Tuesday, July 27, 2004


I know we all have been talking about the "14 Syrian Musicians" and this (link below) article makes it sound A LOT worse (if that's possible). I know it's kind of long, but worth the read!
-14 Syrians
-Air Marshall kicks down plane bathroom door to find a man removing the mirror -what was behind the mirror___THE COCKPIT
-Middle Eastern men rush the cockppit -then stop short ...trying to flush out Air marshalls...
Scary stuff :



~Jen~ said...

That picture just kills me. Have you seen the one where he is on his knees?!?!!??! Truly hysterical.

ALa said...

I was listening to Rush this afternoon and hadn't seen the picture yet...he was saying that John Kerry was a sperm and I had no idea what he was talking about. When I saw the picture I almost peed myself!

this we'll defend said...

First, the Washington Times article doesn't mention what was in my post - the information regarding the fact that the Syrians were checked out and were musicians as they said. Not to suggest that vegas-style lounge acts aren't a threat of course. "Mandy" can be deadly.

Second - any other reputable news reports from the Washington Times, owned and controlled by the Rev. Sun Yung Moon!?! Chant with me, moonies: "Bush is good, Kerry bad. Bush is good, Kerry bad." Now go vote intelligent- uhh, no, scratch that. Just go vote.

MonicaR said...

Apparently these guys were traveling on expired visas.

RBP said...

So let me get this straight, a group of FOURTEEN Syrian musicians are permitted to get on a plane without any search whatsoever and stand up the whole time and rip the mirror off the wall in the lavatory, and Fox News doesn't even report it! All I can say is, if this kind of hyperbole can't stand, then, the terrorist truly have won.

this we'll defend said...

Oh, and having flown - since when is a mirror in the lavatory the way to the cockpit?

I think it was the "Mandy" rendition that threatened everybody on that flight.

But why let truth or the facts get in the way of a scary story about "Ay-rab" "Terrists." Especially since they WERE Syrian so obviously must be terrorists.

Perhaps we should round up everybody of middle-eastern descent and put them in camps. Like we did the Japanese after WWII. That way we can get an Arab regiment that is the most highly decorated of any unit in the Army, like the all-Japanese 442nd Infantry of WWII. Who says we need to learn anything from history!

ALa said...

I obviously didn't post that for ANY political reason...that mirror story was chilling...I just wanted to see what everyone thought about it- do we have to be devided on everything?

~Jen~ said...

I found this in my email today. I think it goes along really well with the sperm picture.

Big, Bad John
(Naturally, to the tune of "Big Bad John")

Every mornin' on the Hill you could see him arrive Standing six-foot-four, weighing one-twenty-five Kinda' scrawny at the shoulders and lacking a spine And when he spoke at all, it was mainly to whine (Big John, Big John) Big Bad John

Nobody seems to know what's in John's soul His 'beliefs' are based on the latest poll 'Though he'll say what it takes to get your votes It's the leftist agenda that he really promotes - Big John.

Someone said he came from Boston town
Where he joined the Navy and gained renown 'Earning' three purple hearts and one bronze star The home folks said, "This boy will go far"
(Big John, Big John) Big Bad John (Big John)

Then came a day back in '71
When he renounced all the medals that he had won Then turned against his country and his Navy friends And sold them out for his own selfish ends (Big John)

He appeared before Congress, on left-wing talk shows Giving aid and comfort to America's foes It was clear to see whose side he was on Some say he helped cause the fall of Saigon - Big John (Big John, Big John) Big Bad John (Big John)

He claims to be for the working poor
Yet he owns 5 mansions from shore to shore He never had to work a day in his life 'cause he learned it helps to have a wealthy wife! - Big John

Now he wants to be our next President
and Commander-in-chief of those he resents:
The American soldiers who fight and die To give him the freedom to tell us his lies (Big John, Big John) Big Bad John (Big John)

Thousands have sacrificed their young lives To help ensure that our nation survives A vote for Kerry is a slap in the face To all the brave soldiers that he's disgraced

FADE (Big John, Big John) Big Bad John (Big John)

Bathus said...

Hey ALA71,

Thanks for putting me on your blogroll. It's about time, since you've been on mine for a week. (Just kidding!)

Looking at that picture of John, one thought springs to mind: "girly man"! Ooops . . . I can't say that! After all, there's a rumor going around that he fought in Viet Nam.

DaveSplash said...

More than a rumor. Kerry got three purple hearts, show some respect. I guess having Daddie as CIA director while defending Texas and Alabama from the Vietcong still wasn't enough for Dubya to get his.

RBP said...

