Sunday, July 18, 2004

Of Course there is NO liberal Bias in the Media!

Here is a quote from Moby the other day:
"the bi-partisan senate 9-11 commission has concluded beyond a shadow of a doubt that there were no wmd's in iraq and that there was no connection between iraq and al-qaeda and there was no reason for bush to have waged war against iraq."
Members of the 'bi-partisan' 9/11 commission went on various news shows to rebut how the media had handled this report. They said that the report in NO WAY said that there were no connections between Iraq and Al Qaeda --in fact the report sited that they found numerous connections. What the site couldn't find was 'operational collaboration' for 9/11. Quite a different thing there Moby.
Curiously there has been no report from Moby about the Oil for Food Scandal at his precious United Nations. There has been not a peep about the fact that they have now proved that Ambassador Joe Wilson was a LIAR --and that his reports actually bolstered findings that Iraq was indeed looking to buy Uranium from Africa. Where are the apologies for the accusations against Bush for his State of the Union that stated this --and was true!
I will agree that the post-war situation in Iraq may not have been fully planned through, BUT I truly believe that the reason for this was that The President (& his Admin) 100% believed that they would find the WMD's and then all the other countries would have to bow their heads in shame and come and help us out. This was not the case, but I think that it shows that Bush is not a liar --he honestly thought they would be there. We can argue about what happened to them. I find it a bit hard to believe that the ENTIRE world and two Administrations got the intelligence wrong. Everyone moans about the 'rush to war', but I think 17 resolutions at the UN and a year of build-up after the final resolution were plenty of time for a trip over the Syrian border.


~Jen~ said...

Terrific post! Do you ever read
Liberal bias is a frequent topic. If you've never been there, it is well worth the visit. My Dad turned me on to it.

Something you wrote on one of your other posts has really resonated with me. I think it was on the post about Canadians?..."I had to fight the urge to post a comment and risking giving the person an ounce of legitimacy"...

That's so true. Golly is that ever true.
I have to work harder on resisting that urge to challenge the loonies. *grin*

~Jen~ said...

Now that's just scary. I read almost all of the sites you linked to on a regular basis. There's a couple I am unfamiliar with. I'm heading off to check them out.

Do you ever read That's another good one.

MonicaR said...

Hey! So true - and I'm sure he hasn't said anything about the 17 missiles found to have chemicals loaded - with an entire warehouse full of missiles yet to be tested.

Moby just can't stand the truth apparently