Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Suppressing the Military Vote…Again.

The only ‘voter disenfranchisement’ that was proven in the 2000 election was Gore’s legal challenge to at least 700 absentee ballots from our enlisted men and women abroad. “…coordinated effort by Democrats to challenge the overseas ballots, many of them from members of the military.” (AP 10/2000)

I guess it should come as no surprise that the party that appears to loathe the very existence of the military (at least the far-left faction) is looking to silence them again...the effort being led by none other than the Tony Soprano of the DNC –Pennsylvania’s Governor, Ed Rendell.

Due to the Ralph Nader debacle in PA…on the ballot then off the ballot, it is estimated that 26,000 incorrect absentee ballots have been sent overseas –they have Nader’s name on them and the final ruling was that he will not be on the PA ballots. These ballots will most-likely be challenged by the Democrats as ‘invalid’ ballots. That’s 6,100 ballots in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Allegheny Counties alone.

"Philadelphia lawyer Mark Aronchick, a special-election law expert hired by the Rendell administration, called the number ‘a theoretically tiny universe of people." …What?!

"If the court required a new ballot, county election officials would be hard-pressed to comply, lawyers for Rendell argued. To do so they would have to sacrifice time and resources needed to meet other demands, such as processing the crush of new voter-registration forms that this tight Presidential contest has generated. When overseas voters are weighed against that potential pool, ‘the scales don’t even come close’."

If Michael Moore and scores of other Democrats are correct and the military wants out of Iraq and agrees that this is the ‘wrong war, wrong place and wrong time’ –the votes should all be for ‘change’…for Kerry, so why suppress them? The Democrats are crying disenfranchisement because felons and the homeless can’t vote as they turn their backs on the soldiers who have voluntarily joined to fight for this country.

People of ANY party should be outraged that those who afford us the privilege of Democracy are being systematically shut out of the process. I urge everyone to contact Governor Rendell’s office with calls and emails demanding a voice for our troops! (This man was considered on the list of VPs for Kerry!)

Contact Governor Rendell:

Governor Edward G. Rendell's Office
Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120

(717) 787-2500

Or Click Here to send him an email.

On behalf of all our deployed troops, I urge you to take a stand on this matter!

You can go here to read the Governor’s newest statement on this issue…It hardly clears up the issue.


leftyjones said...

Every registered voter should have a vote and their vote counted. I am with that 100% the issue is not "cleared" up and as a result we have attacked the Governor and called him the Tony Soprano of the DNC and screamed about voter disenfranchisement.

I wonder why you weren't screaming about the fact that both nader and the Republican Party helped "sign up" over 10,000 fraudulent names in Pennsylvania in an effort to get him on the ballot to detract from kerry's vote. Now...I know the Nader people actually wanted Nader but I know some Republicans who were eager and helping in an effort to get him on the ballot for other reasons. Apparently some were even willing to commit fraud which the court caught and as a result Nader was invalidated and now the ballot situation is a mess.
That's not the fault of the Democrats, dear ALA.

Secondly, exactly how many overseas ballots from Pennsylvania are we talking about? 10,000 ? 20,000? 30,000? 75,000?

The reason I ask is not because those votes don't count. Because they do count.
The reason I ask is because of the assumption that those military votes will go the way of the GOP. With both the military members I know that are not deployed and that are deployed I know of ONE....just ONE that is voting for Bush and over 10 that are not. But....if we use reasonable statistics.....let's find out the number of overseas military votes and say that 75% of them will vote for "W". Sound good....?'s my point. It won't matter or affect how Pennsylvania turns out. PA has shifted and it will go Democrat and it won't be that close. This issue is not one of the Democrats suppressing any vote but one of the GOP trying to claim fraud in a state they can't win to detract responsibility for the fact that "W" has been here over 50 times and is still going to lose.

You suggest that there is voter disenfranchisement because these votes will be challenged in court LATER and nullified. No they won't.
A. Because it isn't going to be close enough for anyone to care.
B. Because the Nader difference will be even more miniscule.
C. Any voter can write in a candidate. If Nader is on the ballot and was actually chosen by a military person, they can simply count the vote. Why not?