Kerry did fight in Vietnam. That's a fact.
The rumor is that Bush was so coked up he couldn't pass his physical and was taken off flight status in 1973, that's the rumor.

ALa said...

See, the way that I heard it was that Kerry was in Vietnam, got scratched by a thorn...came home after four months--he then publicly admitted to committing war crimes (I think "atrocities" was the exact word he used), and since he was an officer I am wondering why he didn't end up in Fort Leavenworth....?

leftyjones said...

Is that why he was missing for an undisclosed period of time and that a number of the supporting records appear to have been mysteriously lost??
Oh....that was someone else.

ALa said...

I have this strange memory...a bunch of people that I used to hang out with...during the Gulf War...contemplating the draft...planning ways to shot themselves in the foot...or go to Canada...maybe it was a dream...maybe a lesson to show that some served, some joined the guard, some promised they'd join the ROTC and never did, and some fled...but I guess we never know what we would do unless we were actually in that position...

leftyjones said...

I might share your memory....and I believe I heard a number of them share a lot of different options. God knows, I didn't love the idea of joining the military or being drafted.
But then, so few actually do. Of course, those people we are talking about didn't actually duck out of anything because it didn't come about.
And if they had.....I wonder if you wouldn't be quick to call them hypocrites if years later they said they were tough on defense....

this we'll defend said...

Check out Snopes.com for the truth about Kerry's purple hearts (he has always said the first two were "scratches," the third was NOT, and he earned combat decorations as well).

His testimony before Congress is something that should be watched by all. As a military man I respected the hell out of him for that. I didn't consider him as a turncoat at all. He called "free-fire zones" a crime and said that anybody that participated in operations where free-fire zones permitted them to fire at random (the "free" in "free-fire" where everybody was considered an enemy) were likewise subject to war crimes prosecution. He didn't call all soldiers criminal, but said that the idea of a free-fire zone was criminal. He also admitted to taking part in operations in free-fire zones. And he was correct. They were a violation of the Geneva Conventions and no defense of superior orders would protect officers who were supposed to know better.

He also repeatedly stated his respect, admiration, and love for his fellow veterans and for those serving in Vietnam while he was speaking. He asked if we were going to quit in Vietnam anyway why not do it immediately instead of drawing it out? He asked "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" He wanted to save American soldiers' lives.

He was lambasted for it, and you continue to criticize him for it today. Only - he was right. Nixon did "declare victory" and go home a few years later just as Kerry said he would. South Vietnam did fall with no attempt to stop it by the United States. And thousands more American soldiers died in the meantime. For what? And does it make me a supporter of the communists when I question whether we should have interceded in the first place? I don't think so.

The lessons of Vietnam were many. One of them was that American power is limited. Another is that we should never go to war without public support. Another is that we should not go to war based on ideology but only on our national interest. Another is that we should never go to war on false pretences (such as a non-existent attack in the Gulf of Tonkin). And finally, that we should tell the American people up front what we think it will cost and let them decide if it is worth sending their sons and daughters into harms way.

Apparently not everybody learned these lessons.

RBP said...

TWD, have you seen the Errol Morris documentary, "The Fog of War?" The whole thing is Robert McNamara talking about the lesson's learned not only in Vietnam, but the Cuban missile crisis as well. He also talks about Curtis LeMay, and his assertion that he (LeMay) would have been brought up on war crimes charges after WWII had the US lost, because of his fire-bombing of Japanese cities.

ALa said...
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ALa said...

I was not referring to things that the military as a whole was doing then...you left out the MAJOR part of the speech that every vet that I know (except you --but then again I don't really know you) has a problem with....
"They told the stories [that] at times they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan." J.Kerry
He also admitted to burning down villages on Meet the Press -five days before that Senate hearing:
"There are all kinds of atrocities, and I would have to say that, yes, yes, I committed the same kind of atrocities as thousands of other soldiers have committed in that I took part in shootings in free fire zones. I conducted harassment and interdiction fire. I used 50 caliber machine guns... I took part in search and destroy missions, in the burning of villages." J. Kerry
Isn’t it unit, core, God, country or is that just the Marines…
As I have told you before, my father was there (once again for 2 years and not 4 mths) and he never burned down a village, cut off any limbs, etc...Oh that's right...Kerry later said that he exaggerated this and that 'atrocity' was maybe too strong of a word. Well, Senator Kerry and Buddy Jane Fonda --why don't you tell that to the vets that came home to the musical chants of 'baby killer' thanks to you -to the vets that were spit on and disparaged for their service.
We can not know if the Vietnam was wrong or right -what we do know is that the way it was fought was wrong because there was no intention to ever really win.
You can respect John Kerry for standing up for something that he believed, but to denigrate his fellow soldiers in the process was wrong. He should have stuck to protesting the war -not the soldiers fighting it and if he wanted to list 'war crimes' then list his own and not those of his supposed 'band of brothers'.
How many of that 'band of brothers' are suing him for using their picture in his campaign --and how many of his commanding officers and fellow soldiers (both Democrat & Republican) went to Washington to sign an open letter to the American people stating that he was not fit to be Commander in Chief? Must be pretty serious for the bi-partisan ‘brothers’ to go that far!
Sorry, but I feel VERY strongly about this issue...

justrose said...

