Wednesday, November 03, 2004





AFSister said...

It took me three tries and several hours to finally get to vote today, but THIS Ohio voter MADE IT COUNT!
YAHOOOOOOO happy dance happy dance happy dance

Kat said... still awake? You go girl. Everybody's celebrating but I'm going to keep chill until the fat lady sings (and she is warming up as we speak). LOL

Tom said...

Lovers of Terror have LOST.

And they've lost each of the last 3 elections in progressively worse fashion.

You'd think they'd learn to quit hating America so rabidly, but no.

Tom said...

The Tom from Philly agrees with the above Tom.

free0352 said...

Well, its official. Four more years. And it was as fair as could be. If there are any Democrats left to read this post, I'm going to take one more stab at ya, just one....

Take a hard look at your party. You lost, America spoke, and it said Bush. You must be wondering how, you don't know -Any one- who voted for him. How could anybody choose that guy?????

You live in a differant world than the rest of us. Take a look at the electoral map. Its red straight through the middle. Your party neglected us for too long, you didn't get one southern state. Not one. New York, California, and Illinois will no longer get your liberals into office, ever again. So sorry. Your candidates can't even call themselves what they are out of fear...liberals. There arn't enough in the center of this country to sell out to you anymore. Heck, you're starting to loose the minority vote. You must be wondering why. Let me fill you in.

Your principles, what few of them you have, are so far apart from everything most of America beleives in, that you burried yourselves in 2004. We in the middle look on at the east and west coasts, and the few middle states that you won, with a sort of sick apathy. We specifically do NOT want to live like you, think like you, pay the taxes you pay, or fight the war your way.

You are the party soft on radical islam
you are the party for partial birth abortion
you are the party for gun control
you are the party for higher taxes
you are the party for gay marriage
you are the party which does not support meaningfull tort reform
you are differant from us, because you beleive in a Nanny state, you think government is the answer. You want to turn us into Canada or France...but this is America!

Untill you abandon these radical ideas, we will shut you out year after year, ellection after ellection. You are out of touch. I'd wager the majority of votes you got came from folks who hated my candidate, not loved yours. "Vote for us, we're not the other guy." will not work for you anymore. That is how you lost. When it came down to what the two candidates stood for, an unpopular president in a difficult war won, because of character and honesty. Something John Kerry and your party are lacking. It wasn't because we are all stupid hicks, that attitude lost you this ellection. I strongly encourage the democrats, my friends, to re-discover the party of John F Kennedy and Harry Truman. Stop the Nanny state horse crap, and get conservative. America wants honesty, integrity, and honor. They did not see those things in John Kerry or your party. "Vote for us, we're not Bush, but when you do we'll sucker in all our left wing agenda and turn the way of life you love into Canada, the Nanny State." Thats what was heard, because thats what you were saying!

There will be a war in your party starting today. It's for the soul of your core. Please remember the leson you learned today, in this time of reform and rebirth.