Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Origin of Politics

A recent article, from the Wall Street Journal, detailed findings that suggested most children retain the politics of their parents. I think this is a fascinating subject. I was not raised in a particularly political house, and am not quite sure how my love of politics and policy began... Does the fact that my boys are growing up in a very political house mean that they will adopt our values –or will they rebel against them? I decided to ask each of my boys some questions and see how much they have already been ‘indoctrinated’ to our way of thinking…
I am interested in the evolution of personal politics, but I did this more for a bit of levity…


ME: What is your name?

JUSTICE: Justice

ME: Who is the President?

JUSTICE: President Bush

(I won’t brag or anything, but he has been able name the ENTIRE administration including “Who runs the Federal Reserve” and various other world leaders since he was 3 ½)

ME: Who wants to be the President?

JUSTICE: John Kerry…the wiener

(He watches that JibJab movie 100X a day –he likes hearing J.K. say ‘dumb ass’).

ME: Who do you want to win?

JUSTICE: President Bush

ME: Why?

JUSTICE: Because President Bush makes toys a little bit of money and John Kerry takes so much money you can’t get me any toys.

(I have NO idea where he came up with that…I swear…)

ME: What is the President’s job?

JUSTICE: To protect the army men and all the people with Tom Ridge.

ME: What do you want the President to do for you?

JUSTICE: Buy me 100 toys.

ME: What is the most important problem the President has right now?

JUSTICE: The hurricane in North Carolina….oh, and Saddam-Who-BinLaden

ME: Why, what did Usama Bin Laden do?

JUSTICE: He knocked our buildings down…Daddy loved those buildings…remember he said lots of bad words, like............


ME: What’s your name?

MASON: ‘Poop Poopypants’

ME: What is your name?

MASON: ‘Poop’

ME: Ok, who is the President?

MASON: Sean Hannity…on the Big Talker 1210.

ME: Who do you want to be President: President Bush or John Kerry?

MASON: ‘John Kerry’

ME: John Kerry?

MASON: ‘I like bad guys’

ME: Why is he a bad guy?

MASON: ‘Cause he John Poop… Where you going?”

ME: You’re being silly.

MASON: ‘No I not’

ME: Who is the President now?

MASON: ‘Rush Poopaugh’


91ghost said...

As my 2 and a half year old daughter has exhibited early signs of a rebellious streak, I am waiting with bated breath for the teen years. I don't know if I should let her listen to Savage with me or not.

~Jen~ said...

Sounds like you are raisin' them right! *giggle*

Rush Poopaugh? That is priceless.

Kat said...

I love kids. That just makes it all seem a little lighter. John Poop and Rush Poopough. Killing me!

ALa said...

This is just a guess, but do you think Mason may be entering the 'anal stage'?

ALa said...

Ghost_on my way down to NC a couple of months ago I was listening to Savage --it was just me and the boys and we were almost there-- He came back from break (and I think it's so cool that he plays Metallica and strange that he mixes it with Motley Crue...)and went right from the song montage into the Nick Berg audio without warning (Hannity gave 10 second countdowns before he played it). I had already made the mistake of watching the video (which scarred me for life) and wasn't expecting it to just come on like that. At first I was like -what song is this...then I realized and swerved the car trying to turn off the radio and check to see if the boys had comprehended anything all at the same time. They were both sound asleep -but considering Savage is unpredictable --I would advise she not listen with you YET...but soon.

jcrue said...

Way to go, Justice!

Can't wait for his run for the White House.

Semper Fi,


Sarah said...

Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.


Bigandmean said...

Hilarious! One thing about kids - unless they're in trouble, you won't get any political spin when you ask them a question. I wonder what Justice would say if you asked him this: if a bad boy keeps hitting you and he won't stop, and you've told on him already and nobody does anything, and then he hits you again really, really hard and he says he is going to hit you again, what do you do?
A. tell on him again
B. nothing
C. ask some french kid what you should do
D. hit him back really, really hard

I'll bet a 5 year old can figure it out.