Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sabotage: The Hillary Factor –A Second Look

So, at this juncture of the election, we must take a second look at the ‘Hillary Factor’…the ‘American Evita’ if you will. All of you Clintonistas (who have now drank the Kerry Kool Aid) that believe that Kerry’s current campaign debacle doesn’t have a Clinton hand in it…are in serious denial.

Let’s review, shall we…

Hillary wants to be President -- I think anyone being honest will admit that. The Clintons are a very powerful couple still controlling the DNC despite Gore and Kerry’s supposed leadership after being nominated by their party. People that have no Presidential aspirations don’t (usually) run for Senate. Bill is the youngest ex-President in US History and Hillary has already said that, if she was President, Bill’s role would be ‘Co-President’ not ‘First Husband’. A Kerry win (possible 8 years) could take us to 2012. At that point Edwards would run which could possibly take us to 2020. The Clintons do not want to take this chance… (Trust me; Hillary’s pulling the Bush lever in the privacy of that booth).

So, despite Kerry and Theresa’s misgivings, Terry McAuliffe remains in charge at the DNC –a Clinton Appointee and loyalist. Recent events have all but proven where his true loyalty lies. In spite of the onslaught of evidence that says the CBS documents questioning Bush’s Guard service are forgeries…McAuliffe still choose to run a new DNC ad that referenced Ben Barnes and the very papers at the heart of the CBS scandal.
NBC and CBS have now told the DNC to remove the ads, as clips used of Tim Russert and Dan Rather were never given copyright permission for use. McAuliffe just wasted how much money on ads he knew would be questioned and have to be pulled?
He is giving speeches saying Bush is a liar for stating in 1978 that he was a member of the air force –but there is documentation that clearly shows that for 120 days George W. Bush was an active duty Air Force member...McAuliffe knows that keeping this story alive will only fuel the Swift Vets to soldier on.
He is touting the Ben Barnes interview where Barnes stated that ‘he gave Bush special treatment to get into the Guard’…yet –his daughter has come forward (in several interviews) to say that he is lying. She claims she asked him directly each time this has come up (in EVERY other election that Bush has run in) and her father has always said unequivocally “no”. She related that his story did not change until Barnes became and active Kerry fundraiser and Vice Chair in the campaign –and low and behold…he is Kerry’s biggest money man in Texas. (FYI: In 1999 Barnes testified Under Oath that he had not aided Bush into the National Guard).

Clinton is now (maybe conveniently?) unable to campaign for Kerry at crunch time –and as Kerry brings all the old Clintonistas into the flock -- who are urging him to push the Vietnam/national Guard debate…Clinton is calling Kerry from his sick bed to tell him to lay off Vietnam. This is so brilliant that even I must be impressed with Magical Me! He KNOWS how haughty Kerry is (especially when his service is questioned) and trust me…Kerry wants no advice from what he deems a back-water poor-southern pot-smoking draft dodger. The beauty of this is that Clinton knows this –and knows that he will do the opposite and keep talking Vietnam and National security (where Bush is beating him in double digits). It’s beautiful…Dick Morris learned him well!

Notice, if you will, that the Clintonistas who are coming into the campaign are the 1992 crew…all the same people that Clinton fired in 1996 for his own re-election bid (he then hired Dick Morris). So, in ‘party solidarity’ Bill sends Kerry the people that he hadn’t trusted with his own incumbency…I am beginning to love this man. The power and scheming is intoxicating…At this point I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to find that the Clintons were funding the Swift Vets –or gave Dan Rather the phony documents. When Kerry first became the nominee apparent, Dick Morris warned him that if Hillary wasn’t the Veep he would be “removing daggers from his back the entire campaign”… and you may think that Dick is evil –but the man in rarely wrong.

This must present a real dilemma to the ‘Anybody but Bush’ crowd (Kerry is now polling with only 38% likeability among his own voters!). I know they can almost taste another Clinton White House, but they don’t want to wait through four more years of Bush. The thought of their idol being the Saboteur of Kerry’s chance --after all the energy they have expelled on his behalf –must be impossible to bear.

Here’s the thing, let me inject a bright side for all –Elephants and Asses alike…We all have something to gain this time. If Kerry wins, he will be replaced in four years with a Republican (I’d bet anything on that) –so Hillary’s out. Hooray for us! If Bush wins –and the hate on the left continues to build –Hillary may just have a chance at being the first woman President. Hooray for you. So we can all relax a bit as we approach the last leg of this race…because of the ‘Hillary Factor’ we all have a chance at happiness whichever way the race goes...


this we'll defend said...

