Friday, October 08, 2004

“I have never changed my position on Iraq"....

...enough said…oops, the John just FLUSHED the credibility…

Note to self:
Three more hate letters to McCain, Lugar and Hagel (who is no longer cute).

Note to White House:
In the next debate (or in ads to follow this debate) there are four things that NEED to be driven home to the American people:

1) Show clip of Kerry praising Bush 41 and his 'Grand Coalition' and what a 'great air war' General McPeak waged –with the fact that John Kerry STILL voted against it. This takes ANY and ALL credibility from Kerry’s ‘Saddam was a threat, but we didn’t have a coalition’ argument –there is no rebuttal to his vote against Gulf War ’91 that has a UN resolution for the use of force and a coalition that has constantly been set up as 'the standard' of a war that passes the 'Global test' on the campaign trail...yet he STILL voted agaisnt it...Play clip of him saying he is the 'anti-war candidate'.

2) Play Kerry saying ‘I voted for the 87 billion before I voted against it’ –then have him saying that he just misspoke…THEN play the clip of him saying that ANY Senator that would vote against the 87 billion is wildly irresponsible…Tag line –“Don’t Play politics with the lives of American troops –He did in 1971 (throws medals) and is still doing it today.

3) Ad letting the American people know that John Kerry intends to USE TAX PAYER MONEY FOR ABORTION (wasn’t that one of the major objections to Hillary-care?). Most Americans are against abortion –use this to your advantage. Statistics : “According to National Election Studies data, collected regularly by the University of Michigan, ban support rose from 56 percent in 1997 to more than 70 percent in 2000. The percentage saying they "favored strongly" a ban grew even more sharply, from 46 percent to 63 percent. Gallup data tell a similar story, with support rising from 57 percent in 1996 to 66 percent in 2000 to 68 percent last month, down slightly from 70 percent in January.”

4) Show various Kerry clips from campaign trail and debates using Reagan's name -shown intermixed with all the horrible things he said about Reagan when he was in office -including the fact that he was fighting a 'mythical war on Communism' and voting for a nuclear freeze -much as he will stop nuclear bunker busters (after talking about how we have to get UBL) if he is elected. "The moral darkness in America of the Reagan Presidency" JK

*Congratulations to the Afghan people…the first vote has been cast (by a 19 year old woman!). Thanks to the Bush Administration and the valor of the US military, 10 million Afghans are expected to vote today –half being WOMEN!*

“Ronald Reagan made hard decisions and was steadfast in his principles when it came to confronting the Soviet Union –and was very unpopular in Europe because of these decisions… I will not sign treaties and make decisions that are wrong for America to be popular in the halls of Europe.” George W. Bush 2004

“When [John Kerry] talks about being a fiscal conservative it’s just not credible. He voted to break spending caps over 200 times and now he claims he’s a fiscal conservative…Who is going to keep the economy growing?” George W. Bush 2004

“Freedom is on the march… and free societies will make the world a more peaceful place…the only way to defeat terrorism in the long-run is to spread freedom.” George W. Bush 2004


Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

Your post has driven home and clarified a concept that has been in the back of my mind, and now is at the front.

You "get" how to fight this fight. I'd like to think I get it. Hundreds and possibly thousands of right-thinking bloggers out here in the Internet get it. Talk radio hosts like Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager get it. And yet when it comes to show time, the rebuttal to the Kerry nonsense is tantamount to "nahamanahamanahamana". What the F*** (censored so as not to bruise Paul's sensitive eyes with harsh language).

The next debate should really be a blog and pundit battle. The left's bloggers against us, and we each post what our answer would be, and the campaign manager of our own party picks the best one for the best TV or talk radio pundit to read off for the American audience. Each candidate can sit back and say "yeah, what HE said" or "yeah, what SHE said" and avoid the temptation to flounder with pregnant pauses or brain farts, OR to insist on making obviously self-contradictory statements after the Boston Backstabber fashion.

The American people would be 20 times as informed by such debates; and sure, bring in ALL parties. Let's see what Angela Davis style Communists can rant, or Ralph Nader, or the American Nazi Party. Why not? It could be good for laughs.

RBP said...