Did you read the statement you linked? Did you read how the Judge, Tom Ridge's former Sec. of State agreed with the state's position?
Did you read that the Governor does NOT have the authority to change the statute?
Yet you scream disenfranchisement because you believe that there might be a lawsuit in the future. Hmmmm.

Here's my offer:
1. Get me the number of overseas military votes in Pennsylvania and provide your source. I will spot you the TOTAL of all of those votes and guarantee you that Kerry wins easily in Pennsylvania.
I will bet you $ 100 to the charity of your choice and if you choose not to match me, simply bet me $10 to the charity of my choice.
That's how sure I am that PA. will NOT be that close.

2. I will personally file a lawsuit against the state of Pennsylvania if they attempt not to count ANY military votes. It's the least I can do.

Your story is good hype but at it's core it is not truthful.
The state's position is that every military vote will be cast and counted. End of story.

Disenfranchisement occurs when votes are not counted, polling places moved, intimidation occurs etc.
Sometimes even when a "chad" has been poked through and dangles by a thread but the GOP insists that we "cannot be expected to know voter intent" and discards the vote.

That won't happen here. The ballot have been sent and the votes will be counted.

ALa said...

Incorrect ballots have been sent and they will be challenged as invalid. The latest poll from yesterday is 45% (B) to 49% (K) --that is hardly a windfall. I know that Bush won't win PA...My mom said to me months ago --you know Rendell would NEVER allow PA to go to the GOP. Even her lib friend calls him Eddie Money...
26,000 is the number of incorrect ballots that were sent. That seems like a lot to me. I also never said that all the votes were for Bush --never even implied that. I said that these boys have even more of a right to vote than any of us here -as they are defending it and we are sitting in front of computers...

Tom said...

The Bambino, Frank Rizzo, called him "Fast Eddie." Philadelphia DA Rendell was a fool. As mayor of the city, he was promoted to clown. He was harmless enough in both capacities. All he did in both jobs was screw his girlfriend during the breaks between television appearances.

As governor, he's dangerous.

Donal said...

You said "the only ‘voter disenfranchisement’ that was proven in the 2000 election was Gore’s legal challenge to at least 700 absentee ballots from our enlisted men and women abroad." thats not even close to the truth. According to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights- Florida's conduct of the 2000 presidential election was marked by "injustice, ineptitude and inefficiency" that unfairly penalized minority voters. Now I'm not saying that it was a delibrate attempt to disenfranchise people it did have that affect from failing to organize properly. African American voters make up 11% of the voters and 54% of their votes were rejected. Also there were no clear guidelines to protect eligible voters from being wrongly removed as part of a statewide purge of felons, people with dual registrations and the deceased. Every vote should be counted but both Dems and Reps dont want that to happen. The teams of lawyers both sides have on standby is to ensure that they can remove votes for the other guy. Thats just wrong.

ALa said...

Yes...EVERY vote should be counted --at least we agree on that.

...though...I must admit...I am happy to see that there are projected thunderstorms for Philly on Tuesday -as Dems seem to come out less in bad weather...(but that's not GOP voter disenfranchaisement...that's DNC lazy-asses...)

free0352 said...
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free0352 said...

On a side note

Ala or anybody for that matter, I've got a paper due to one of my professors. He's the prototypical left wing lunatic, the kind that even most democrats can't stand. The assignment is to articulate my personal political philosophy; the instruction is worded so that I have no choice but to write my own, personal manifesto. I love to write stuff like this, but when my paper comes out looking like Ann Coulter meets the Libertarian party, this dudes gonna freak. He’ll have a stroke when he hears my idea about disbanding the IRS, Department of Urban Development, Health and Human Services, ATF, and Food and Drug Administration etc. He’ll scream in terror when I talk about amending the Constitution to strictly spell out the role of the Federal Government, and that document being only about 3 pages in length. The part about defining welfare and National Health Care as well as Social Security as organized, government supported theft will send him over the edge. I carry a 4.8 in the class. I've done a spectacular job so far in hiding my system of beliefs. If I don't totally lie and hand in a bogus paper, this guy is gonna flunk me. He's the type that equates republicans with Hitler, and has said voting for Bush is amoral. He failed a girl in my class for writing a pro life paper, on the grounds that a pro life person was stupid and amoral, therefore he wouldn’t even finish reading it to offer a grade other than the minimum score. Real prick. You've been through this in college. Any suggestions on how to get around this jerk without selling out?

leftyjones said...

