Monday, October 11, 2004

Weekend Gaffes

“[The Bush Administration] have been the walking breathing example of fiscal conservatism…” John Edwards, FN Sunday with Chris Wallace.

Haha! Doesn't that rule…the Dems love to point out any time Bushie has a slip of the tongue…but that is great (even though this may be the only place you see it!) Freudian slip Slick Pony?

Other highlights from the Wallace/Edwards interview yesterday:

Chris Wallace presented Edwards with a budget projection for a Kerry/Edwards Presidency based on their website. Edwards said that he respected the company that did the research. Wallace then tells him what everyone else has been saying…the numbers don’t add up. (Sorry I can’t remember the name of the company –please post it if you know). With their promises to not raise taxes on the middle class and to cut the deficit –they would take the economy approximately 1.3 trillion dollars deeper into deficit (which means that Silky Pony was exactly right during the primary when he said that “John Kerry’s plan would drive America deeper into a deficit” –Bravo Silky, you got something right!) Edwards, looking quite uncomfortable to be defending the indefensible again, went on to say that things may have to be cut…social programs. Remember the list that Kerry gave during the debate the other night –saying how terrible Bush was because he cut funding for Headstart, etc. Well, apparently these programs are to be cut even further under a John Kerry Presidency. Hmmmmm….Interesting…. Wallace points out that savings from these programs will still not make up the projected overspending of the Kerry campaign promises and that if they are forced to choose (which they will have to) what they would do first…would it be to tax the middle class higher or go further into deficit. No answer from the Breck boy…

The Silky Pony was also interviewed by Clintonista George Stephanopoulos. After all the grief the President has been given for not doing a DNC add and listing the mistakes that he has made –Stephanopoulos asked Silky what three mistakes he has made….Um, Uh, Uh…I uh, believed there was weapons of mass destruction…full stop. That was it. Be careful about throwing stones from that 6 million dollar glass house Silky!

Kerry told NY Magazine this weekend that he wants America to return to when terrorism was just a nuisance-- like gambling or prostitution. Now I know the Kerry camp is saying this is being taken out of context…Au contraire! This is the true Kerry…just like the Global Test was the true Kerry. This statement fits right in with previous statements…such as: He didn’t like to call the War on Terror a war, but it was more an engagement –or- That the War on Terror should be fought with intelligence and as a police action and not a military one. It even jives with his thoughts that the war on Communism was a ‘mythical war’…THIS MAN CAN NOT BE COMMANDER IN CHIEF!!!!

Can you believe after all his BS about outsourcing (even after we found out that Heinz out-sources 70% of it’s company) that John Kerry has investments in off-shore tax-sheltering companies…FLIP….

Can you believe that this man paid only 12.8% in taxes when the middle class pays close to 20% (the President paid 30%). There is a box on MA tax returns that gives you the option to pay the full amount…do you know what John Kerry checked?...NO….(keep in mind that he voted against the Bush tax cuts for the middle class –yet now says he will cut taxes on the middle class…all the while finding ways to reduce his own tax liability when he is a friggin’ millionaire!)…FLOP…..

I heard this morning that this election could be much like the 2000 election in the sense that one candidate could win the popular vote and the other the Electoral College. I was wondering if Bush won the popular and Kerry the college –will all the libs spend the next four years saying that Kerry stole the election from Bush! I think not –and this is one more example (like Bosnia/Kosovo) of the intellectual dishonesty of the left.

Christopher Reeve lived for 10 years after his accident. John Kerry mentions him in his speech on Friday and he dies Sunday ….I guess it was like an endorsement from Al Gore…I wonder if Michael J. Fox is feeling nervous.

Did you hear that the Kerryombies are now saying Bush had a transmitter for the debate? I guess this is the definite proof that Bush won. Did you notice that when a lib loses it’s never because of their problems (or proposed failing policies), it’s because the republicans cheated…they are worse than my kids that way…and my kids get punished for that. Want to talk about cheating?...Charlie Rangel and the Dems did a great job of it --new poll numbers show that tons of American young voters think Bush wants to re-instate the draft! And even worse than Rangel and the draft-scare mongers is the voter intimidation of the Unions…why isn’t more being made of the AFL-CIO thugs breaking into and vandalizing Bush/Cheney headquarters? God I hate unions….


Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

They lied about the draft, and many other things. We will see on 11/2 whether Americans are lucid people clever enough to see through such lies, or just plain gullible and what Tool sang about as "millions of dumbfounded dipshits" in that "bullshit three ring circus sideshow".

Kat said...

You know what is interesting is the take from all sides is pretty much: if you vote for guy X you are an idiot who enjoys being led around by the nose.

Kind of like the truth being relative to the teller. Or history being written by the people with power or the winners.

There are two realities today. Parallel if you will. The one reality, adhered to by some of the left commentors here, is that the war on terror is about Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida; that states that sponsor terrorism can be dealt with through diplomacy and pressured to change certain activities, that actions against states are not necessary when fighting the terrorists unless the states overtly participate (outside of material assistance) they are not complicit in the actions of non-state agressors. And,somehow, supposedly because of Iraq, countries like France and Germany and Saudi Arabia and Syria are less likely to cooperate with us in the war on terror.

From my position, and many commentors on the right, Osama Bin Laden does not represent the end game of the war on terror. But many, many more including the MILF or Zarqawi, or the Muslim Brotherhood, Jihad al Islamiya in Pakistan and any number of other organizations. Many of these organizations either receive direct support from state governments or have inflitrated those governments. But the difference here again is that we believe that we need to threaten the use of the "big stick" against established governments to insure they get the picture. The picture being that we will hold them accountable if they do not control their citizens, control the flow of funds, control the information and control what is being proliferated right under their noses.

In the instance of countries like Saudi Arabia or Bahrain, I read their papers and find it interesting how many decry the pressure of the US to enforce change on them and insist this change must come from inside. Yet, had the pressure not been applied by demonstrating the outcome of continued dictatorship and collaboration with terrorists or their machines (ie, mosques, universities, etc), these people would not actually be talking about change so openly. They would still be cowering in their homes, behind their facades as loyal citizens, hoping that they are not targeted by the secret police for saying something against the government. This still happens, but the group of "change agents" with the most visibility are left quite alone, because they are now known.

So, some would like to think that this could happen with diplomatic pressure, and in some respects i agree, but only to a point. The truth is, diplomacy can work, it is just slow turning wheel that often spins backwards. Those like me think that wheel has been turning too slow for the last 30 years and would turn to slow for the next 4 years while the terrorists were able to organize again and re-establish contact and underground cells that are not easy to do or support while they (the terrorists) are being run ragged.

As for france and Germany, just because they did not lend troops in Iraq, does not mean that they have totally thrown away the concept of security or refused to cooperate with CIA, FBI and other counter intelligence operations. They are still rounding up the bad guys and throwing them in jail. Chirac and Schroeder would have to be complete idiots to throw away their own citizens security for the sake of disagreement over Iraq. That is a sure way to defeat on the home front.

So, diplomacy could work, I just don't see it as a viable option when strength is required to push these stagnate ideas forward. In my mind, we are not done with the strength portion of this operation yet.

Kat said...

Hey...I saw this on a military wife's blog and thought I'd share:

Kerry keeps repeating "I have a plan..."; I think he should switch over and go with "I have a dream...". Think about it: it's catchy, it's chock-full of symbolism, and it much better fits his ridiculous theories and vague projections about how the world would work under his presidency.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "I'm an internationalist. I'd like to see our troops dispersed through the world only at the directive of the United Nations." I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Paris the sons of former neo-cons and the sons of former Iranian nuclear bomb makers will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood filled with allies from all different nations, and by all different nations I mean France and Germany. I have a dream that one day even the United States, a police state, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice, not unlike North Vietnam was when I met with the Vietcong in 1971. I have a dream that my two children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the orangey color of their skin but by the content of their briefcases, which is where they keep their lucky hats. I have a dream today.

Bigandmean said...

Michael J. Fox is nervous? LOL He probably called Kerry and said "hey, leave me out of this"!

