Monday, October 18, 2004

Speaking of Republicans Doing It Better…..

This is an ‘off the beaten path’ post...
Have you ever seen the episode of 'Friends' where Ross and Rachael made a ‘free pass’ list –The Man and I have always done this after seeing that... A ‘free pass’ list is FIVE celebrities that, if you ever met, you could do whatever…no consequences…. I saw that
Harvey over at Bad Example has made this into a post and I thought I’d steal his idea... Anything for a bit of tension relief 15 days out from the election!

Here is my ‘free pass’ list (I always have trouble making it because the celebrities have to open their mouths and ruin the fantasy…so any libs I have listed –include a roll of duct tape to the scenario…LOL):

1) Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings…The Man will not even watch this movie with me –I pause it every 5 seconds. He also looks great in GI Jane…a Navy Seal Master Sergeant that quotes D.H. Lawrence –what more could a girl want?! (*duct tape required)

2) Russell Crowe makes the list, but only if he brings along his Gladiator costume!

3) Wesley Snipes also makes the list…it’s not required, but the Blade costume would be greatly appreciated.

4) This is cheating, but number four is a tie…depends on the day…either Kid Rock or Eminem…I know, I know –but I have a soft spot for that ‘angry bad boy thing’….

5) No list can be considered complete without Pammie…who I think is the sexiest girl ever –I don’t care if she’s fake, because she was just as pretty pre-surgery…now she looks like Jessica Rabbit come to life.

So, now each of you are charged with the task of composing your own list…Make sure they are well thought-out…I am laminating them to prevent future changes! LOL…..


justrose said...
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justrose said...

Here we go again. You're lucky I saved this in Word for future lamination. Now make sure you delete the first one, so I don't look like a loser! jr

1.Joaquin Phoenix
2.Patrick Wilson
3.Orlando Bloom (in Legolas incarnation)
4.Mark Wahlberg
5.(tie) Hugh Dancy - Daniel Deronda costume optional; Dermot Mulroney

cheeky monkey said...

I loved that episode of Friends! Too bad Isabella's name had been removed by Ross. Bad call.

Well Ala, in the name of bipartisanship and drooling over men, I share your pick of Viggo. But not sure he's number 1.

OK maybe he is.. And no duct tape required!

1-Viggo Mortensen in Aragorn get-up (I had a family friend named Aragorn and I always loved it as a boy's name but now it would be cheez-y as hell. Pity.)
2-Ralph Fiennes as the English Patient (pre-burns).
3-Steve Young--hunky ex NFL. Looks smashing in a suit.
4-Sting... tantric yoga, Brit and and a voice!
5-Not a celebrity but the beautiful skater (blond) in Queer Eye last season. Too beautiful for words.

Kat said...

Let's see..since I'm single, my list is almost infinite but I will endeavor to reduce it here.

1) Pierce Brosnan - I loved him in Remington Steele, Bond, Laws of Attraction, the Thomas Crowne Affair, I don't know, I could name a few others, but I love his dark hair and green eyes and his accent. Not to mention his just right hairy chest.

2) Russel Crowe - Master and Commander...loved that movie. But gladiator will do too.

3) The Rock - Cause I can smell what the Rock is cooking.

4) Mel gibson - I loved every movie and then some. From Mad Max to the Patriot. I love his character.

5) Val Kilmer - The ice blue eyes and the lips. Ever since Top Gun. My favorite lines that he's spoken are from the movie "Tombstone": "Who's your Huckleberry?" "You're no daisy".

folkgirl said...

Oh, super fun! Here goes:

1) George Clooney with the "From Dusk Til Dawn" tattoo up his neck
2) Bruce Springsteen - does any guy look better in a pair of worn out jeans?
3) Ani DiFranco
4) Doug Mientkientwicz - 1st baseman formally with the MN Twins, now with Red Sox
5) Jack Black - purely for curiosity - is he as wierd in bed?

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones would have made the list except all respect vanished as soon as he hooked up with Calista Flockhart - EEWWW!

ALa said...

I love reading these! BOYS --please feel free to join in...The Man won't do it now because I said he would pick all porn stars...haha...

JR: I can't believe you listed Joaquin Phoenix as #1 and you have never seen Gladiator -another Sunday that I have to tie you to my couch...I was gonna make fun of you for Marky Mark -but I guess I can't since I listed Slim Shady! LOL

Cheeky: THANK YOU! TWO people this week told me how UGLY they thought Viggo was -blasphemy! I thought of putting David Beckham...hmmm...

Kat: I LOVED Val Kilmer in Tombstone too! That's one of my 'feel good' movies that I watch over and over....the man is in the other room watching Master & Commander right now...I haven't seen it yet.

Folkgirl: It doesn't get much better than George in From Dusk til Dawn...My Man has almost the same tattoo ....I won't make fun of you for Jack Black because I used to have a crush on John Goodman! LOL....

justrose said...

I saw *parts* of Gladiator, ALa. And what woman wouldn't love these shoulders?


tescosuicide said...

Sylvia SaintHanna HarperKristy MystJessie JaneJoy SwallowsWhy porn stars? If I'm getting a celeb freebie, I'm not wasting my time with someone who just did well in acting classes - I'll need someone who can turn me inside out in a matter of seconds.

Bigandmean said...

I love horses and got to fullfill a life-long dream earlier this year. My brother (Biganddocile) and I went to the races at Chuchhill Downs in Louisville and then to the Kentucky Horse Farm near Lexington.

