Friday, July 30, 2004

Wanna Play 20 Convention Questions?

  1. Who are the delegates?
  2. Why was everyone at the convention so very unattractive?
  3. Will the GOP convention be as ugly?
  4. Does Vanessa Kerry have nostrils?
  5. Why did they mention that J. Kerry was 6’4” FIVE times?
  6. Why wasn’t P. Diddy clapping?
  7. Why does Alexandria Kerry have SO many teeth?
  8. Why did the “John Kerry movie” timeline go-Soldier>Dad>Prosecutor>Presidential Nominee…wasn’t he a Senator for 20 years?
  9. Were the vets on the stage real or actors?
  10. Why doesn’t Max Cleland wear any prosthesis?
  11. If 90% of the delegates there were anti-war –why all the glorification of war?
  12. If he has 70 billion dollars, why hasn’t John Edwards had that mole removed?
  13. If they don’t want to “limit educational opportunities”, why vote against the school voucher program?
  14. Do you get to pick your own secret service guys?
  15. Why does John Kerry always wear the same tie?
  16. Why hasn’t John Kerry been back for his follow-up Botox injections?
  17. Why is Gary Heart so damn grumpy?
  18. Why is the DNC suddenly claiming the GOP values of “Faith, Family, Country”?
  19. Why does John Edwards keep having his little kids up so late?
  20. Does the Bush-bashing resume today?


justrose said...

Can you imagine the handlers for those little kids -- the kids are probably so hyped from the hot-and-cold-running Shirley Temples they probably keep their nannies running circles around the hotel room for hours at bedtime. UGH.

justrose said...

PS I see you went grocery shopping as evidenced by this post and the new photos!

91ghost said...

Did you notice that just as the line "touch me" was sung by U2, almost as if in rehearsed synchronization, Edwards and Kerry hugged on-stage?

~Jen~ said...
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leftyjones said...

I'm not sure how much you've read up on Edwards, the relationship he had with his son and even his rules for his own staff regarding talking about his son....but I think you're way off base here. He may be a shiny guy, he may have given an answer as to why he was late but I really don't think he was exploiting his son to score primary points. That's a pretty harsh accusation.
By the way....did I score any points with Jensdad last night? I had my most respectful voice on!

~Jen~ said...

You're right. It was harsh. I should have kept that one to myself.

I shouldn't write comments when I'm hungry. I get grumpy.

"Jensdad" knows I think you are cool. You know he's rarely serious, right? I get it from him. Genetics.

Jensdad said...

Hi Lefty,
Yeah, I like you Lefty. You're witty and you have a good sense of humor. If I ever get to Philly again I'll meet you, Alicia and Rose at Pat's and I'll buy you a Philly cheesesteak. If you ever get down to the Houston area, we'll have some Texas Bar BQ or Gulf seafood. You know who I really like too on Jen's blog? That Bigandmean guy. He is a hoot. And if we ever have any hand to hand combat with invaders over here, I want Alicia in the fox hole with me.

~Jen~ said...

Don't forget the Tex-Mex and the Margaritas Dad.