You got your knife, you got your "democratic" butter, all you need is a country to spread it on. I love it. Bush told us that, after we "spread democracy" freedom will grow. This would be funny, if it weren't the shit being said by our president.

Time for a change.

ALa said...

That's an awesome idea! But there has to be a restriction that you can't just cut and paste from (or moveon -or center for American progress) as the lefties are known to do...Hell, I'll do you one better --how about Michael Moore or Al Franken debates Rush Limbaugh - make it a Pay-per-view event and raise enough to cut the deficit in half! LOL! I'd pay $100 to see that! (I once wrote 'Crossfire' and begged then to let me (a regular person) come on and debate Jeanine response! haha...

I wasn't even that into the debate because I am SO upset about that disc they found with school floor plans on it!

ALa said...

"We can naught SPREAD Democracy all ova the wuld" (said in Kerry awful high brow accent in 1971)

This isn't a term that Bush made up...maybe they don't use it down there on the river...but it's a pretty common saying.

Kat said...

This time, Mr. Bush pulled it off. Much better than the last time. He had his message. He zinged Kerry. My favorite was when Kerry talked about all his plans and then talked about the deficit and then said he would pay for it by raising taxes on the wealthiest 1%, or people making over 200k. Then the Prez socks him with the price tag (2.2 Trillion) for these plans and how little his tax increase was going to bring in(600 bn) and tells people how it is. That difference 1.6 trillion is going to come from us, the majority of middle class tax payers.

Then Kerry says..that is not how much it is going to cost, but doesn't tell everyone what that cost is. He knows he's full of shit. And anyone believes that we are going to get national healthcare, medicare buying drugs in bulk, increased military, more money for education and any of the other plans he has without raising taxes on the rest of us, is fooling themselves.

RBP said...

"...follow me into a mistake.." Bush

RBP said...
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ALa said...

JFM: See!!!! That's what you libs have to do to win...knowingly and misleadingly use a quote out of context! Just like Kerry did tonight citing the Republican that 'wanted changes to the patriot act' which he immediately said was false after the debate...

How will Kerry build a coalition when he says it's the wrong time, wrong war, wrong place....what will he say to the other countries...hey, join us and follow us into a mistake -paraphrased _George W. Bush

Paul G. said...

Feds Now Say School Plans Found in Iraq are not Terror Concern

RBP said...

"it looks like it's from Canada, it may be from the third world..." Bush on drugs from Canada.

Kevin F said...

Nice blog, especially if you are anti-Kerry, which is just what I happen to be.

This recent debate was much better than the first on. Both candidates seem to pick up the pace.

Kerry still has it over President Bush when it comes to seamless delivery though, even though you can not trust a word he is saying. Kerry reminds of a guy named Clinton....

ALa said...

Welcome Kevin...! Always nice to have new Kerry-haters on deck! (Especially ones from MA that really 'know' him!)

JFM: You should actually research that statement -it's quite interesting. I have been doing a lot of reading about the whole 'drugs from canada' issue and there is a large consensus that there is NO WAY that lil ol Canada can fill the drug needs of the big bad US...they will import crap from 3rd world countries and the customer will have no way of knowing -also that it will hurt American businesses and jobs here to do so --the reason our drugs are higher is because we pay for the research to create them -then other countries lower regulations and sell them cheaper -benefiting from our knowledge... It's actually an interesting debate.

RBP said...

Ala- Quoting Bush is all the research I can muster. After all, if the Prez sez it, it's got to be true-right? BTW you know what IS is right?

Kevin F said...

I know a while back older expired drugs and fakes produced in foreign country were being pushed through Canada and Mexico.

I know this was an issue a few years ago and they were trying to stop this but I do not know what progress has been made.

Kevin F said...

And thanks for the welcome and for not holding the part about being from MA against me. You must have popped into my humble blog.

Please feel free to pop in often as it is fairly new and I only have myself and a friend of mine commenting on it and it needs some exposure to grow.

All are welcome. I feel like a blog-a-market trying to push my blog.

riceburner147 said...

