Thursday, August 19, 2004

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"I've always found it puzzling that the left recognizes the importance of small changes to the physical environment and urges caution in altering it--lest we face some kind of world-destroying ecological catastrophe--but suggests that our moral and cultural environment can be changed at will, that altering its core institutions (like marriage)will have no negative consequences, and that those who urge restraint about these matters are being alarmist. This is more puzzling when one considers that civilizations, religions, ways of life, and entire peoples have disappeared because of some mistake in policy or moral decline".


Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

I'm of the opinion that homosexuality results from a species-level psychological trigger as a reaction to overpopulation. You typically see gays concentrated in the big cities, and such a lifestyle is also considered more tolerable there. It's nature's gentler way (than genocide) of turning down the breeding knob in the human species control panel.

The Old Testament would not have seen any of the environmental conditions which would precipitate nature turning such a "control knob" in humanity. In ancient times, typically homosexual activity was an act of dominance, by a slave owner upon a slave. In that context, OT prohibitions against it would have been more in the spirit of a human rights declaration, than a micromanagement of consensual sex between adults.

Islam and Catholicism contribute greatly to world overpopulation, and this is due to an ideology which fights against nature's regulatory mechanisms. The excess population in its high concentration produces the terrorism phenomenon we see today, not because they are poor but because they feel a psychological conflict between what nature is telling them is wrong (overpopulation) and what their religion is telling them is right (heterosexuality). This causes them to leap off onto extraordinary acts to justify their religion (or to secretly try to destroy it). Catholics will do this by going off on leftist crusades (as in Latin America--see the rise of Hugo Chavez); and Muslims will go on Jihad.

ALa said...

I am not sure about this theory as everyone I know now has only one kid or no kids-- and they are saying that the reason Social Security is going to go to shit is because people aren't having enough kids...I am not anti-gay by any means (and hope me putting this here didn't give that impression --I think gay couples should have every legal right that is afforded to us married folks).

Paul G. said...

CSM, what you observe in the dense population areas is a 'homosexual subculture' created by two factors; a larger general population and removal of social pressure.
Many of the people in an urban environment have seperated from traditional small town social structures are more free to move in directions that would not be tollerated in the small town environment.

Most studies indicate that the number of exclusively homosexual individuals are, not dependant on environment.
In non urban environment they are less likely to publicly exhibit behaviours that would mark them as different.

What I find amazing is the range of possible numbers, the traditional studies have gone with a number from 6 to 10 percent of the male population with as many as 50 percent of all males having had some homosexual experience at one time or another in thier lifetime.
The female numbers are even more vague than the male which is surprising considering that most societies appear to be more tolerant of female homosexuality (on the surface at least).

ALa said...

I have yet to meet a 'lesbian' that hasn't ever slept with a man (even after she 'came out') BUT I know many gay men that have never even kissed a woman --don't know what that means, but it's strange and interesting...

riceburner147 said...

Men kiss better ?

Bigandmean said...

Paul, I've never seen a study that said as many as 50% of men had had a homosexual experience. Is that a regional thing? Maybe the study was referring to San Francisco or men serving life in prison. There was a gay person a few years ago in Texas but he moved. We don't have any lesbians here. Some moved here from out of state, discovered what they had been missing and became heterosexually crazed nyphomaniac zombies. Repeat after me Paul: "There are no lesbians. They're just women who haven't met the right man".

Kat said...

Big and Mean...

I don't want to sound too gross here, but I believe "homosexual experience" could include things like getting an erection while in a communal shower full of men and some other experiences that most men might not even think about or have associated with "homosexual".

I think we, those of us who count ourselves as heterosexual, tend to think of things in terms of "intent" instead of just "time and place". For instance, if it occurs, most men wouldn't think anything about it because they had no "intent" to act in a homosexual manner; would not act on it or were not associating it with their surroundings or companions.

Thus, studies claiming "50% homosexual experiences" do not take into account "intent" and may be deemed as an overstated analysis.

Hope that is clinical enough not to embarras anyone.