Wednesday, July 21, 2004

A Quick Thought/Question...

I just got back from driving around running errands in my big, evil, gas-guzzling SUV (I saw someone with a bumper sticker that said "Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my gun" --that rules). Don't worry 91Ghost--it is a Grand Cherokee NOT a Hummer (and it actually gets pretty decent gas mileage...) Anyway, my point. I was listening to Sean Hannity and he had a caller that raised a really great point (ironically he was from Philly-actually that's not ironic at all --sorry Alanis Morrisette overtook me for a second) Oh yeah, my point. Ok the caller was referencing the fact that John FORBES Kerry has been in the Senate now for 20 years and has never sponsored and had a bill passed. He went on to say that Kerry claims that he will 'change world opinion', but considering he couldn't even change his colleague's opinions that seems unlikely. I HONESTLY would like to hear a democrat/liberal/independent's answer to what signs of leadership skills this man can possess if in 20 years he couldn't get one thing passed. It seems that there is one of two explanations:
1) He has no diplomacy or persuasion skills.
2) He has really bad ideas that even his liberal friends won't sponsor/pass.
Now, you are not allowed to answer a question with a question and say --'what did Bush do before he was President'...He is President already and we do not deal in hypotheticals here (unless they are mine). Bush has had many bills passed (and supposedly with false info so he must be pretty good).
I would love some honest thoughts because I really don't get it....


MonicaR said...

I don't get it either - and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear some sort of sane response to your questions.

Oh! I love my old Lincoln - and I admit it guzzles gas and scares the birds when I drive by.

leftyjones said...

Ok....I've been baited and I'm jumping on the hook.
I'll try to answer this as easily and as honestly as I can and I'll use a stupid story to do so.
Let's pretend that about 8 of us are driving around in a big ol' gas guzzlin' All-Terrain-so-I-can-drive-to the-mall vehicle.
Now let's pretend that the guy that just under half the people in the vehicle voted for is driving the car.
Let's pretend that he has never successfully driven anything in his life.
and just for fun.....let's pretend he's insane.
On top of all of this, he keeps veering of the road to kill small bunny sized animals while screaming out, " they are a threat to this vehicles security!!!!"
Never mind the fact that real threats exist to our car and are being ignored.
Now, a number of us in the car also believe that this vehicle has a number of economical issues that are being charged to the credit card of "Your kids will pay Bank" But.....I don't even need to go into this part as I can simply move to the point.
Another passenger offers to drive the car.
Is he a better driver? Some may say yes....some may say no but a reasonable number of passengers are willing to take that chance because what they DO know is that this current driver isn't looking out for them.
That about answers it.

You may not like the answer or you may not be satisfied with it but do not believe for a second that dissatisfaction cannot decide an election. This country is split so deeply and so evenly that it's only going to take a small number to swing it. There is no comparing this to previous elections or circumstances. It's truly unique and it's close.

justrose said...

Lefty, sometimes I need Cliffs Notes to follow your complex metaphors, yet I am in awe of your metaphorical brain. You truly have a gift.

On the subject of gas and electric bills -- I'd just like to say that we here at the Rowhouse are what's known as a "good pay." And we don't countenance having to pay for those who are not.

leftyjones said...

Amen, Sister justrose, I stand with you in the good pay column. And for the record, I voted for the Republican Katz twice....but to no avail.

A metaphorical gift? I must confess that I'm not sure but sense that I may be the victim of some well deserved sarcasm. Anyway....not sure about the gift part but I have been called "Special" once or twice.

I have had to meet Street due to my job on a number of occasions and can say that he is a personally nasty and ill-tempered man. His policies aren't always wrong but they wind up being implemented in stupid backward ways and I believe that he, and many of the politicians that surround him, do not govern for the people on the whole but for their constituency alone.....and that constituency does not include white people.
Absolute power in the hands of any party leads to corruption and old fashioned bad government. I'm afraid that this town needs an enema.
How bout' a trade? Republicans for Philly and a Democrat for Washington?

ALa said...

No trade. As I was part of the evil 'white flight', I have left the hallowed halls and Mr. Street "Aint My Mayor No More", so I think I will pass on the trade. Let it be known that I would vote for Condeleeza, JC Watts or Alan Keyes in a heartbeat...this is a bad mayor thing --not a black mayor thing.

ALa said... lefty --what if most of the passengers think that he is perfectly sane, they had worked at a vet for 9 years and realized that the bunnies were rabid. The other passengers couldn't get past the fact that they were bunnies to see the foam coming out of their mouths.

Kat said...

I'll add to that comment...what if the person that offered to drive doesn't have a driving license. As a matter of fact, you know that they have tried 20 times to get a driving license and has failed every time. Are you going to trust him to drive?

Then, we see the bunny rabbits are actually throwing themselves at the SUV with little suicide bomber vests on and the whole road is full of bunny rabbits, some with vests and some without. What is your recommendation, Mr. Lefty? Stop the car? Turn around and go home? Try running over the bunny rabbits with only the suicide bomber vests on and maybe kill a few of the "nice" bunny rabbits that you have to wonder why in the hell they are hanging out with bunny rabbits with suicide vests on in the first place.

gggeeeeesh....that is a twisted metaphor, but it can swing both ways.

riceburner147 said...

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date.