Tuesday, November 02, 2004


I know this might sound like sour grapes to some...but I HATE the fact that these exit polls are being released. It really pisses me off. How come the media acts like they want everyone to vote, but then they 'call' states with unreliable exit polls (they were completely wrong in 2000). It is obviously an attempt to stop people from voting. I hope they are all made to look foolish...no matter which way it goes --the media is out-of-hand.

The issue of the pre-recorded Kerry votes has not been cleared up in Philadelphia. Some machines had as many as 250 -500 votes recorded before the polls opened this morning. So this is how it's gonna be?

My sis and her man voted at about 3pm...she said there was no line --and in 2002 there had been a large line there to vote.

The Man just told me that a Moveon.orgie actually approached him IN THE LINE this morning...Conversation:
Moveon: hey, are you registered Democrat?
The Man: *smirks* Uh, definitely not.
Moveon: *hopefully* Independent?
The Man: Nope.
Moveon: Oh...*walks away*
In line! They are supposed to be, what? 50-100 feet from the booths? Sheesh...

Mom said there was no line at her polling place either. No PACs...

Thinking of keeping Justice home from school altogether tomorrow -a silent protest of the Purple Day...Then he won't be put on the spot at 5 as to why he isn't participating in the propaganda...


Donal said...

Ala "Some machines had as many as 250 -500 votes recorded before the polls opened this morning." the answer to that is those voting machines record every vote ever cast on them like the mileage on your car. They were not pre-recorded Kerry votes which is why you dont hear the GOP screaming. Also I dont think the media is trying to stop people from voting- they are not calling any states till the polls close in those states. Its not the media's job to ensure that idiots bother to vote.

ALa said...

Donal: that is what the Dems are saying BUT as I said...this has not been resolved. There are two seperate numbers on the back. trust me -NO machine in Philly is new enough to only have 200 votes on it --especially in the neighborhoods where it happened. BTW: The GOP is screaming about it...also about the men that were FILMED by a local radio talk show host walking out of the local PRISON with boxes of absentee ballots...always shady in Philly!

Donal said...

Ala its what the officals in charge of voting in Philly are saying- its something that will be checked I'm sure but screaming fraud without evidence is useless. What's a radio talk show host doing filming stuff? I've seen no reports on this. Not saying it isnt true- just saying no one knows at this point. Anyway Iearlier for Kerry (live in MI), and talked to the poll workers who said they'd been swamped all day. People have finally relaized that voting matters- whoever wins thats good for the whole country.