Here is a defense:



Vote Hillary in 2012!

As for "Kerry's current campaign debacle" - every time you on the right declare victory or "mission accomplished" well....

I can't wait until Nov. 2nd when you realize Kerry won. And yes, he will win.

Frater Bovious said...

"The beauty of this is that Clinton knows this –and knows that he will do the opposite and keep talking Vietnam and National security (where Bush is beating him in double digits)."

"Now, a clever man would put the poison into his own goblet, because he would know that only a great fool would reach for what he was given. I'm not a great fool, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you. But you must have known I was not a great fool; you would have counted on it, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me."


Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

TWD: "Vote Hillary in 2012!"

Me: Aha! I knew there was a reason why the Mayan Calendar ended in 2012!!! :P

Frater B, ROFL!!!

Hillary originally wanted a 2008 run, but I think what she really has planned is for that to be a token primary run against a sitting John Kerry. She will be his "John McCain" in a sense of a "soul of the party" and the one they all secretly wish were President while politely golf-clapping to the real Democrat in charge.

You need at least the one token primary run to be a "serious contender" later on, and so yes, 2012 is probably it for Hillary. And Hillary is probably deluded enough to think she won't be absolutely scary-looking eight years hence. Unless they discover a real youth cream like they portrayed in the movie "Catwoman", uhm, I don't think so.

The female Democrat candidate should really be Thin Oprah; and the female Republican candidate should be ALa71. I think Oprah's the only woman Democrat I've seen who can come close to holding her own in a debate. The only thing that makes Hillary sound smart is that she gets tossed utter softballs by enthralled gaga journalists who for some reason get emasculated by a mere glance from her. When you see her actual ideas laid out on paper (such as that health care reform nonsense she cooked up), you see the idiocy for what it is.

Bigandmean said...

Hillary was a mediocre lawyer in Little Rock whose major attribute was that she brought lots of business into the firm because her husband was governor. She has absolutely no chance to ever be elected to anything outside of New York.

Kerry will be lucky to win California, New York and Massachusetts. He may have to cheat to do that.

On that poison wine mind game, don't let anyone cause you to look away and then change goblets on you. :)

marsattacks said...

Hmm I know it's election time in the US, but what do you have exactly against the Clinton's apart from the fact that they are Democrats?

(European speaking here)

ALa said...

marsattacks: I actually have a lot of respect for the Clintons. I think they are brilliant. With all the talk of Vietnam now, people forget that Bob Kerry ran against Clinton (a decorated Vietnam hero) and said, "I can not believe I was beaten by a draft-dodger"...(At the time Clinton had said he had never gotten a draft card -which later was found out to be false information). He managed to get through that, the womanizing charges and the pot-smoking stuff –a major accomplishment for any politician! the USA -the nominee of the party becomes the new head of the party...yet the Clintons have retained power through both Gore and Kerry. I think it's amazing. BUT as much as I may respect their accomplishments --I don't want them in power again. The reason...I think America works the best with the system we have now and I think history has shown that Socialist and Communist-style governments don't really work.

TWD: I said nothing about the outcome of the election --I said that his campaign is struggling...every top Democrat all the papers...

Frater- Oh my God! I laughed so hard!!!!!!!!!

Cig Man-I would never run for office (any)...I would never put my family through that --I hope to be running some campaigns in the future though. I have taken the first step in this regard....
So maybe in 2012 you will see me on some talk shows bashing Hillary and talking up the GOP candidate (Jeb?) as a Republican strategist....LOL

marsattacks said...

OK, here's another:

What was/is so communist/socialist about the Clinton administration?

free0352 said...

I agree 100% on everything you said. I also fear who will challenge Hillary in 08'. Chaney woun't run, too old and un-electable (Hey, he's scary and too old and he ain't got Regan's charisma to overcome it.) So who? All the stars in the party will be too old or were born in Austria. Even Guliani will be too old in 08'. I fear Hillary will take the throne, God help us.
The down side of the Republican party is our leaders are geriatric.

ALa said...

