Sunday, October 24, 2004

How Did We Get Here? “Luck.”

Have you all seen Journeys With George by Alexandria Pelosi? If you haven’t, you should…it’s a great documentary about the 2000 Primaries and Election. I just finished watching Pelosi’s new HBO documentary Political Tourist which chronicles the 2003-2004 primaries –and, it too, was great (well, at least for political junkies like me). (It’s playing on HBO now –and it’s on HBO On-Demand if you have it).

This is an un-paid commercial...

Some highlights and interesting tid-bits…

Pelosi to Kerry, “What if I make you look like a hero?”

“You’ll be the first one that did…”

John Edwards to harassing Deaniac, “I did the right thing [voting for the Iraq War], and we should have gotten Saddam Hussein out of power….”

Pelosi, “California is the ATM of politics.”

Annoying Deaniac harassing Dick Gephardt, “I’m not worried about American jobs, I’m worried about third world countries and their dignity…”

Joe Lieberman and Bob Graham are the nicest (and most open) candidates… (Joe’s wife is named Hadassah…isn’t that a great name!?)

Deaniacs are scarier than I had even imagined…He was drawing HUGE crowds like a rock star while Kerry was talking to stadiums with 3 or 4 people (literally). They had t-shirts that said “I see Dean People”. I am actually feeling bad for Kerry who is walking around alone attempting to kick rocks and missing them while the crowds and press swarm Dean. Little did either of them know the shirts would soon change to: “Dated Dean –Married Kerry.”

Dick Gephardt has the shiniest teeth I have ever seen…~Jen~…I may have found your man! Shiny!

Ok, I must find a recent picture of Kerry…it looks like he only has ONE tooth in the front of his mouth (it completely eclipses the other tooth) –I don’t mean to be petty, but is absolutely distracting throughout this documentary –but I haven’t noticed it lately…another surgery perhaps? Snaggletooth…gotta love fodder for a new name!

Wesley Clark is more boring when the cameras are off than John Kerry. A scene where he bags groceries is downright embarrassing.

An element of the Dean demise that I was not aware of...he was crappy to the press…How much power does the press have in shaping who the public will eventually pick? Maybe it wasn’t the scream after all….

Pelosi, “Howard Dean just made the worst mistake…he made a noise on national television that no one has ever heard before…the death of a 1,000 edits…” Was it that or putting too much faith in his inexperienced movement?

Edwards doesn’t like to be filmed. Even the chanting of “Edwards” is scripted…The guy says to the crowd, “You’ve all been to a sporting event right? It’s just like that Ed-wards, Ed-wards…” (That didn’t happen when we saw Laura Bush BTW).

Pelosi, “It’s just two candidates left…two men that stuck to their scripts and didn’t say anything off-message.”

I just realized that this movie showcased: Dean, Edwards, Lieberman, Gephardt, Graham and Kerry --but Sharpton, Kucinich and Braun where not even mentioned…

Kerry: “Can you please move the camera back…I don’t want it that close.”

Pelosi: “How are you still here…what did you do that the others didn’t…why are you still here [in the race]?”

Kerry: “Luck.”

Amen Brother…..

Kerry: “I don’t think Al Gore is boring and I don’t think George Bush is dumb.”

Pelosi: Senator, I think they like me more than you.”

Kerry: “That wouldn’t be hard.”

Closing by Pelosi: “This is Democracy and we’re exporting it all over the world.”

My flashback to 1971: “We can not spread Democracy all over the world…” John Kerry

This movie just furthered my confusion over the Democrats choice of Kerry over Dean…they loved Dean—he moved them. Kerry kicked rocks alone while Dean moved the crowds to tears (literally)…Was it last minute panic that he was too liberal? Was it Dean’s mistreatment of the press and their punishment with the Dean-Scream? Or was it that Iowans set the pace, and the rest of the country followed like sheep after a state that has a total population that is barely a ¼ of the size of New York City………..

On a completely un-realted note: FYI: The Man has put up some pics of the Family over at his site...(without prior permission from me I might add) --Look under 'Punk Pics'... on the sidebar.


Kat said...

Hey...went over to blank forever and didn't see any pics. What gives? LOL

On the Dean thing, I think he just was too left and even the press can't get behind a crazy guy. You know they know the people and what they believe. they do polls every damn day. Not going to get a complete leftist elected. Although, interesting they chose Kerry. I guess they thought with his many positions he could be all things to all people. I think they are finding out wrong.

PunkAssBitch said...

Just came by to say that the pics are great! You are gorgeous, your kid's are incredibly good lookin', and though your husband seems to be quite shy of the camera,it looks like you caught a hot one there!...and nice bike, too.

So, now I'm curious, who are the women in the pic on the top of your blog? I recognize you & Ann, but school me on the other two?

ALa said...

PAB: Thanks for stopping by -it should be a much more non-partisan blog after next Tuesday! LOL

The other GOP babes are Laura Ingraham , the author of 'Shut up and Sing' (she's not 1/4 as radical as Ann -she worked for Clarence Thomas) -and Monica Crowley (she worked for Nixon). They both have radio shows.

Thanks for the nice mom is a wreck that we have pictures on line and is convinced some crazed blogger is going to kill us! LOL

Kat: He didn't put them in a post...they are over in his sidebar.

P.S. The bike was NOT mine (I wish). It belonged to a friend of ours...

~Jen~ said...

Shiny? *blink*blink*

Did someone say Shiny?

off to google pics of Geppy....


I saw Journeys with George. I thought it was great! I loved how Dubya kept teasing Pelosi about that guy...was he a photographer? A reporter? I can't remember.

PunkAssBitch said...

LOL...somehow I get the feeling that it'll be quite some time before it's non-partisan here, or anywhere, for that matter...time will only tell though.

and some things are just better off not tellin' mom about ;-) LOL. eh, tell her not to worry, there are some crazy psycho's on the net, believe me, I've had to deal with my fair share of them before...but she won't have much to worry about. If this crazy psycho of a liberal can come here, get past the politics & offer up sincere compliments, then it'll all be okay :-)...although, I'm not THAT much of a crazy psycho! LOL! (I'm only nuts because of the kids LOL!)

I wondered if that Harley belonged to you guys..NICE. We're also wondering who the cutie CJM is & if he's single...we should fix him up on a date with Vader if he is LOL!

ALa said...

I DEFINATELY understand being psycho because of kids!!! hahaha... (How old are yours?) I just spent 2 hrs. cleaning the playroom while they were upstairs destroying their room that I just cleaned this morning...Why do I bother? LOL...

CJM is Tesco's best friend of 22 yrs. He actually is much better in real life (he looks a little girly in that picture). Vader might not want him though (for more than a night at least...Ha!) because he is STILL a bad boy in every sense of the phrase...BAD! AND...he too is a right-wing nut job...actually maybe worse than me and The Man because he worships Michael Savage! LOL

I WISH that was our bike...we will get one eventually -CJM just sold his Harley Fat Boy. It's just not the time of life right now... someday... I want to have it by the time that I'm finished my degree --it will make being a LIBRARIAN a bit more tolerable if I can pull up on a Harley!!! LOL!