Tuesday, July 20, 2004

How the Great Have Fallen...Fast

Over the past six or seven months there has been an all-star lineup of liberals coming out against the Bush Administration --and then, conveniently adding their names to the growing section of Bush-bashing books on the front table at Barnes and Noble.

Each person has been the star-of-the-moment, splashed all over the news for days and touted for their service and truthfulness—YET when something has happened to expose them as liars or to discredit them- they just disappear from the radar screen. Poof. (A little like that pesky Oil For Food scandal!!!)

Sandy Berger (burglar?), the former Clinton NSA, is now under investigation for shoving classified documents in his UNDERPANTS and socks (allegedlyJ). He has now resigned as Kerry’s aid (Did the Clinton’s leak it? Oh, that’s for another day). What was in the documents? Was it information about the three offers that Clinton had from the Sudan to ‘take Bin Laden’? Was it info to help Kerry’s campaign? I seem to remember that after he testified everyone sang his praises---but let’s not gloat because I am sure that this is all a vast right wing conspiracy to take attention from the 9/11 commission report.

What would they say if this had been Condeleeza?

‘Terrorism Czar’ DICK Clark was the star of the moment –every show on every channel. Michael Moore lauded him, Moby praised him…all the libs evoked his name to justify their crazy liberal theories of how ‘Bush told all the Jewish people to leave the Twin Towers and then let the planes fly into them’ and other truly intellectual ideas like that. Richard Clark was exposed by a Fox news interview done the year before where he had stated that 1) there was no plan for Al Qaeda passed from the Clinton to the Bush Administration and 2) the Bush Admin. increased CIA capabilities and the plan to go after Al Qaeda by FIVE FOLD. ALSO, as I have been told, a chunk of Michael Moore’s schlockumentary is based on the ‘fact’ that members of the Bin Laden family were allowed to fly right after 9/11 when there wasn’t a plane in the sky and it was all personally sanctioned by Bush. WRONG! It was after the planes were back in the air and who gave the clearance for all of them? Michael Moore’s hero –DICK Clark.

‘Ambassador’ Joe Wilson, another of the 60 minutes book deal club, claimed that he was sent to Africa with no help or recommendation from his CIA wife (LIE), and that he found and reported that there was no proof that Saddam was seeking to buy Uranium. He says that he gave this info to the Bush Admin., and that they blatantly ignored it. The 9/11 commission says that Wilson’s report BOLSTERED the case that Iraq was indeed looking to buy uranium. Did Saddam want radio active smoke alarms, because that is the only use for uranium that I can find… besides, of course, the proliferation of NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

In their rush to smear the President, democrats have clung to any figure with a grim tale to tell before fully vetting their stories. They hailed Michael Moore then bowed their heads as Christopher Hitchens tore him to shreds. They have disenfranchised the true Democrats (Miller, Lieberman, Evan Byah –they even lost Dennis Miller) to embrace the leftist fringe of the party. If the Republicans had person after person making slanderous claims and consistently being proved liars it would be on the front page of the New York Times for at least 97 days –just like the Abu Ghraib ‘torture’ photos.

I don’t know if I can take 3 ½ more months of this…


MonicaR said...

Amen to that sister. It's disgusting isn't it? How something important becomes meaningless to the left. Truly amazing - and the only reason I know the things you post of is because I work very hard at finding the news. I can't even read a frikkin' newspaper anymore. They make me sick. Thank God for the internet.

91ghost said...



leftyjones said...

Wow....glad to see 91ghost took his happy pills today. Hate to see him on a bad day.
Seems to be a lot of anger amongst you and your group of fans here and I have a hard time figuring out why.
You own the House of Representatives, you own the Senate, you own the Vice President and the puppet who answers to him. You own talk radio and Fox, which certainly levels the media playing field complaint(whinefest) that has been brought up for years.
It should be a good day in Republican America.
Nothing but smiles and sunny days.
And if you can't get your agenda to pass now there is really no one to blame but yourselves.
Enjoy the power you have craved. Enjoy the limelight and be happy.
I just don't understand why the lot of you aren't just grinning down to your red, white and blue skivvies......
Unless you sense .....that it's a failed experiment.
Maybe there is a sense that your addiction to the opiate of power is threatened....that a change is coming.
I guess it would be kind of tough to pull the strap, inject a little mainline "Cheney" into your veins and then collapse in a power induced stupor if you sense that the drugs are going to run out in about 3 and a half months. Might I suggest a little Hannity or Rush to ease the pain? They'll help to keep you in the same stupor but their lack of real power is much less harmful.
My suggestion ALa71.....find a comfy chair, smile as you think of the good times and enjoy the sunset. In 3 and a half months.....it will all be over.