Common sense thought: imagine you are the CEO of an US based, International pharmaceutical company. You manufacture drugs that cost billions of dollars to R&D. You sell this drug in the US for (SWAG) 10.00 per pill. You sell that same pill in Canada for 1.00 per pill. This is because that pill is (largely) subsidized by the Govt of Canada (read taxpayers) socialized medicine. You become aware that a number of "pharmacies" in Canada are selling directly by mail into the US, perhaps now charging 2.00 - 3.00 per pill. How long (esp if it was widely done) would you continue to supply with your product those companies that funnel it back to the US ? If you are the people of Canada, how long will you be happy to be subsidizing the American pill user ?

Answer Not very long

Seems to me the real solution is a full examination of the drug companies in our country to see if a fair profit is being made, taking into account the huge investment they make for R&D. My feeling is that an honest examination will show lots of room for reducing the costs to the American public.

leftyjones said...

Ala, to quote your teen idol, DLR:

" it's all over but the shouting, I've come to take what's mine......"

Could you hand that Presidency over now that you're done with it George ?...and don't forget to take your "Cacti" back to Texas with you.

Rumblin', stumblin' and bumblin' Bush did exactly what I expected last night. He stuck to his "beliefs" even when his beliefs were saying,
"'re wrong. You were wrong then and you are wrong now. You really ought to have a backup plan. Oh ...and one last thing before we go George....your economic policies are a frigging disaster too...might want to think about revisiting those too."

He's not a bad guy though. Can we simply offer him a job as baseball commissioner or something like that so that the folks that like him can have an outlet for their weird Bush zombi-ism?
I mean it would be a great job for him.....he could focus on making the game more like it was in the 1800's and use old fashioned thinking to do it. Best part is.....even if he screws up, nobody dies and the economy still works.

Bush for Baseball Commissioner!!!!

Kat said...

paul...if the news article about the feds saying the school plans weren't a threat, you can save it. Already saw it and didn't use it as an example for that reason.

Doesn't mean that we shouldn't make sure that our schools have emergency plans in place that are sufficient. Doesn't mean that we shouldn't worry about it. if an innocet guy can find the plans for a good use, a terrorist can find them for a bad use, too.

don't like kerry's plans, don't believe Iraq was wrong and don't believe that rolling back tax plans are right. i also believe that schools should be tested to insure they perform.

No Bus zombism, just reviewing the plans

Paul G. said...


"Doesn't mean that we shouldn't make sure that our schools have emergency plans in place that are sufficient. Doesn't mean that we shouldn't worry about it. if an innocet guy can find the plans for a good use, a terrorist can find them for a bad use, too."

Quite right, as usual. Wrong conclusions as typical.
Do you know how many places this information is available?
Try your local hometown newspaper as one very rich example, local library, city planning offices, your cable local events listings.
Yes the bad guys are out there, yes school safety policies need review (regular review).
Down here just a couple of years ago we had a guy enter a school and plant a hammer in a little girls head.
He wasn't a terrorist and he wasn't a parent or relative, he had never been in the school before and had no photographs or plans.
But as I've said before, you are not safe, you have never been safe, and you never will be safe - get over it.
What bothers me is mothers all over this country crying and shaking in worry over something they should never have.
The release of this information, and the way it was released is part of the propaganda of fear.

ALa said...

Paul -(and Kat):
Just saw two FBI dudes on TV saying that the information found on this disc is very detailed and that it would be HIGHLY unlikely (in their estimation) that this was educational browsing...
In this country we do everything in hind-sight and that's bullshit. The other day I was able to walk through SEVEN entrances at Justice's school and through 4 hallways without being questioned once! That, my friends, in this day and age is bullshit! (It's my blog and I'll curse if I want to -curse if I want would curse too if you were dealing with you...hahahahahahaha......) I crack ME up!

Paul G. said...


Like Carter, I'm finished here on the "Conservative" Blogs at least until after the elections, longer if the partisanship and irrationality don't move to reasonable levels.

Believe it or not I like you guys, I think you are all great people but in the areas of politics and national policy we are not finding tractability in our discussions and there is no point in continuing, passions are too high and views too far apart.

I'll participate in discussions that 'friends' can share and enjoy, but if Boy George, Hari Kerry, EyeWrack come up I'm not there.

Bigandmean said...

I have just one word to say. Damn!