Philadelphia's Tuesday Forecast Courtesy of me looking on

Nov 02 Isolated T-Storms 71°/44° 30 % of precipitation

70 plus degrees with a chance of a spritz....don't count on laziness to help you.

I will say that if the rains come late enough, you can try to soothe yourself to sleep that night listening to them as you watch your political hopes wash away............

Kat said...

Free...write your paper about you. Tell the guy to take a flying leap if he doesn't like it. Then you can complain to the dean if you have a 4.8 average and he suddenly fails your paper, he's going to have to explain something in context besides "a libertarian doesn't deserve to live much less pass my class".

Do it. It's time to challenge the system. You're the new revolution. The old revolutionary guard is now the suppressors of thought that they accused their professors of being.

ALa said...

I agree with Kat & I was going to advise the same thing...only I was going to say that I (personally) would go to the Dean first. I would present my dilemma and see what he said. Like a pre-emptive strike...that way if the worst does happen he already knows the background story and it doesn't look like you’re just whining over a bad grade. It SUCKS that you are put in this position in the first place. (Also if the poor grade does happen -the Professor will be forced to deal with his classroom bias).
I know this is easy for us to say --and if you choose to write the paper this guy wants to receive, get the good grade and then deliver the 'real one' to his class after your degree is in hand...that's perfectly understood!

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

Free, what is the school and what is the professor's name?

I'm serious. Email me.

Bigandmean said...

I'm on the Academic Affairs Committee at the college where I'm Chairman of the Business Administration Department and teach law classes. All the members of the committee are liberals, except for me. Picture a band of aging hippies from the 60s who stayed in school and got PHDs only so they could avoid the draft.

We've had many discussions about "grade deflation" for students who express political opinions that don't fall into line with the Marxist/Kumbaya dictum. They seem to be more afraid of the guilt feelings I lay on them for having suppressed free speech and harmed their own students than Bill Clinton was of that blue dress hanging in Monica's closet.

Now, they'll acknowledge that it might not be fair to penalize a student because of his political views. In addition to laying on the guilt, it hasn't hurt that I let them know that I won't support them when it hits the fan and that it will hit the fan if they keep it up. That's an indirect way of saying that they're toast if someone sues and pursues it in court and I'll help with plugging in the toaster. They've come a long way.

free0352 said...

Thanks you guys for all the advice. This is my first time back to school in about six years. Taking advantage of my G.I. bill. Last time I was in school, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do (So I ended up in the Marines, LOL,) I knocked out two semesters, and enlisted. Back in the day all I took were prerequisite classes, and they were so easy I never came in to direct contact with these type of wakos, though I knew they were out there. I never for a moment considered “Selling out,” to this freak. I was brain storming for ideas of how to cover my ass when he goes ballistic after I hand in my paper.

I’ll email ya

this we'll defend said...

In reference to the "disenfranchisement of the military" - I've disproven this lie before. So discredited lies and half-truths become true if you repeat them more often? Is that how it works?

The truth is the enemy of this administation. And that makes this administration the enemy of the American people.

Kerry will win on Nov. 2nd despite the attempts of the Republican party to destroy democracy.

Say it: President Kerry. Ahhh, sounds good.

And stop lying.

The G-man said...

I'm sorry, it's not the Republican Party trying to destroy democracy. It's the Democrats. I know, you think that Bush is such a horrible President that your party is vindicated when they lob rounds through the windows of campaign headquarters, or have your union thugs break some arms, but plain and simple, those scare tactics aren't going dissaude us from voting. All of those bogus voter registrations your party has submitted might however enable the theft of the presidency. No point claiming these incidents are isolated either. Your party's malfeasance is nationwide and systemic. I've been keeping tabs on it on my blog, if you'd care to look over your party's resume'. If Kerry wins on Nov. 2nd, it'll be because you Democrats have resorted to criminal tactics to defraud the nation. I guess that really shouldn't surprise anyone, you've nominated a confessed criminal to lead your party.