Saturday, July 17, 2004


I spent a year abroad when I was in college. I went a lot of places and everyone was really nice. I am an American and LOOK like an American (I am from Philly so I definitely SOUND like an American). BUT__the Brits were nice, the Irish were the best, the Dutch were great (and mellow), the Greeks were friendly, the Spanish wonderful and low and behold even the French were really nice to me. The only people that I met in all my travels that were consistently horrible were the Canadians. I don't say this to be mean --it's just true. They all wore giant Canadian flags on their backpacks, so --god forbid-- someone didn't mistake them for being from the States. They told bad jokes referencing our inability to speak more than one language, and generally bristled whenever a lower-48 was around. Why? I can't answer that because to this day I don't know. It can't be as simple as "we took all their hockey players and now their teams suck" (one explanation that I have been given).
NOW, they are continuing to harbor two AWOL US soldiers --continuing the proud tradition of slapping the US in the face that started during Vietnam.
I hate when Canadian bloggers have US politics pages. I just read one and I had to fight the urge to post a comment and risking giving the person an ounce of legitimacy.
Canada: Extradite our soldiers and allow Fox News on your airways...what are you afraid of?


~Jen~ said...

Hi there!!!

I really enjoyed reading your posts. This latest one about Canadians totally cracked me up.

My husband thinks I am nuts to debate those misguided children on CBFTW's board, but I can't seem to stop myself. Argh! He was laughing at me big time last night. Apparently I was scowling and glaring at the computer screen and typing faster than he has ever heard me type. I was so MAD at those condescending little goobers.

The worst part to me, is I think the "blind" whatever-his-nick-name-is is actually pretty smart. He just turns everything upside down and backwards. I thought about making him my project (come back from the dark side dude!), but he ticked me off so bad today that I changed my mind.

Thanks for visiting my site. I'm still new to this too.
Isn't it fun? I don't know how to do any of the cool technical stuff yet either, but if I figure anything out I will let you know. I really want to learn how to do links.

Happy blogging! -Jen

MonicaR said...

Canada's going down the tubes. Socialism. Y'know what? Although the hate America stuff pisses me off somewhat - I turn around and think Let 'em hate us. All of 'em. Hey - and what's with the Sharia law stuff being passed in Canada? That's just crazy. I'm just ranting here - sorry. I am having a good time, though.

riceburner147 said...

What are you talking aboot ?......

PS Please send our Geese back.