~Jen~ said...


I love it when you go politically incorrect.....Michael J Fox....LOL!!!!!!

BigandMean wrote an article on political correctness that was published in our local paper. Pester him about it. Maybe he will let me publish it on the blaaaaahhhhhhhhhhg. It's a hoot.

McWizard said...

Rudy Gulianni commented on Kerrys nuisance equivocation;
"...rather than being some aberrational comment, it is the core of the John Kerry philosophy."
No wonder Theresa is so enamored with John.
He can dig a hole big enough to bury himself with just his tongue.
Seriously, Kerry has to be a megalomaniac. He sees himself as so above us all that he does not need to share details of his grand plans and fixes for all that ails us as a nation. The people of Boston have so kissed his rump and bought his baloney he thinks he’s too real. Then as soon as he is pressed for more than his usual presentation he says the most ridiculous things imaginable. That’s right in line with his wife saying “John will never send a boy or girl in a uniform anywhere in the world because of our need and greed for oil,”
What planet do these people live on?

ALa said...

"No wonder Theresa is so enamored with John.
He can dig a hole big enough to bury himself with just his tongue. " HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Yeah, doesn't it make you sick now to see them out on the campaign trail using the 'Gore/Shrumm' "I'm for the people and Bush is out-of-touch" line...Geez, these people are BILLIONAIRES! He has a guy that travels with him just to make him sandwiches on demand and have water and mints on the ready. Are the American people buyin' this shit?!

McWizard said...

The thing that disturbs me the most about the Heinz-Kerrys is their assumption that they are intellectually superior to the little people because of their suffocating wealth. What did Theresa ever do besides spread her legs for wealthy men and boss others around?
What has John Kerry ever done besides game the military, disrupting the functions of his duty and parlay his betrayal into a political career bereft of any significant achievement other than pillowing wealthy women. The people of Massachusetts have to be the most gullible pack of asshats in the Union. To return this windbag to office again and again like they have Teddy Kennedy shows a level of callowness I would be more apt to expect from a pack of backwoods snake handelers than a state with so many Universities per capita. Perhaps these sheets emblazoned with logos like Harvard, Wellesley and Wheaton aren't fit to decorate the wall n'est-ce pas?

Aunt Bitchy said...

JOHN EDWARDS was outside of 30th Street Station (my workplace) on a microphone telling everyone that George W. Bush will shut down the Railroads (aka Amtrak) it was RIDICULOUS!...Scaring people with NON-ISSUES is just another SMOKE SCREEN on behalf of liberal America. It's amazing what they are actually getting away with here. Kerry/Edwards campaign has now tried to scare:
Old people
Sick people
African American People
Railroad People....
I am sure more is to come....Oh wait...
Fire Fighters...
Police Officers...
"I swear, Kerry thinks he can walk on water"

Bush/Cheney'04 "A SAFER America"

ALa said...

AB: Damn! Was that why you were calling me yesterday? I could've come down with a bullhorn!...

"Senator Edwards, could you tell the American people what the hell that thing is on your lip!?"

"Senator Edwards...since you channeled the babies lost to cerebral palsy in your closing arguments as a trial lawyer, are you able to channel any of the 40 million murdered since Roe?"

“Siiiiilllky Poooonnny!”

Ah, it could've been fun!
Hey, do you want to go see Sean with me on the 28th? It's $25 a ticket.

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

To piggy-back on McWizard's comment, there are book-smarts, and then there is common sense. I've known people who could rattle off accounting formulas from rote memory, but who also didn't know how to change a lightbulb.

Kerry is the type who can be fooled by Soviet agitators and agent provocateurs into believing "thousands" of U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, were all committing "war crimes", even though he had BEEN THERE and SEEN otherwise with his own eyes. That's dense. And it's dangerous. Tripping up over a few syllables of words is nothing compared to that depth of stupidity.

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

If you really want to piss off a liberal, show them this, and make them aware of how their terrorist allies are becoming less and less able to kill our troops due to the improved armor they now have. Then say a few good things about America. They'll be beside themselves with angst.