Monday, October 25, 2004

The Literate Choose BUSH for '04!

All last week the 'lefty' sites touted Nickelodeon's 'Nick-Pick' for President. Nickelodeon announced the winner was John Kerry... BUT my two guys had tried to vote for two weeks with no success. You would go to the website and click on the 'Vote Now' button and a message popped up that said, "Thank you for Voting"... The problem with that was you never actually got to vote -- (same thing happened to Justrose's P).

But who cares's not a real poll and we can't get that mad about rigging something that's pretend (even if it IS indicative of the DNC M.O.)...

But in the imaginary world of underage polls, the right has had their vindication:

NOW we know that the kids that watch TV all day vote Kerry, BUT the kids that READ vote BUSH!
The Weekly Reader has done there own poll and Bush won. They have been doing this poll since 1956 and the READERS have always accurately picked the person that would be the next President!

Literate children pick George W. Bush... LOL!


AFSister said...

My 4-year old participated in the Weekly Reader vote, and he voted BUSH too! My older son doesn't get the Weekly Reader in school, but said that he would vote for Bush too if he could. He asked me why anyone would vote for Kerry the other day- "'cause he's such a liar, Mom." SMART BOY!

riceburner147 said...

Yo, my cell phone died, sorry

Paul Santos said...

Great write-up, I completely agree with you on a number of levels. You know, they say that children have all the answers, but to me, it seems that it's mostly the children who are between the ages of 7 and 10. The rest are still figuring stuff out.

I also happen to agree about the subtext of your post about TV/reading is that children should really read more. There are enough shows on TV, but what about books? Why are books suffering just because they don't get the same ad revenue. Thank Laura Bush for making this issue more prominent in our nation's discourse.

For more insights, please visit my political blog. Always looking for similar views to my own.

- Paul Santos

Vadergrrrl said...

Hi sweetie.

I have to say I admire your fire, your spunk and your sparkle. Though you are like my yin/yang sistah, I support your voice, and i think it is so important that you are online.

*big hugs*

PS I like the photos at naughty tesco's site. Your Beautiful.

Bigandmean said...

Are all these compliments you're getting going to upset Lefty? I think maybe you should consider posting something really boring, like excepts from a conversation between Jimmy Carter and Al Gore along with an unflattering picture of yourself, just to balance things out and keep our lefty friends happy.

leftyjones said...

I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about your "leftie friends"...if you hadn't noticed with the exception of Cheeky and me, the loyal opposition haven't been around here for quite sometime now.

It's probably better that way.....without all the annoying debating going on you can now concentrate on the monotonous hum of one collective voice praising ALA as you practice your meditation.

Bigandmean said...

Yes, I noticed that some left leaning regulars hadn't favored us with their opinions for a while. I assumed their absence was for the same reason I don't post on blogs where the majority of the other posters are lefties: I'd rather hear things like "B@M you are exactly right" rather than "B@M what a neanderthal right-wing sexist, homophobic pig you are".

Seriously, (but not for long, please)I enjoy reading your and Cheeky's comments. You're both obviously bright, hard working, nice people who are passionate about politics. I disagree with you on politics more often than not but don't have any problem in being able to separate the political from the personal.

Now returning to being less serious, why do you suppose most of the lefty posters have abandoned us? I've got some theories but invite clarification from others:

1. Some were nabbed by the INS and have been sent back to the mother country...France;

2. The TSA (thousands standing around) caught some of them trying to sneak boxes of hanging chads on a plane bound for South Florida;

3. Others were sent to Gitmo because they violated The Patriot Act.......their library fines weren't paid on time;

4. Some are still locked up and others havn't had their meeting with their parole officer yet;

5. Some woke up one morning, saw a bright shiny light, and crossed over from the dark side.