ALa said...

Nick Berg is buried in a cemetery across the street from my house -literally. It is a constant and somber reminder of the world that we live in now. I hate that my boys will not have the carefree existence that I had...I hate that my 5 year old was playing GI Joes with his brother a named the bad guys: Uday, Qusay, and Saddam Bin Laden (appropriate to combine both into one person I guess), I hate that he asked me why I was acting weird when we took the train downtown to the Franklin Institute (when I asked the conductor why there was a backpack under a seat that turned out to be one of the workers), I hate that Pennsylvania changed the Meagan's Law and sex offenders can't be found on line here like in ever other state-- because it would be 'cruel and unusual punishment' to alert parents that there is a child molester living next door to them (homeland terrorists)... Did our parents feel like this about the Soviet Union? All that I remember my parents being concerned with was grounding me for some infraction or another....

91ghost said...

Lefty Jones: You probably would hate to see me on a "bad day." Perhaps the sun is setting in America, as your side is salivating at the prospect of abrogating our sovereignty to the world puppet masters--a.k.a., the U.N. Thank you. Thank you for a future where the state will wipe my ass for me, and stick its nurturing breast in my mouth, from the cradle to the grave. Thank you for a future where the only thing that will count for anything is if my skin has a dark hue to it, or my sexual prediliction leans toward the male anus. Thank you for a future where the Government's share of the Gross Domestic Product will be well over 60 percent--because that worked so superbly in the Soviet Union, you know!! Thank you for the thought police that own academia today--it's great to know we have a climate in those hallowed halls akin to the brownshirts of 1930s Germany. Thank you for your speech codes. Thank you for making me a criminal if I defend my family. Thank you for letting those live who murder and rape, all the while not batting an eye at the genocidal money making industry called "abortion." Thank you for defying all common sense and letting the legions illegally cross our borders and then insisting that those of us who are lawful, tax-paying citizens foot their bills for education, healthcare, social services--basically supporting every aspect of their leech like existence. Thank you Lefty Jones, oh thank you ever so much for the Orwellian nightmare that we are precipitously descending into.

p.s. I don't listen to Hannity or Rush. Only Michael Savage---I suggest you give him a try.

leftyjones said...

I suppose we shouldn't use ALa71's space to have our lovefest but I have a feeling she is smiling in approval.
Dear Spaceghost,
You leave me to wonder if you sit in a room with the blinds pulled tight and only occasionally do you dare to run outside under the cover of darkness.
You see, it's dangerous out there and everyone is watching you.
I will personally donate a pull roll of aluminum foil to you so that you can wrap it tight around your head when you're sitting there...
eyes squinted tight.....thinking real hard.
You see my man....they might be tapping into your thoughts. You can't ever tell about those democrats.
Why, I just heard the other day that you better never get a transfusion at the hospital, even if desperate. You see, there's a rumor that they are genetically altering the blood to turn us all into left wing libs.
Sheesh....it's a scary place out there.

Listen freak show
As I stated before....an unprecedented amount of American political power lies with one group, with one side.....your side.
So let them make their bold moves to save the universe and let history judge their efforts. If anything, you may just find that all that is proved is that it matters very little which party is in power. Nothing drastic changes.
My "lefty' moniker is fun but misleading....you see, I may be just left of center but moderate on a lot of issues and not easily pegged into one hole.
I know Rush taught a lot of people that "Libs" are all the same....well I'm a person not a category and I make my decisions.
It's a shame the world is such a dark place for you but I'd like to offer some advice.
When applying the foil to your head....remember not to wrap too tight. You see....it cuts off the flow of blood and leaves you not thinking clearly, possibly delusional and often times PARANOID.
If you listen closely......you may just hear those unmarked black helicopters coming for you.