At the fork of a road
In the Vale of Va-Vode
Five foot-weary salesmen have laid down their load
All day they've raced round in the heat, at top speeds
Unsucessfully trying to sell Zizzer-Zoof Seeds
Which nobody wants because nobody needs.

Tomorrow will come. They'll go back to their chore.
They'll start on the road, Zizzer-Zoofing once more
But tonight they've forgotten their feet are so sore.
And that's what the wonderful night time is for.

-Dr. Seuss

leftyjones said...

You Rock!
hehehe....I love Dr. Seuss

ALa said...

"In the Vietnamese Communist War Remnants Museum (formerly known as the "War Crimes Museum") in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), a photograph of John Kerry hangs in a room dedicated to the anti-war activists who helped the Vietnamese Communists win the Vietnam War. The photograph shows Senator Kerry being greeted by the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Comrade Do Muoi." wintersoldier.com

this we'll defend said...

1: his statement about atrocites was true. My Lai really happened.
2: He didn't say all soldiers were criminals, or that serving made one a criminal. He again and again expressed his admiration of his fellow vets and those still serving.
3: His statements about free-fire zones, H&I fire, all true as I said earlier.
4: Unit, corps, God, country? If that is the Marines they need to re-examine their oath. It is Duty, honor, country. I place God first as I am a Christian. Anybody who would place his unit or branch of service ahead of his country is a disloyal SOB who we don't need in the service of the country. and the honor before country is correct - it is not ok to commit war crimes ever. Period.
5: I don't feel Kerry disparaged his fellow soldiers. You and your father do. Fine, we can agree to disagree.
6: Jane Fonda went to Hanoi and committed treason years after the "picture" that circulates on right-wing hatefest sites. Why imply they were buddies when they weren't? Or that he supported her trip to treason when he didn't? Why not be honest?
7: your father served 2 years and Kerry served 4 months. Ok. I'm not sure that says anything negative about Kerry, but it does say great things about your Father.
8: Whether we were right to go to Vietnam is a subject of dispute. It is true that we never went with the intention to win, and the Pentagon Papers show quite well that we allowed soldiers to die for political reasons alone. We could have won but it risked political unpopularity. We could have pulled out but that would have been controversial too. Instead the leadership in Washington from both parties decided that it was ok to lose a certain number of soldiers as long as it wasn't too much even though this would not lead to victory. Instead just avoid defeat. Shameful. Kerry tried to correct this. Not shameful at all. Instead of critcism it showed loyalty to his fellow warriors. And now we are in Iraq but Rummy and Co. argue that we don't need to expand the Army. Sound familiar? Are we there to win? Or just win an election?

ALa said...

I do agree with most of your point #8...but we will agree to disagree on Kerry. I guess (not being a vet -though at 19 i really wanted to join the air force) I can't really say how I would feel if I were It seems strange that your respecting him seems to be the very small minority. I know that nothing will change your mind at this point, but I would honestly like your opinion of the article that I put under the Garofalo thing from Drudge (on the new post). Not DNC talking points -but your GUT feeling -I won't use it against you -I promise!

Jensdad said...

In 1992 and 96 war heroes ran for president against a man who actively evaded military service. Both of those men, Bush #I and Dole, came much closer to dying in combat than Kerry did. The war heroes both lost, millions apparently having decided that war hero status was immaterial. It probably was immaterial to a great extent, however, many of the same people who supported that position in 92 and 96 now claim that it should be one of the most important factors in deciding who we vote for in 04. Also, in 92 and 96 it was argued that using one's draft evasion status was unfair. Now, it has become fair game to try to punch holes in honorable service as a jet pilot in the National Guard.

Bush #1 volunteered to fly at age 19 and was a real hero. Dole was a part of the true Band of Brothers and almost lost his life while protecting his squad. Bush had a cushy ride during Viet Nam which almost all of us would have loved to have had. Clinton never mounted up, cushy or not. Kerry performed admirably in an environment where he could have been killed.

Pick one. But be consistent.