Wednesday, October 13, 2004

If Only I Had a Soapbox...(other than this...)

I don’t usually like to do posts that are just links (like I said –Drudge doesn’t need my help)…but there are a few things I would like to point out –

This is awesome.

Just for you Jericho:

CATHOLIC SEMINARIANS SHUT OUT OF KERRY RALLY! Just days after John Kerry invoked his Catholic faith and altar boy days on stage during the second debate, his campaign has acted to refuse two Catholic seminarians admission to a Kerry rally Read about it here or here

-or here-
Catholics Not Welcome by Kerry/Edwards Campaign
“John Kerry likes to use the fact that he was raised Catholic as a prop for political purposes …you don't have to be any specific faith to get a sense of the hostility of the Kerry/Edwards campaign towards religious people. Check out what happens when a group of seminarians try to attend a Kerry/Edwards debate watch event in St. Louis:
After a longer wait a young lady claiming to be a staff member of the Kerry/Edwards campaign approached. She asked to see the signs, so we showed them to her. As soon as she realized that the signs said things such as "You CANT be Catholic and pro-choice. She said that we would be unable to enter with the signs. I produced a document from the ACLU that said otherwise. At this point we began to be accosted by various Kerry supporters. They were right up in my face, screaming and yelling. With their arms flailing they informed me that I was not welcome there. Others screamed "Who are you to tell me that my daughter who was raped cannot have an abortion." We remained calm and prayerful.
But it didn't end there. Even after the seminarians agreed not to bring any signs into event (despite their legal right to do so); they were denied entrance to the event for no explainable reason:
They sent the same woman who I had discussed the sign issue with. She informed me that since the Kerry/Edwards campaign had rented the America's Center they had every right to deny anyone that they deemed likely to cause a disruption of to be a threat to the safety of the Senator. I told her that we would leave our signs outside. She said no. I told her that we would say nothing, and that we were not there to cause a disruption or harm to the Senator, and that if we did cause a disruption they could remove us. She said no. I asked her what evidence they had that we were going to cause a disruption, at which time she fell silent because there was no evidence. Up until this time the only disruptions were those cause by the Kerry supporters themselves, all we did was stand silently in prayer. I pressed her on this issue, but she could not give an adequate answer. They had no grounds for expelling us other than the fact that we were wearing roman collars. They knew our very presence would challenge Senator Kerry’s position on Life issues and the wanted to avoid that, even if it meant squelching our freedom of speech and freedom of expression. So much for the Democratic Party being a party of understanding and diversity.
At this point the Kerry people left and I was whisked away for a meeting with the police. They informed me that I had two options. To be escorted out peacefully or forcefully. I told them that we would leave peacefully since we did not come to cause problems only to provide a silent and prayerful witness to the sanctity of human life. I told the officers that I had only one request before we left; I wanted to know the reason we were being denied entrance. Clearly, as the police conceded, we were not a security threat, and there was no evidence that we were going to be disruptive. They asked the Kerry/Edwards people who said they would no longer speak to us about anything. Thus we were escorted out amid jeer and cheering from those still standing in line. But this is not the end of the story...Good to see the Democrats so open and welcoming to all walks of life, huh?”
Written by Kevin Patrick, 10-10-04

Ok, I am sick of hearing about The Sinclair Group and how they shouldn’t be able to run this documentary about Kerry’s shameful anti-war antics so close to the election. The Sinclair group only has channels in about ¼ of American households. People are calling for ‘equal time’…this is SO ridiculous!!!! Does Bush get equal time for the hour of free advertising Kerry gets each week from Bill Maher on HBO (not to mention re-runs) or for the Sundance channel’s ‘Al Franken Show” (though I admit it probably only has one viewer)… Come on people---Kerry gets 99% more good press from the regular media than Bush does...pleeeeaaase.

I am also sick of hearing about the ‘religious right’….the evil evangelicals…*sigh* How many Kerry/Edwards events have been held in Black Baptist churches –where is the ACLU calling for the Separation of Church and State?! If Bush was going around speaking in churches (the way Clinton, Kerry & Edwards have) people would be up in arms…and Bush actually attends church when the cameras aren’t on him!!!!!
Not to mention the fact that Kerry favorite church speech ‘tagline’ is “A man who has words and no deeds is dead”…Didn’t he just say at the debate the other night that he doesn’t believe in abortion (words), BUT that he couldn’t legislate that way? (no deeds)…. What an asshole….

****Fellow Conservatives****
From Keystone Soldiers:
"I just wanted to let you know about a grassroots effort to get the
new FarenHYPE9/11 DVD to our troops. has been great and
donated 5,000 copies and the groups involved in the project are trying
to raise enough to send 5,000 more to counteract the damage done to
troop morale by Michael Moore.
The video is not a Moore bashing or a Vote Bush back. It is about the
truth of the support the soldiers have and the facts about what the
troops feel.
The link below will take you to the blog that started the project and
you should also check out when they get it up and


Keystone Soldiers is involved in providing the names for the first
shipment and we are collecting the donations to send the second
shipment. Knowing how you feel about supporting the troops I thought
you might want to help spread the word about the project."