Hillary believes (and has stated on many occasions) that she believes in the re-distribution of wealth (this has never worked in history)...she was also the author of the 'much-failed' socialized medicine plan in the 90's. I was forced to use a Police & Fire clinic here when I was young and lived in England for a while with there plan there (small snippets of socialized meds) -I also know Canadians who bemoan their waiting periods to see a doctor...and all signs point to -bad idea!
Another blogger said it all when they pointed out that all the world leaders come here when their health is really in trouble. Even the Prince of Jordan came to NY to be treated by a Jewish doctor --why? Because we have the best health care in the world. I pay $420/mo. for full coverage for my whole family -everything is included -maternity/surgery/etc. There are free clinics here too and public hospitals that can't turn people away and programs that ensure no child will be without health don't believe the hype of the US Health Care problem. Like Bill Cosby said...maybe if parents stopped buying their kids $500 sneakers (trainers) they could afford health care.
This is mainly referring to Hillary as she wears the pants in the family...

The Oracle said...

Kudos. I'm delighted to see someone else shares my perception of the Kerry-Clinton dynamic.
Too bad the Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., has no charisma. He's the smartest man in the Senate and would make a splendid successor to GWB.

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

For some Americans, $450/month is a lot of money, even if they pare off the $500 sneakers out of their monthly budget. And there is fine print to deal with, like "no pre-existing conditions", and large deductibles, to add to the price tag. So I myself am not going to try to trivialize the issue of health care costs in America's current system. But I will say, though, that what we have today is neither a fully "privatized" system, nor a fully "socialized" one--but a hybrid of heavy governmental regulation, a cartel monopoly (American Medical Association), and a legal system that favors predatory lawsuit claims for malpractice, exposing every last insurance-paying American to what is essentially tribute paid to trial lawyers arrayed against us like the cavalry of Atilla the Hun. In such a setting, how can health care be anything BUT expensive?

I think the costs of health care can be abated by either "crapping or getting off the commode" as one might euphamistically say. Either commit to full 100% government ownership of the process, and introduce some of the inherent strengths of a government-run system that are currently absent (such as an ability to beat back the tide of frivolous malpractice claims with a heavy hand of Federal power); or commit to more of a full privatization, and benefit from the inherent strengths of a free market--by introducing more competition (alternative medical associations) and fewer barriers to entry into the medical field. And even in a fully privatized system, we can still place statutory limits on malpractice claims.

I can live with full socialization of medicine because I've lived on foreign soil where it wasn't that bad. It wasn't extremely STELLAR, extremely high-tech, or extremely slick, but it wasn't "that bad". I think the American obsession with ultra-high-tech medicine is a bit "unhealthy" (pun intended) anyway. When it's your time to go, why spend millions of dollars of other people's money (or even your own for that matter) fighting it?

Among friends of mine who are "neopagan", I mock them endlessly over the self-contradictory stance they have that they want "modern medicine for all" (public Canadian-style health care) and yet at the same time they boast of the efficacy of alternative medicine. So they want everybody to have access to... what they already have access to (herbs). Brilliant, star-child. Keep reading the Tarot cards, see if there's a clue somewhere between the Major Arcana and the Minor.

If I could fully have my 'druthers, it would be totally "buyer beware" in the medical field, with information clearinghouses to help people make informed decisions, but for it to be easier for people to practice healing arts in whatever way they think would be helpful to people--accupuncture, massage therapy, herbalism, homeopathy, whatEVER, and don't pester the providers with either demands for extensive licensing or malpractice insurance burdens. If you think you can heal people, at a rate slightly cheaper than what's charged of them by MDs, then go for it. Undercut their price point and make them compete. THEN costs would go down.

But then, if we want a clone of Canada's system, *shrug*, I can live with that too.

leftyjones said...

Never, ever, ever, ever, never, ever, never make fun of ANY conspiracy theory you have heard if you believe this garbage.
Did I actually just read that you wrote,
"Clinton is now (maybe conveniently?) unable to campaign for Kerry at crunch time"
Yes, Ala, he quickly blocked all of his arteries in order to thwart Kerry. (banging head against wall)
....and you wonder why I think you're a wing nut.

You gotta get help for this crazy, wacko, obsession with the Clinton's.
It just makes all your other points seem suspect.

Kat said...

One or two things...

Lefty, Ala was saying HILLARY was conveniently unavailable to campaign for Kerry, not bill. I think even Ala realizes that would be crazy to comment on Bill's ability to campaign.

Second...Ala, some of it was sounding a bit on the tin foil side of life, much as I agree with you on somethings. I mean, the whole premise sounds insanely machivellian. Do they have that much pull?

ALa said...

