and he didn't receive as many popular votes as Bush did. Clinton didn't pick a moderate and neither should Bush. This is not an area to reach across the aisle.

4) I think that is very wrong to include bans on Civil Unions in places that are looking to ban gay marriage on the State level. Each State should vote about gay marriage (as should they about abortion) and if Bush wants to amend the Constitution it should be to allow all the same LEGAL rights. Neither marriage nor abortion should be decided by the courts...but by the people.

5) I am angry that this Administration has done nothing to educate the American public on the realities of Partial Birth Abortion and Live Birth Abortion...actually on abortion in general. A poll taken within the year showed that over 70% of Americans believed that it was illegal to have an abortion after 3 months. And recently an avid lefty said that if more people realized what both practices were all about Democrats would be just as against them as Republicans.

6) I think that we should re-visit our trade policies with China -whose human rights record is appalling(it was Planned Parenthood who help to broker and set up the mandatory abortions in China...bravo to that great organization)...and toughen our trade with all countries who are not adhereing to the same standards we are.

So, now that the election is over, and until I am offered the aforementioned seat of honor, I will not hesitate to mention anything I think the Powers that Be are doing wrong. It will not be to bring everyone together -it will be because no one agrees with everything set out by their party all the time.

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