Being a Texan and having grown up with my own horse I fancy myself to be somewhat like the famous trainer known as The Horse Whisperer who can communicate with horses. We saw the Kentucky Derby winner, Smarty Jones, but I didn't get close enough to him to see if we could converse. Biganddocile said that Smarty was so young, only 3 years old that he probably wasn't talking much anyway.

While in Lexington, though, I had a chance to spend some time alone with the retired race horse Cigar. He's 27 or 28 years old so unlike Smarty, he's been around.

His trainer showed Cigar to the audience and then turned him loose in his own private pasture. When I approached him, he put his head over the white board fence and let me rub his muzzle while we talked. I already knew that he had won nearly 10 million dollars during his racing days and then was syndicated and put out to stud. He mentioned his racing days in passing but what he really wanted to talk about were his days as a gigalo stud horse.

Sadly, his days in the stud barn are over but he loved to relate his favorite memories and he listed his top 5 of all time, somewhat like what Ala has done here with celebrities.

Remember, this horse was having 5 or 6 "episodes" per day for 10 years! So here are his top five of all time as related to me, The Horse Understanderer:

1. One of those Clydesdales in the beer commercials...the one on the left on the second row. It was a long climb up but well worth it.

2. Viggo Mortensen's horse in that movie. She was ugly but my God what a pair of hocks.

3. Viggo Mortensen. Well he insisted on being mounted. How was I to know that's not what he meant?

4. One night they brought in this heard of about 20 free range mares they captured in the desert near Red Rock Canyon in Nevada and turned them loose in my pasture. They were like a bunce of hippie chicks who had been living in a commune and hadn't seen a man since Mr. Ed was on TV. I couldn't walk for three days.

5. Pam Anderson. Why not? Everybody else has.

Aunt Bitchy said...

Ok...My turn...

Brad Pitt: Legends of the fall...fight club...he looks good in every movie.

Colin Farrell: Hot with an Irish Accent!

Matthew McConaughey: His smile...and body!

Jude Law: those eyes and english accent...

There is so many more...D'Angelo...R&B singer...

Too many to name...Oh! and by the way (no offense) but there are plenty of men that look better than Bruce Springsteen in worn out jeans....

Tom said...

1-4. The fine birds pictured above. All are on my list.
5. Any Fox News babe. Oh My. I learned a few months ago that Laurie Dhue lived down the street growing up. I feel like such a "clinton" now.

Kevin F said...
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Kevin F said...

1. Adriana Lima - Brazilian super model known to be found on the pages of Victoria’s Secret catalogues. One of THE most beautiful women in the world.

2. Rebecca Romijn - another super model that can be found not only in a Victoria’s Secret catalogue but also a regular in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Now an aspiring actress.

3. Nicole Marie Lenz - Playboy playmate and aspiring actress.

4. Angelina Jolie - pre-tattoos absolutely stunning.

5. Amber Brkich - From Survivor Outback and Allstars. Naturally beautiful, I think she looks better without make up and her hair all done. Excellent girl next door appeal.

tescosuicide said...

Nice pics Kevin...... shame about Rebecca I'd take her as Mystique though....

Kevin F said...

OMG - I cannot believe that Rebecca would betray me like that.

Living in the land of the lost, MA, no one spends their money to show those ads here.

clintonista said...

Sorry Kevin but those are a bunch of oinkers. Here are the real babes;
1. Madeleine Albright
2. Linda Tripp
3. Janet Reno
4. Barbra Streisand
5. Helen Thomas

Top those (I have)

Kevin F said...

Top them huh?

How is this crew:
Teresa Heinz-Kerry
Hillary Clinton
Susan Estridge
Christiane Amanpour
Roseanne Barr

riceburner147 said...

jr: i guess the shoulders are OK, but is a terminal case of jock itch REALLY that attractive ?

Vadergrrrl said...

What a great list. Im so there with Eminem... mmmmmm

I came here to tell you how much I respect your comments and opinions, even though we dont agree. Then I find this post, and I totally agree with everthing. lmfao.

You rock!

D said...

Ok, I know I'm late to the party but since I helped Folkgirl remember all of the men she liked, it got me to thinking.

1) Janeane Garofalo2) Meg Ryan circa 80's and 90's.
3) Ani Difranco. The Misses and I share the same taste in women.
4) Lara Croft5) Heather Graham. She's new to my list.

ALa said...

Vader...see drooling over hot guys is definately a non-partisan past time...we also share the love of the ones in uniform!!! LOL...

Dave...My husband (the one above with all the nasty porn girls) was working in the building where they filmed IQ...he was 10 feet away from Meg Ryan (who he was in love with) and I heard for YEARS how beautiful she was --which I already knew, but he said she was even prettier in real life....

AFSister said...

Ahh...freebies! What a concept, eh?
Here's my current list:

1. Vin Diesel: Yeah, baby! ROCK my world as xXx, pleeeaasee?
2. Tom Cruise: I know- he's short, but that just makes it easier for him to reach....stuff
3. Mel Gibson: He's had me going since Lethal Weapon. And a family man too! Think he does the laundry??
4. Noah Wylie: Cute, sweet, innocent...until me
5. Sean Casey: Cinci Reds ballplayer- has a GREAT sense of humor, and a GREAT butt

Well, there you have it. From bad ass to great ass...

ALa said...

AFsister: LOL! It's so fun making these lists isn't it... (I thought I'd have trouble getting five, but I think my list could've been much longer! haha)
There was always something about Noah Wylie that I liked too....