Friday, October 29, 2004

They’re Getting Passive…

No Protestors. That’s what we saw as hoards of Bushies swarmed through Kerry Country a.k.a. Glenside, PA. For blocks and blocks every car sported Bush/Cheney ’04 signs, W is for Women signs (my Jeep has both) and they were all parked in front of quaint little stone houses with Kerry/Edwards signs on the lawn. The crowds walking past the antique stores and hippie cafes wore shirts that read ‘I Love Halliburton’, ‘John Kerry’s Waffle House’, and ‘I voted for Kerry…before I didn’t’…it was a beautiful sight to behold. But where were all the promised protestors? We looked…we hoped…but as we all poured into the Keswick Theatre to see Sean Hannity there wasn’t a lib to be found.

Last week ‘Stolen Honor’ was set to play at Baederwood Theater (about seven minutes from the Keswick) –it was sold out and was cancelled at the last minute because the party of free speech threatened civil disobedience and harassment to the theater’s owner. This after another theater within a 5 mile distance showed ‘Fahrenheit 911’…no conservatives were threatening violence to stop that movie which has been proven fake –but the brown shirts were out in droves to silence POWs.

So what’s a girl to make of this? I think they are experiencing the Philly curse…overconfidence. It’s the same thing that happens to our sports teams. The Eagles and Flyers always make it to the end and get your hopes way high…and then they choke. They get overconfident. The ‘stolen Iraq WMDs’ seem to have done the same for the lefties. They think Pennsylvania is in the bag and they’re getting passive….good! And this as the latest poll shows Bush a head 2 pts. in PA…and they are still calling for thunderstorms on Tuesday in Philly.

The show was good…the guests were John McCain, Zell Miller, Senator Rick Santorum, and…Fast Eddie. Yes, PA Governor Ed Rendell called to defend himself for fighting to allow criminals to vote in PA and fighting to block 26,000 overseas ballots. The crowd was insane… ‘Liar!’, ‘Let them Vote!’, ‘Impeach Rendell!’…it was wild. Sean pressed him to promise that he would stand on principle and do everything in his power to allow every ballot postmarked by November 2 to be counted…”He has NO PRINCIPLES,’ the crowd erupted. He wouldn’t. He promised to call Sean today to give him an update of the court case being held this morning. It was Rendell that went to court to fight Nader on the ballot (once again the party of free speech) and so it is Rendell’s personal fault that invalid ballots were sent. Even local NBC news reported that Rendell was fighting to stop the ballots because it looked like 75% of them would be cast for President Bush. The military guys in the crowd had huge homemade signs disparaging (to put it lightly) Rendell and were visibly upset as he spewed his rhetoric.

If Bush wins PA…Bush wins reelection. It’s that simple. Rendell has further political aspirations…he can not let PA go to the GOP or he is forever branded as a failure to his party. He is more-than-willing to silence our military to further his own career. The man already has a Rendell for Governor 2006 website. Once again I must urge everyone (even if your not from PA) to email this man and let him know what you think of REAL voter disenfranchisement!

Governor Rendell…please answer the questions posed to you at

"Military Votes
Governor suppresses military vote

Governor Rendell:

Is it true that you are not allowing an extended time period for the
military votes to come in? I have heard news reports that you will not
allow an extension needed due to the ballots going out later because of
Nader's removal on the ballots in
Pennsylvania. The reports also state
that you are doing everything possible to enroll convicts while trying to
disenfranchise our wonderful soldiers.

Also, is it actually legal in our
state for convicts to vote? I thought they lost rights when convicted.
It's a sad state of affairs if the Democratic Party favors convicts over
soldiers. Sounds like a win at all costs mentality. Where is your
integrity? If this is how you think Pennsylvanians want you to act I hope
they will vote you out of office in the future. I know I will cast my
nonpartisan ballot against you unless you remedy this situation."


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riceburner147 said...

PA Judge gives votes to ex-felons

(I agree with felons who have PAID their debt to society having the right to re-enter society and vote. The timing of this however looks VERY suspicious.)

Tom said...


And there are probably a number of conservatives who would agree with you. But it's not an issue of who has, or should have, the right to vote.

You have a state governor, albeit a fat clownish one, refusing to do all he can to see to it that a soldier, to whom society owes a debt, has his vote counted. However, he does his best to ensure that the vote of say a convicted pederast, who owed a debt to society, is protected.

A country, let alone a state, that allows that to go unchallenged - and I don't mean simply legally - is as morally bankrupt as the fat jerkoff Rendell himself and I for one will laugh when it collapses.

justrose said...

Off topic, but more importantly, did Sean look cute as always?


ALa said...

Here is one of the many letters I have sent:

"Dear Gov. Rendell:
I am writing to express my profound sadness over the 'absentee ballot fiasco' that seems to be unfolding. As an American citizen that was studying abroad during the 1996 election -I can tell you how important it was for me to be able to vote even though I wasn't physically here. I am the grand daughter of a WWII vet and the daughter of a Vietnam Vet and believe that it is these men who have fought to allow us the privilege of voting --and the troops that continue to defend this freedom today--who should be the first in line to cast their ballot. These are the men that will be directly serving under the Commander in Chief...who will die if asked for that Commander in Chief. The thought that their votes may be cast aside is more than most Americans can bear. It is not their fault that legal action was taken against Ralph Nader and they should not be punished for other's political aspirations. Those of us in ALL parties should do whatever it takes to make sure that those who have afforded us the right to vote are afforded it themselves!!!!!!!! My vote in 2006 will hinge on this very issue...and I know many in PA that feel the same.
Thank you for your consideration regarding this matter."

RB: I have to read that article but I am really upset already...
Tom: Missed you yesterday!
JR: He was his usual cute self -and kept the Clinton impressions coming! "It's all about ME, it's all about's all about ME!" LOL

Donal said...

The governor finally saw the light and he stated today that he would ask for a week to count the ballots. The laco of protestors maybe the read this site and decided to avoid getting maced by you. That site about the convicts clearly shows the judge was in the right- the law was poorly written it allowed felons who registered before entering prison to vote but not those who tried to register after for five years. If you dont want ex-cons to vote write the law that way. Ala you said "The crowd was insane… " its nice you finally realized that Bush supporters are insane. LOL

riceburner147 said...

Because of GOP complaints about servicemembers not receiving their ballots, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell agreed Friday to extend the state's deadline for counting overseas ballots by eight days, to Nov. 10.,1282,-4584007,00.html

this is truly a mess. Paul, i agree with your sentiment but hope you can discuss our politicians with a modicum of respect.

riceburner147 said...

sorry, I meant "Tom"

brainhell said...

Ah I think it may be too late to convince you to be a swing voter and pull for Kerry. But take a look at the factually-challenged record of Hannity, and take a look at the way the GOP campaign falsified pictures of our troops for crass polirical purposes, and you might ... live to regret who you voted for (if he wins).

tescosuicide said...

Brainhell..... links??

tescosuicide said...
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ALa said...

Brainhell: Put down Stuart Smalley's book and think for yourself...then we'll talk.

riceburner147 said...

reference to the first post here (by me) the date of the article i quoted is 2000 rather than 2004 as i thought. my mistake. will attempt to see what the current state is.