Saturday, July 17, 2004

A Small, maybe Inmature, Fantasy

There will be a Protest warrior Counter-protest in NY for the GOP
convention. I am not sure how many of the PWs will show because
they will be in for a rough ride. Spitting, screaming, ripping
signs, tripping, punching....ironically all from the 'peace'
people. All the Anti-War groups will be out strong and a few
brave souls will counter their hate with signs like "Beside Ending
Slavery, Fascism, Communism, and Nazism ...War has never solved
anything." The Doves are never very dovish when the PWs show up and all
free speech rights seem to fly right out the window when it's a
conservative mouth moving. Anyway, my fantasy is that all the PWs
that show up have lunch at Moby's Meatless cafe. I would love to
see his face as the Bush supporters flooded his establishment.
Would he spit in their faux burgers? Would he smile politely as
the sun beamed off his head? Would he turn down the filthy
dollars of capitalism? Oh well, a girl can dream...

To see videos of the 'peace' marches:


MonicaR said...

Yeah - the peace activists sure are violent! In DC they shoved women to the ground, punched people, yelled nasty vile things at the ProtestWarriors. And the Greens and environmentalist crowd - holy smokes! You should have seen the trash they left everywhere. The convention will be nasty I fear. We're still planning on going - it should be interesting.

Tammi said...

It's a great fantasy except for one thing - I'd hate to see any one spend any money there! I know, everyone walk in with their support Bush stuff and just order water! Then, don't drink it, just leave. There - that's better. :-)