Any help you could give Keystone and our guys would be great!!!!!


Jericho Brown said...

ALa: As I said before, if Bush's people were only keeping citizens that opposed their views out of private gatherings, as they were at this Kerry gathering ( "Democratic Convention Committee would not allow them to enter, as the party was being held in a private, rented venue (the America's Center)"),that would be one thing. But Bush's people have kept them out of tax-funded PUBLIC rallies. If you'd listened to the link I sent you you'd already know the difference.

ALa said...

Jericho -come began your arguement with free-speech issues and have morphed into financial issues --isn't that what you guys are accusing Bush of in the reasons to go to Iraq....
All campaigns do it --they have dissent at the debates and don't want it at the rallies...the point of the rallies is to pep up the base --not to argue with freaks...I don't fault either side for doing it.

Jericho Brown said...

No, ALa, the point is that it is ILLEGAL to prevent citizens from attending a public,tax-payer-funded rally and that's exactly what Bush has been doing all year. Kerry has not. Period.

ALa said...

Jericho...I am pained --it seems as if you have finally taken the Kool some research before your statements...look up what happened to the Protest Warriors that showed up at Kerry's PUBLIC Philly rally. Why don't you go a step further and go to the next Kerry rally in your state with a Bush sign and see what happens...oh, that's live in a RED state that Kerry doesn't even waste DNC money visiting! LOL!

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

JB, both parties get Federal matching funds, which makes the rallies of both parties "taxpayer-funded".

You've devolved into just being insipid. It's embarrassing for you.

McWizard said...

Mama always said... "Insipid is as Insipid does!"
Or was it banal, vapid or inane?
Kerry duffed 80%of the Catholics and 60% of the Latinos.
He's sunk.

McWizard said...

Please help Jim, Lee and Paratrooper at Moorewatch with the "Truth to Troops" if only you write your local papers.

Kat said...

Well...if we can stop slinging mud around our two candidates, maybe we can get down to some reality in numbers and what they really mean. Maybe we can act like congress and figure out an alternative we can lobby for (as little as we know).

Let me say this, I agree with a post from Ciggy on the other thread: the rich will do for the rich, whatever party they are. Basically, individual wealthy people are quite capable of putting their money in tax dodges, trust funds and other little nifty programs that basically delay or limit the amount of tax they pay. We are talking wealthy individual people, not businesses here.

And I think that is where we need to draw a line in the sand if we want to talk about taxation, who's paying and who's not.

If we break it down, it would go something like this:

The top 1% are not people who make over $200k. That number is too broad. Can include small business owners like the guy that owns the oil and lube shop down the street from me...he also has a tow truck and 5 emplyees. His business does a little over $200k in revenue/year and let's face it, that's what gets taxed. If his taxes get rolled back 10%, he will have lost 20k. That's a full time employee. Even anything close to 5% will break his profit or force him to make decisions about how many employees he has.

Personal income over $200k is still very broad. One thing that is not taken into consideration is the number of people that file jointly where their personal joint income is more than $200k. I don't look at people that are single and make that nebulous $200k because they are already paying out their noses. it's highly unlikely that a person at the individual rate of $200k is getting the same tax breaks, dodges, or whatever as a person making 1 million.

so we have three problems, taxing businesses and taxing individual/joint income and taxing income from an inheritance/trust fund/interest earned, etc. Personally, I think that any money that is not immediately invested, just like when you are buying a home, should be subject to capital gains taxes, particularly individuals. I know this exists to a degree, but having just played with my own stock portfolio, I am aware of what can be done if you have the right amount of money to start wtih.

But I would say that the rate for determining an individual that would pay these taxes would not be based on revenue from small businesses or even someone making that $200k in salary, jointly or not. 200k to me is just "upper middle class" but still middle class and not the people I would target for tax re-definition.

I think there is a higher tax bracket which should be considered and that would be for individuals and personal income, not revenue from a small business. Today, even companies that make 1 mil/year, have to be considered small business. After overhead and expenditures, unless it is a pyramid scheme, the owner is most likely not taking home 10% of his revenue as "income" for himself. He is also already paying sales usage tax and taxes on assetts as well as taxes on the business revenue, etc. In essence, paying double.

I see many comments from lefty and folks about people not paying their share. Do you know how much money? What are the tax brackets? do you personally know somebody that is making that rate? painting a very broad brush about "people paying their fair share".

so I invite our left leaning friends to work together towards an equitable decision. We can use our respective candidates plans if we want, but I would like to suggest that we support those numbers with actual studies and not just take our individual candidates word for it.

for instance...I have looked up the poverty and healthcare numbers mentioned in Wednesday's debate. I will have them posted on my website Thursday evening. I will then attempt, as non-partisan as possible to apply some economic deduction from both side's plan.

If we can look at what rate equitable taxing occurs, individual earners, maybe we have a better plan as some folks are apt to say.

Want to play? Thursday night at my blog will be the first crack at "taxes". come prepared with something intelligent and some numbers. Don't just quote talking points from the party.

See you then (that would be appx 8pm CST or 9 PM EST)

If I don't agree with the $200k rule, what do you on the left have to offer?