I have admitted before that this is the one conspiracy that I FULLY indulge in --mainly because I believe it....
As for Clinton's heart, I put (maybe conveniently?) because -obviously- it was a joke...
...though...he had no heart attack and I know someone who pre-planned their triple bi-pass because they knew it had to be done within a 6 month window....

ALa said...

Kat: I do fully believe they have this much pull --not sure how they got it, but all the major Dem donors are theirs and all of Hollywood is theirs...
Great book to check out: "American Evita", by (yes my favorite biographer) Christopher Andersen.
I would kill to have a power couple like this on the right (the Doles just aren't cutting it)...How about an arranged marriage between Ollie North and Ann Coulter....or Mary Matalin finally leaves the serpent head (Carville) and marries the newly free Rush Limbaugh...Or Condaleeza Rice and JC Watts? ...or me and Sean Hannity....LOL!

leftyjones said...

The problem with a Rush/Matalin marriage is that he would inevitably dump her in a few short years as he has his past three wives. He does however strongly support family values provided that you can terminate the family in a few short years when it isn't fun for him anymore.
As far as the Clinton/ unavailable thing....I know Ala meant doesn't make it any less nutty.
But let me get this straight....I want to be clear.
Your insinuation is that:
Bill Clinton faked chest pains knowing he had a heart problem.
Went to the doctor and days later, the specialist told him he had serious blockage and would need surgery.
Clinton, of course, already knew this but waited until it was life threatening in order to help his wife stay off the campaign trail.
A convenient and obviously pre-planned bypass surgery took place in order to ensure that no Clinton campaign trail help would occur.
Clinton magically gets nominated to be President in 2008.

The problem with this theory is that it has no black helicopters.
Every great theory has either a black helicopter or at least an alien or two.
Your theory has neither.
I suggest possibly putting an alien IN a black helicopter.
Then you'd really have something.

Tom said...

leftyjones said...

"Yes, Ala, [Bill Clinton] quickly blocked all of his arteries in order to thwart Kerry."

No. But you evidently believe hook line and sinker that his surgery was hastily planned as a result of "chest pains and shortness of breath".

As my grandmother used to say, "bull-a-sheet".

I'll bet you another expensive tequila (or eight or ten) that Bill had the cardiac cath revealing his blocked arteries a few weeksa prior and was prepping for bypass surgery he conspicuously scheduled so that he would have the 'legitimate' excuse not to campaign for Kerry.

marsattacks said...

"Hillary believes (and has stated on many occasions) that she believes in the re-distribution of wealth (this has never worked in history)...she was also the author of the 'much-failed' socialized medicine plan in the 90's. "

This is socialist/communist? You do know that 'socialised' health care was invented by Bismarck?

free0352 said...

Lefty needs to lighten up dude. A.....Joke....ha...ha...get it man :)

Back to national health care
1. Liberals and conservatives can agree on this...what government agency does anything with efficiency or success. Answer: Not a one. Do you want the same caliber people who work at the DMV in charge of your health care? Corporate greed is better than complacent beurocracy any day.
2. Being a lowly county employee, I don’t make a lot. Why rip the food off my kid’s plate (higher taxes) to give somebody else health care? Don’t say only the richest 2% will pay argument cause damn, no f’n way. It’s gonna cost a butt load, and the government doesn’t have much of a talent for saving money. Imagine how much that bypass costs when the same folks who pay 100$ for a hammer have their way. You’re gonna pay for it anyway, I like the choice.
3. Free loaders can get their own damn health care
4. While our system might not be the most accessible in the world, it is the best. How do you think it got that way. Ah…free enterprise.

leftyjones said...

Just read your post and you clearly forgot to include helicopters or aliens as well.
We're talking about a guy that couldn't even as President score an affair on the side with someone who liked him and not have the public find out.
You think that if he knew about the chest problem that some doctor wouldn't write a tell all book in order to make a few bucks off of him?
Even when he went in to the hospital, didn't it take a couple days before they knew the severity of his problem?
I assume those doctors were in on it too?
Listen, I could care less if you hate the man but if he is the all powerful god you think he is, then worship him.
If he's the devil, then hate him with all your heart.
But assuming that he's just a man that at this point is nothing more then an ex-President with a junior senator as his wife, stop already with the over the top craziness.
Kerry can win or lose on his own. And if he wins....that doesn't mean Hillary can't run in "08 if she so chooses. The Clinton's campaigning with Kerry isn't going to make or break the election.
It's just not.

free0352 said...

Alright look, I work for elected people. Trust me, these are politicians.

