Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Here's A Tip!

I was disturbed to hear that the GOP delegates are not tipping in NYC. This is one of my biggest pet peeves…(I am not quite sure why as I have never been a waitress). You have to tip waiters and waitresses 20%. If you can not afford to do this –then you can not afford to be eating out. Senior citizens…it has been 20%, not 10%, for a really long time now! If you are ordering breakfast you should tip higher than 20%...just because your eggs were cheaper than a steak, doesn’t mean the waitress/waiter didn’t do the same amount of work. You also must tip bartenders, hairdressers, shampoo girls, the kids that dry your car after you come out of the car wash, pedicure girl and bellhops (you may skip the tip if the server is the owner –nail/hair salons, etc.).

There are two people that I am never quite sure if I have to tip (or how much)…full serve gas guys and the flower delivery guys (Since his arrival is always a surprise, I may not have cash handy…) Maybe someone can advise me on this –Molly Manners, I need help!

Oprah did a show once addressing the fact that most Blacks don’t tip. She was calling on them to do so…but I was more interested in why they don’t tip to begin with. This afternoon I typed “Why don’t Blacks tip?” into Google and TONS of sites can up. One self-identified Black man says that “Most brothers feel they have been downtrodden for so long that tipping doesn’t apply to them”, but then strongly advises them to begin tipping when expected. He goes on to say that Mid-Westerners are also known for not tipping (maybe these are the GOP delegates?). My friends in the restaurant business always complain about older people not tipping-- or leaving a paltry $0.50-$1.00.

Your waiter/waitress makes like $2.35/hr. They rely on your tips to make their living…If my service at a restaurant is terrible I still leave 15-20%, but if it’s great I always leave more.

So Fly-over people, African Americans, stingy Republican delegates and all tight-fisted people out there –Please tip your wait staff and they may stop spitting in your food…


justrose said...

My darling, your blog, your blog, your blog. I am afraid to speak here amidst all the pundits and military men.

But I will say this: I always leave excellent tips. We've eaten together many times and you can vouch for this, even when I'm on my last dime I will peel whatever bubblegum is stuck to it off and put it on the table. S tips on a percent, but I usually excuse myself, run back and throw another five on whatever. Waitstaff make NOTHING! My stepsisters lived for years on tips. It is so important. And I really don't want them to spit in my food.

~Jen~ said...

Where did you hear they weren't tipping? BigandMean joked about how none of the delegates are hanging out in strip bars much to the strippers disappointment...but I hadn't heard about the restaurant tipping issue.

Not cool.

Kat said...

I am a fly over person. for the record...I tip really well. My middle brother tips really well. Neither of us worked in a restraunt. Interestingly, my youngest brother, who worked in restraunts, was the cheapest tipper until I publicly embarrassed him at least twice (what are sisters for). Seems I had to remind them that wait staff get little money and little respect.

Now he puts in the requisite 20% or at least doesn't complain when I add a little to the pot.

I will say that I had a really interesting experience once. I am about to tell on myself I suppose...

One evening at a work get together, there were 12 of us at a table having drinks and listening to a band. Our waitress was really good and we were tipping her like nobody's business everytime she served. She went on break right at the end of our little soiree and a new waitress came and took our last drink order. When she returned she told us the bill amount and added "that doesn't include the tip" in sort of a nasty tone. Thinking back now, I realize she might have been stiffed by another group, but at the time, it seemed really bizarre that she was so mean after we had been tipping the hell out of the previous waitress. So, when she walked off and we finished our drinks, we pulled out all of our pennies and nickels and dimes and left them on the table. It amounted to about $5 but it was the principle of the thing.

Didn't really change my tipping habits though. Even at the casino where they serve us soda and water for free, I always give the waitress a hefty tip (it's the only way to insure they return to your table).

That's my tipping story from the fly over states.

ALa said...

Jen - I heard it on the 'hard news' breaks during one of the talk shows today. I guess NY waiters/waitresses had been so excited about the GOP fat cats coming and got their hopes up...

Kat - I think most people our age tip well...I had never heard the mid-west thing before. I was a hostess ages ago (at Fridays) and the waiters/waitresses swore they could tell who would/wouldn't tip. They would give the me finger-slitting-the-throat sign if I tried to sit the presumed non-tipper in their section...It was terrible when everyone got that feeling about the same people because I had to sit them somewhere -so someone would always be mad at me!

Rose -We always tip well at Madge's Smokey Eatery!

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

A lot of people just plain shouldn't be eating out. Not just because they don't tip, but also because their dress, hygiene, and demeanor are such that they drag down the dining experience of all the others there--and that's even IF they don't have a tribe of the loudest, most obnoxious screaming kids on the planet, and they usually do.

Quick and dirty tip guide, requiring very little in the way of math skill: take the total bill and round it up to the nearest ten dollar amount. Move the decimal place over one, then lop off whatever's to the right of the decimal. Then double it. Then add a dollar. Voila. Make sure the waitress has at least 15 items of flair though. (Office Space reference. Sorry.)

this we'll defend said...

They are tipping. It is a rumor to discredit them. Don't buy it.

Remember, NY is an overwhelmingly Democratic city, so lots of people will view conventioneers negatively. They might not even lie. They expect the worst and therefore they remember only the worst. 5 good tips and one cheapskate = republicans don't tip. NOt true.

Frater Bovious said...

Miss Manners says tipping is Un-American. No, really. She then of course gives all the dos and don'ts about who to tip and how much, down to your mailman at Christmas time (Or Chanukah, or Kwaanza...)

But I found her opening statement interesting. From Miss Manner's Guide For The Turn-Of-The-Millenium:

"Until the beginning of this (20th) century, since which time so many things have gone wrong, the custom of tipping was considered highly un-American. To accept a bit of money as an optional handout from the beneficiary of one's honest labor was recognized as a quintessential example of Old World servility, unsuitable to a free and dignified people for whom honest work, of whatever kind, involved regular compensation."

She goes on to suggest it would be far more sensible to agitate for the paying of people an honest wage by their employers rather than a portion of thpse wages being paid at the discretion of the client.

She then further goes on to give all the correct guidelines for tipping, as times do change. Nevertheless, I think she has a point.

Bigandmean said...

TIPS.......To Insure Proper Service. My niece once chased a two guys who stiffed her on a tip out to the parking lot and berated them. It turns out one had paid the bill and the other had said he'd get the tip. Busted.

Wild Bill said...

Why are you supposed to tip if the service sucked? And when did it go from 10% to 20%? Let's see they make $2.35 plus tips per hour, a good waiter/waitress could have 8-10 tables an hour, bill between 20-50 dollars, so they can make 18.35-102.35 per hour? #2 most tips are not taxed so they get to keep most of the money. Sorry, but I just cannot seem to understand why a waiter/waitress should make $18.35-$102.35 per hour, they pay almost no taxes while I pay half of my paycheck to taxes which means I make less than a waiter/waitress on a bad night. I will tip very well for good service but if the service sucks, I will not tip more than 5%! Maybe it is because I am from the Midwest? Have Fun.