Saturday, October 30, 2004


The courts finally get something right!
Many thanks to Keystone Soldiers for passing on this great news to me (and ALL the great work they do for our PA soldiers!)...

(*we here in Pennsylvania NEVER say Pennsylvania...we say PA --like Pee-ay...I have been noticing that we may be the only State that does this*)

"PA Extends Absentee-Voter Deadline

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Oct. 29, 2004 – Military and civilian Pennsylvania residents living overseas today received an eight-day extension on the deadline to get their absentee ballots counted.

The extension came about when a federal judge today settled a lawsuit between the governor of Pennsylvania and the parents of two servicemembers, according to news reports. So the state's absentee-voter deadline moved from Nov. 2 to 5 p.m. on Nov. 10.

State voting requirements, such as deadlines, are determined state by state, said Linda Brooks, with the Federal Voting Assistance Program. The federal program comes under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Voting Act.

Military personnel and their families can get information on voting laws from designated voting assistance officers in military units and on bases. Voting assistance officers provide education about voting procedures and absentee balloting to ensure servicemembers everywhere can exercise their right to vote."

On an unrelated note...Go Here for some cute Bushie behind-the-scenes clips....

And...Go Here to see the new Protest Warrior video "Liberty Rising" --it chronicles the protests by the 'Party of Peace and Love' outside of the RNC Convention in NYC....


Keystone said...

You can also find links and information on PA voter assistance on our website at and look for the link in the Main Menu or use this link: PA Military Voter Assistance.

Our troops make us proud every day and deserve to have their votes counted. Thanks for getting the word out ALA!


didamo said...

PA may be the only state to refer to itself by its abbreviation - the only other like it is Orange County in Cali - but not a state!
In re: to the Pro-Bush stuff, a friend of mine made bumper stickers that say "Like Bush, Vote Kerry" so I guess that pretty much sums up my take . . . You gotta admit that's witty, right?? Crude maybe, but witty!

ALa said...

Actually the bumper sticker is funny...BUT (I have to ruin everything LOL) on a serious note ---there is really no difference between Bush and Kerry for those that 'like Bush'...the far-right is upset that Bush said the other day that he would support civil unions (they must not have noticed that he also said the same thing about two years ago). I fully support civil unions and think no one should be denied the same legal right someone else has....Kerry has said that he doesn't believe in gay marriage...So I say..."If you like Bush...give Bush a second tatse!"
We can be just as crude here on the right! LOL....

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

I myself am a Bush-voting pornographer.

Site launches next week or I'll die trying, LOL.

didamo said...

You're response to my comment was hil-fucking-arious!! You are one of the first people who has ever made me rethink things in a completely non-threatening way. You are quite the insightful little righty!! I'll be back, oh, I will be back!! ;)