Tuesday, November 02, 2004

2:21 pm

Ok...I have to go to my Mom's. I can't sit here anymore. There's nothing I can do at this point except get a stress-rash on my face. I have been keeping myself busy by cleaning up from Mason's party last night, talking to ~Jen~ on the phone, and reading all the electoral college projection pages on-line.
The pages look good -they all have Bush in the lead...even if it is by a hair. I haven't really turned on the news...after hearing about the typical corruption starting in Philly (votes on booths before voting started and a man (union I'm sure) at the polls with a gun) I had to turn it off.
Here's my dilemma for tomorrow:
This is a non-partisan problem and has nothing to do with the election (as far as I'm concerned).
Justice's school (which is K-6 grades) has a 'Wear Purple for Peace' day tomorrow. They sent home literature to the parent's saying that we should teach of children all forms of non-violent coping skills and be sure to have role models that are pacificts (examples given: Martin Luther King & Gandhi). So what's wrong with this you ask? We are at war. As we speak men and women are in harm's way. This is a grade school -not Berkeley circa 1969. Take Iraq out of the equation if you must --we have had war declared on our country...therefore peace is not an option right now. I feel like this is 1) poorly thought out as I think it belittles the sacrifices our troops are making -or- 2) a political move using children that are way too young to understand matters of war and peace (and the tangible relationship between the two).
I am thinking of dressing Justice in either his fatigues or an Army shirt with a yellow ribbon. If his teacher asks he can say that our Army men are working to bring about peace right now. (I wouldn't put him in purple anyway...what shoes would he wear?)
Am I going overboard? Why can't General Schwartzcoff or George Washington be role models? Do they get to use my five-year-old as a political pawn while I sit quietly by. I thought of going to talk to the principle about it (they say assume fifty people wanted to speak up for every one that actually does). I feel really strongly about this --but I am trying to decipher if it is a justified feeling... Am I blowing this out of proportion or is this inappropriate in a time of war?


PunkAssBitch said...

well, personally...I somewhat agree with you...mostly on the fact that I DESPISE these agendas that the schools push...no matter WHAT the agenda is that they're pushing. For the Red Ribbon (anti-drug...which, honestly, I'm not all that fond of that program) week that they had at my son's school..they wanted everyone to wear inside out red shirts. My kids are pretty damn finicky about what they're wearing & how things look, and there was NO fucking way I was going to force my kid to fit in with everyone else.

Maybe it's just the rebel punker in me...I just refuse to be JUST like everyone else in their school.

I say don't participate if you don't agree & if you wanna raise a stink about it because you feel strongly about it, then do. Exercise your right to freedom of speech & personal expression.

PunkAssBitch said...

oops, that should've said, "I just refuse to force my kid to participate in something that they have to be JUST LIKE everyone else"...or something like that LOL

free0352 said...

Tell your boy's teacher that somewhere there are a few Jarheads who would be honored for your kids to wear cammies on "peace day" in their honor.

Tell those same morons that those same Jarheads are going to try and bring a whole lotta peace to Iraq just as soon as they kill some insurgents come this spring when crazy free0352 gets back in the game. Fun note- 1/2 is back in the fight in Fallujha...Tarawa-keep moving!

The G-man said...
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The G-man said...

I've seen the same thing. My daughter is now enlisted. All through her school years I had to constantly combat the liberal crap they were trying to fill her head with. On more than one occasion I had to actually visit the school and have words with her teachers. Don't get me wrong, I have a very high regard for teachers and understand how tough the job is that they do. I just demand a few things. Firstly, the classroom is not a pulpit for anyone's religion including the left's. Second, when you convey information, please ensure that it is indeed factual. If I had a nickle for every time I had to correct a breach of one of these two simple expectations... Ok, so I wouldn't be rich, but I could almost afford one of those sissy Espressafrapamochachino's at Starbucks ;-)

AFSister said...

As Elmer Fudd would say, "Oh, duh horwah".... Do you cave and send your kid in purple -NO WAY. I would discuss it with him first, though and then let him decide what to wear. He's a smart kid with a smart Mom who can make up his own mind what a "peace warrior" wears. I bet he'll choose the cammos over a pretty purple t-shirt, as would any self-respecting American! Just make sure he goes to school knowing that he'll get questioned on his choice of attire if its not purple though, because you know his teachers and some of the kids will inevitably raise the issue.

Thomas goes to a Christian school and wears a uniform nearly every day. However, when they have casual days, I let him choose his clothes. He often picks out his fatigues and military t-shirts. Does that make him a war monger? No- it makes him a kid proud of his country and their armed forces (and one who thinks that tanks and fighter jets are really cool). He's proud of the job his Uncle Bill is doing in the Air Force, and proud that our military helped get rid of Saddam, and proud that we're helping bring freedom to other countries.

He knows peace comes at a price too, because he's a smart kid and knows that people are dying in the fight for freedom. Nearly every day we drive by the home of Matt Maupin. Matt is the only known soldier held as a hostage in Iraq at this time. He's been a hostage for about 7 months now, and we're still holding out home he will be found. The last we heard from him was a video released by his captors, where he said his name and where he was from. The only thing since then is an video claiming that Matt was shot in the head and killed, but it hasn't been verified. Thomas knows all of this- Freedom isn't Free, as the saying goes. Your son is no different. He knows this too.

Besides, you know what wearing purple used to mean when I was in high school? It was a sign of Gay Pride Week. LOL!

Bigandmean said...

Is this a public school? If so, they have no business asking everyone to conform to what appears to be a political statement.

Everyone wants peace, we just don't agree on how to achieve it. Do we practice appeasement or do we aggressively defend ourselves?

When they have another day to balance things out, how are the kids supposed to dress on "kill a muslim terroist day"?

Donal said...

I dont think your going overboard- by all means if it bothers you go talk to the principle. It does strike me as inappropriate to have such a day during wartime. It's up to you how you dress your kid tomorrow but given his age perhaps just his regular clothes. That depends of course on how bright and social he is- if he could handle being questioned on it- go right ahead.

folkgirl said...

I know it's too late since your boys are probably in the lunch room right now, but...

...is it possible that they are doing this the day after the election as a way to unite our very divided country? Martin Luther King is not a bad role model. Peace is not a bad thing. Yes, we are at war, but, what if everyone around the world tried to teach kids about peace? Right now, so many are teaching about hate. Kids are clean slates - give them some hope! You guys are going to make fun of me now for being so hippy-like, but I don't think the concept is a bad idea.

You dressed your kids up to go to the polls. If they are too young to understand the complexities if peace and war, aren't they also too young to understand the different political viewpoints?

Did you guys ever make DIY t-shirts? I got sent home once for wearing my DK "Holiday in Cambodia" shirt in 8th grade.