Monday, August 02, 2004

Neo-Cons are People Too! -Inspired by JustRose...

Watching a re-run of Bill Maher's show last night got me got me furious too, but that is for another post. Bill made what I feel was an erroneous statement--He claimed that 'liberal' has a negative connotation in our society, but 'conservative' doesn't. I am not sure where Bill lives, but it sure ain't in Philly (bad gammar used purposely for effect).
Being a conservative in Philadelphia is a risky proposition --espcially when you have 'Bush/Cheney '04' on the back of your vehicle. I have been flipped off, growled at, cut off (so the driver behind me can get in front of me to make sure I see his "Like Father Like Son -One Term and You're Done" bumper sticker), and tailed late at night by hulking men in those tiny almost-trucks (AKA union thugs)...You name it -it's happened. So, I reject the notion that 'conservative' is an ideology that is widely accepted and embraced...
That train of thought dropped me off here:
Liberals often object to general terms being used: such as 'terrorist' or 'homicide bomber'...I have been advised on numerous occasions to understand that the 'opposition' is another human being. They say that if we 'understand' them, we won't dehumanize them --and subsequently demonize them.
So, in an attempt to make myself 'more human' --and detract from the moniker of 'angry right-wing blonde' --I will divulge a bit of personal information.
That being said --this was inspired by JustRose who thinks I need to expose my underbelly a bit more (to prove that it doesn't have scales on it).

1. I might as well get this right out of the way...I love fruitcake. Not just the expensive kind with the real pineapples and almonds, but even the cheap gooey stuff with those disgusting green things in it.

2. I love lists . I have been known to make lists of lists that I need to write.

3. I smoke. It is my one vice and I love it.

4. I don't drink. Not out of a religious conviction -or a 'recovering' problem...I just don't like it.

5. I watch the Sound of Music at least six times a year.

6. One of the only foods that I actually crave is Peanut Butter Captain Crunch.

7. I am obsessive about matching -even undergarments or pajamas (what if there was a fire?) --This causes me to have to switch handbags everytime I change.

8. I have a Coach Bag fetish...I have a lot (which helps with fact #7). I sometimes go into the Coach store just to inhale the leather.

9. I also have a 'soft t-shirt' fetish. I have been known to fondle t-shirts...even if there is someone in them. (James Pearce and C&C -ALa71 tested & approved)

10. The name choices for my second son were Dionysus or Bronte...proving that it is not always beneficial to be the child of an English major. We named him Mason.

11. One entire room of my house is adorned in Marilyn Monroe memorabilia.

12. I am only 5'2 and I have never wished that I was taller.

13. In high school I played field hockey, softball and was a cheerleader. I once got MVP.

14. My son, Justice , and I walk for miles on the beach early in the morning to pick up trash.

15. I still watch 'The Real World' and 'Road Rules' (OK, so I have 2 vices)

16. My youngest son wants to be 'popcorn' when he grows up.

17. I have a very silly sense of humor --during the most heated arguements, if my husband says something ridiculous ('squishy underpants') I find it impossible to stay mad.

18. I have met Sean Hannity twice...a picture of me, him, and my boys will live forever on my refrigerator.

19. I love dogs with no noses: pugs, frenchies, bulldogs and mastiffs. I feel guilty about it, but I don't like mixed-breeds (but I have been bit badly twice -both times a mixed-breed). We have a Freedom Bulldog named 'Tink'...

20. I often sing into my round brush while I am driving --this embarasses my husband to death!


Jensdad said...

Doesn't GOP stand for "get old people"? Have you been able to locate a hungry child so you could try to make sure he stayed that way? Don't you just hate anybody who doesn't look like you? Aren't you homophobic and xenophobic? You want to polute the environment and kill puppies don't you? Aren't you filthy rich and conspiring to make sure you don't pay your fair share of taxes? You want to make everyone convert to your religion and the government to become a church-state don't you?

Those are a lot of myths to dispel but you've made a good start. You've already proven that not all of we Republicans are ignorant, inarticulate neanderthals.

There's an old southern saying that is a term of endearment you may or may not have heard in Philly. "You girl, are a mess"!

this we'll defend said...

ALa71, while of course I don't agree with you on everything I treasure your posts. Please make them easier to read.

Your numbered lists aren't working - instead of a number 18, for example, we see "18) ".

Anybody that would flip you off, cut you off, etc. because of your political affiliations is an asshole. Every party has assholes. It is not a liberal or democratic party problem.

And no, liberals don't have a problem using the word terrorist. We just want it used properly - only used to describe terrorists so as not to weaken the effort against them by causing us to lose our focus.

I think we should try to understand where Osama and his cohorts are coming from, what motivated them, figure out how he thinks - so that we can more easily find them and kill them all.

The Five Most Dangerous Things You'll Ever Hear in the US Army...

A private saying, "I learned this in Boot Camp..."

A sergeant saying, "Trust me, Sir..."

A platoon sergeant chuckling, "Watch this shit..."

A second lieutenant saying, "Based on my experience..."

A major saying, "I was just thinking..."

Kat said...

I like that post, TWD...especially the one about "watch this shit". LOL

We have a joke around here, speaking of labels, and it goes like this:

What's the last thing you a redneck says, just before he dies?

..."Watch this shit!"..

Yuk! Yuk!

I have a mixed breed. Half basset hound and half pit terrier. Don't ask. But I named him Cassius Clay because he thinks he floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. Now I call him Cash for short. He's an excellent guard dog.

ALa said...