For power…Hillary might not campaign as hard as she could, maybe give some bad advice, Bill could do the bad advice thing too. Are you Dems so nieve that you think these aren’t politicians we’re talking about? Politics are Hillary’s job, and she’s gonna want a promotion someday. So she half asses the 2004 campaign and Bill helps, and they let the liberal from Massachusetts hang himself like they know he will. Bill and Hillary aren’t dumb, they know the last Mass Dem to win was freak’n Kennedy. America traditionally doesn’t elect far left politicians, and Kerry no matter how he plays it is far left, while Bill pulled of a conservative appearance. Republicans and a whole lotta dems have been saying this long before Billy’s heart attack. Answer, he had his heart attack for the same reason the rest of Americans do, he’s fat. But I bet the Clinton camp is campaigning about as hard as a jellyfish for ol’ John Kerry. Hillary in 08’ I’ve been saying this for ever. And for the record, about Limbaugh, you put yourself on a pedestal you’re gonna get knocked off, he’s a moron in my opinion, not so much for his stance as HIM. Can’t stand that idiot, the Ted Nugent of talk radio. The kind of guy you can’t stand, even if you agree with him. He’s a moron, I’m glad smart people are paid to tell him what to say.

ALa said...

...Ok so this black helicopter takes Clinton to a regular check up back in May or June...he walks into the office (after pinching the receptionist's fanny) holding two Big Macs and sits down on the table.
"Bill, due to your rapid weight loss the platelets in your arteries have been shaken loose -this sometimes happens to great big fat people (it puts the lotion in the basket) that go on Atkins and other faddish low/no carb diets. It is not a life-threatening thing, but at some point in the next 6-8 months we should go in there and clean you out"...
He is whisked back home in the chopper and finds Hillary in HER bedroom putting on her face --literally as she is just like Lisa Marie in Mars Attacks (her face is a rubber mask covering her alien head). Bill swallows the last bite of his Whopper and tells her about the appointment. She laughs and evil laugh, calls the doctor back and schedules the surgery for the day after the Republican Convention...when the Dems are supposed to come out big refuting all that has been said.
She pulls the mask into place, takes another bite of Vince Foster's corpse and walks away...chewing her gum...

Tom said...


"We're talking about a guy that couldn't even as President score an affair on the side with someone who liked him and not have the public find out."

Heh? He got away with having had Lewinsky toot his horn for almost three years before the story broke. And that only happened because the porky bimbo was caught bragging on tape. You gotta do better than that, pal.

"You think that if he knew about the chest problem that some doctor wouldn't write a tell all book in order to make a few bucks off of him?"

Not if he got the doctor to sign a confidentiality agreement that would cost said doctor way more than what he pays in malpractice insurance were he to vioate it.

"Even when he went in to the hospital, didn't it take a couple days before they knew the severity of his problem? I assume those doctors were in on it too?"

Well, the reports were he went to the emergency room experiencing minor chest pain and shortness of breath and was sent home when blood and other tests showed nothing serious. I find this very dubious in and of itself. As an average Joe Schmoe over 40 who has gone to the emergency room experiencing the shortness of breath WITHOUT the pain, I was kept for almost six hours while the blood was checked for heart enzymes (a sure sign of a heart attack), ekg monitoring, chest x-rays, and finally a stress test, the results of which would determine whether I was admitted for further observation or sent home. I can't imagine an ex-President of the US with his history of high blood pressure and overweight, not to mention the stress he was under for eight years, was simply sent home after a few routine tests. And there weren't really a lot of doctors directly involved. His primary and the cardiac specialist need only know that he had already been diagnosed with arterial blockage. The other attendings didn't have to know from nothing when he checked in for the surgery.

"Kerry can win or lose on his own."

Wanna know what I really think? Clinton knew after the DNC in July that Kerry was more than likely a loser and the great man didn't want to risk his own reputation as Grand Wazoo of Democrats Living and Dead should his support come to naught. Couple that with the fact Kerry, as egoistical as he is, wants to be considered the head of the Democratic party should he win and not owe Clinton for his victory. And CLinton said, "Fuck you, John. See how well you do without me."

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

Ted Kennedy is Grand Wazoo of the Democrats--the Grey Emminence thereof. Neither Clinton nor Kerry would do well to forget that. He was redistributing wealth and damaging our military posture while those other two young bucks were still trying to figure out how to parlay progressive platitudes into getting laid on college campuses.