Tuesday, September 14, 2004

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone (truly) for all the wonderful comments/advise about my ‘pre-school dilemma’ with little Mason. Since you were all so thoughtful and sincere in your posts, I thought I should give you an update and fill you in on my decision. (Also, I was going to write about the forged documents, but I'm SO sick of hearing about it that I couldn't bear to expel the energy).

Mason's speech teacher (Diane) decided to start him on some new SLP cutting-edge program (who knew there were such things). It will teach him the articulation of sounds/words, while teaching him cursive letters (?), and to read (?) all at the same time. She had to do an evaluation before it was OK to begin this -he had to test at a 3.7 comprehension level (3 yrs. 7 mths) -he is 3 yrs. 10 mths. She began the test and he went all the way to 4.10 before she stopped...he hadn't missed one question! I know this may sound horrible for a Mom to say, but this actually made me a sad. If he was at a lower intelligence/understanding level for his age, he may not even notice that he sounds different --but testing so much higher than his age means he has all this inside with no way to communicate it... Anyway, he is saying three-word sentences almost completely legible and it is only when he goes off into long stories/explanations that we are at a total loss. He begins this new program tomorrow.

As for pre-school....after many discussions with Diane and the prospective pre-school teacher (who was Justice's teacher for 2 years)...we have decided to hold him back. My Mom has always said..."There are many people that regret pushing them too soon, but none that regret holding them back."

In lieu of pre-school, I have decided to enroll him in Karate. It is the same amount of time a week, has the social aspect and the discipline aspect (probably more so) ---without the verbal expectations. He is really excited about going to his 'dojo' wearing his 'ghee' to see his 'sensei'... I feel really good about the decision --and I thank you all for your input!

As it is back to school time...I also thought I’d share one small thing that has made my life easier since Justice started pre-school: (BTW… he LOVES his kindergarten teacher -a tall blonde! They had gym for the first time today and learned 'Pac man tag' (?) lol):

***Remove all clothing immediately after school and put it all right into the washing machine. Wash face and arms up to elbow with anti-bacterial soap.
(This may sound OCD-ish but we were all sick constantly when he started school -and those damn 'kid germs' seem to be worse and last longer in adults - but ever since we started this regimen, we have hardly been sick!)***

My Grad School completely screwed me and didn't process my paperwork this semester (they are changing computer systems and didn't have me as a matriculated student -which I have been since July 2002). I had to cancel all my classes as I had already missed four by the time they figured out what had gone wrong...But since I will now be a full time chauffeur (Kindergarten, speech, karate), maybe it was a blessing in disguise (as an inept higher-education administrator)...

Have a Great Non-Political Day!


Bigandmean said...

I knew your Motherhood radar would tell you what to do. I'll bet he continues to improve as his confidence goes up. He's a smart kid with a lot of resources behind him and has truly devoted and loving parents. The sky's the limit.

Since Justrose has allowed me to assume the positon of honorary uncle to P and Mason intends to marry her, tell him I've got a vested interest in his future and I've got my eye on him.

~Jen~ said...

So, does that make Mason my honorary cousin-in-law?


riceburner147 said...

It is truly a mark of wisdom to listen to your mother. who woulda thunk it !

scarlotta62 said...

I love your comment about "kid germs". In my house, we call them "school cooties". At the beginning of every school year, our entire family stays ill for a solid month or two. Just pass it around and around. In the past two weeks, we've spent $450 in doctor visits and medication for kids only...and this is with a good health insurance plan!!!! So, it is not OCD-ish to scrub down to avoid those nasty cootie attacks.