TWD: I am sure that this stuff happens to Democrats in Republican strong-holds...I was just illustrating the life of the conservative in very liberal Philly (were they voted for a known crook incumbent mayor over VERY moderate republican...and are now complaining because he's a crook).
I copied the list form Word –I guess it didn’t translate…it looked fine on my computer though –so now that I think I fixed it…I can’t really be sure. Thanks for letting me know.

Kat: I should qualify my 'mixed-breed' statement to say that it isn't a snobby thing --I worked at a vet for 9 years and was bitten really bad twice (first ripped a chunk out of my face and second fractured my wrist)...This didn't make me hate any dog, but if I am going to have it in my house (and around my kids) I want to know exactly what's in it! My pug 'Picasso' was the love of my life. I had to put him down almost 5 years ago because he had a brain dog will ever replace him.

BigandMean_ In Philly they used to say "You stupid" -and somehow that was also considered a compliment...

DaveSplash said...

Hey, I grew up in the solidly "red state" of Nebraska. If you don't think being a liberal jew in the cornhusker state gets one a little extra crap on their plate (the last Dem for Pres picked by Nebraska? Harry Truman)...Anyway, I think what Bill Maher was trying to say is that the right has attempted to demonize the word liberal. The media ate up the "4th most liberal senator with the most liberal senator" moniker for Kerry/Edwards, which was a talking point from the RNC. They didn't really delve into what that meant, the statement stood alone. If the reverse were stated, "Bush/Cheney gives us the most conservative ticket in 40 years," there would be no story. The media would not run with it. Who would care?

Liberals, in all honesty, have backed away from the tag in favor of progressive, or whatever. We shouldn't have. I don't like the label game, but I am not going to hide what I am to avoid getting a little grief. I am glad you're not either, Ala. Keep up the good fight in Philly, and I'll keep it up in my next hometown, Omaha (moving in 3 weeks).

leftyjones said...

As one who has known Ala71 in the "non-blog" real world....let me say with authority that you cannot fall for this attempt to humanize her! I have watched firsthand as she has swerved violently in an effort to smash small fuzzy creatures....all while laughing maniacally and muttering something that about free loading animals sucking off society and not holding down a job...........
Ok....maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. I did after all like her dogs Picasso and Brandy. I suppose anyone who can love animals can't be all bad.
For nicer comments about Ala71, please refer to her birthday posts. :)

justrose said...

ALa71 held a dying deer in her arms while some big Paul Bunyan came up and slit its throat "to put it out of its misery!" Lefty, stop peddling your revisionist history the way you do over there on your site . . . :)

Kat said...

Lefty forgot about the bunny rabbits with suicide vests. They look like prime targets to me too!

Of course, there was that day I swerved to miss a squirrel and almost met the front end of a Mack. That was the day my Dad's words came back to me: Don't swerve to miss an animal. You might end up killing yourself or somebody else.

Is that a political statement? don't swerve to miss the animals, you might kill a human?

ALa said...

Kat_ I too have a similar story...I swerved to miss a squirrel and almost pinned a jogger to a tree...In my defense he was wearing those silky Richard Simmons shorts....

It's actually a poignant political statement!

RBP said...

I'm still thinking about the rock-n-roll list of famous people you hung out with. If I decide to vote for Bush, it will be because of you, cerainly not because of something he did. That's how I am. ROCK-N-ROLL!

ALa said...

JFM_ Hope your having fun on your trip! Try to speak a bit of French in Paris...if you make an attempt, they will usually let on that they speak English --but if you don't even try they won't either -only fair I guess.
As for the Rock-n-Roll list...yes, I was quite the little metal chick back in the day...what's strange is that most of the conservatives that I have met online are all metal/thrash fans...all seem to love pre-sellout Metallica...strange! I'll tell you what -I'll send you a signed backstage pass if you vote for Bushie! haha

justrose said...

I just realized you called Tinkie a "freedom bulldog." You are such a dork! :)

ALa said...


justrose said...

Thanks for the "tuck-in" comment, btw. It made S finally read my blog, and he nearly peed himself over what you wrote. He remembers it too! (Now take the blue pill . . .)

He cannot believe I told the world he eats week-old corned beef hash. He was almost lying on the floor convulsing with laughter over the stuff I actually notice about him and this house. He said he couldn't read any more because he was laughing too hard. Now he's over looking at pictures of wizards on his screen, so he's unlikely to ever read it again.

ALa said...

Do you realize that we just posted at the exact same time! ~~~eerie music~~~

I'm glad that he finally read it & liked it...see you ARE funny damn it!

justrose said...

To quote your P: He thinks I'm funny.

Tom said...

Bill Maher, like Michael Moore, makes a lot of false statements, but one of the advantages to working in a medium dominated by liberals is that you never have to worry about any direct challenges to your nonsense. It helps, too, that networks he's worked for stack his audiences with lefty idiots who will applaud no matter what kneejerk opinions he expresses. But his silly assertion that "conservative" doesn't carry a negative connotation in our society reflects a typical adolescent need to see himself as some sort of suffering rebel, when in reality he's nothing more than a conventional stand up comic who mouths all of the DNC's talking points that are generally accepted by his New York/California audience. An embarassing and pathetic moment on Maher's HBO "political" talk show recently found him and Michael Moore on their knees begging Raph Nader to withdraw from the presidential race. Wow, Bill, you're such an independent voice crying out in the wilderness. If Clinton had been on his show, he'd probably be on his knees doing something else.

Paul G. said...

Want to live dangerously?
Put a Kerry/Edwards '04 sticker on your car in Georgia.
Southern hospitality my *ss.