ALa said...

leftyleft_On a serious note...history has proved that in a time of war/tumoil, it is not good to have a democrat in office. Now with terrorism, iran, N. korea, etc. we can not have John FORBES Kerry in the oval office (or Tom criuse with a mole). He turned against his own troops after Vietnam and he has all but said that he will have our military deployed only after UN permission is granted --PLEASE tell me that you don't find that very disconcerting! It's OK, you can vote for Bushie in the privacy of the booth --none of us will tell.

91ghost said...

Well, Lefty, since you have resorted, as most of you histrionic prone leftists tend to do, to sheer drama, I guess our "lovefest" is over. You responded to nothing I had to say. I remember I was called paranoid once...about 8 years before 9/11. It was in the indoctrination camp, oops, I mean college...in a class discussion I commented on how most likely the U.S. would take a major hit on our soil by the middle east, and the Government would respond with massive new domestic police powers. I was called that leftist rallying tag :"extremist." But I guess I was just being paranoid right? And again, I don't listen to Rush or Hannity---just Michael Savage. I again suggest you open your mind up a bit and give him a try...

MonicaR said...

Lefty really didn't say a goddamned thing, did he/she? Oh - that's right - you're left of center. Just like Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather et al. Okay hon. We understand.

leftyjones said...

*** Warning*** Longest Post Ever

Because I just had to keep the "lovefest" going...

1. I know no Democrats who personally wish to "abrogate our sovereignty" to the U.N.
I do think that a statesman could probably have put together an actual coalition rather than a coalition of the weaklings. I mean, hell, with the exception of England, I could round up a couple local punks and invade and occupy most of the rest of the "mighty" coaltion countries.

2. Neither I, nor the state want anything to do with your ass or wiping it. I personally believe in offering hands up, not hand outs. And I'm very against the largest group of people sucking up entitlements and welfare in this country. You know who I mean....the corporations.

3. I don't care what color your skin is. I believe the most qualified individuals deserve jobs. End of story.
But don't act like racism isn't a problem in this country and please don't tell me that you believe that we are a color blind society that hires on merit. I don't believe in quotas but I have yet to hear a Republican politician address that there is a problem, much less a solution.

4. Again....with this ass thing. Are you hitting on me?
I dont know of any Democrats who want preferential treatment for gays...but I do know some who believe that it's fair to offer equal protection to gay couples. What do I care if Rob wants to marry Bob? How does it hurt my family? As a human, I can sympathize that if Bob and Rob share a life together, they may want to have some rights to be there at the end of their lives for each other...they may want to share healthcare. Wow...that's scandalous!

5. Ok...the gross domestic product comment is just stupid but if you are actually concerned about it then I suggest you question your ruling elders as to why they are piling up an unimaginable debt for us and for our children to pay.....all for enough tax cut money for most working Americans to buy a Playstation.
Eliminate the debt and bask in reasonable GDP numbers.

6. Pick a better university or fight to change it.
I went to Villanova....a Catholic...rich kid...right wing school. All while I was not Catholic, not rich and not right wing. The teachers were pretty well mixed from left to right but my opinions were firm. I was open to ideas but strong enough to know who I was and what I thought. I'm sorry you weren't.

7. Speech codes??? Visit the FCC rulings before starting on that. Michael "thanks daddy" Powell...you know, the guy on that unelected body that decides the rules on what we may or may not be allowed to hear. Please...

8. Not sure about the "defending your family" bit. I know I'd defend mine to the death....criminal or not. You're going to have to give me more here.

9. The abortion issue and the death penalty ones are tough ones and SURPRISE...not all Dems feel the same way about them. I lean towards being pro-choice but I'll simply offer this up.
You want to kill serious criminals.
Many of these serious criminals value nothing. they were brought up with no love, no instruction and a pathetic family. Does this excuse them??? NO, of course not.
Just riddle me this Batman......what happens to the extra 3 or 4 million unwanted children who would be born each year? Do they grow up to rob or kill me or my kids? Do we have a plan for them....cause their parents sure won't? Do you plan to adopt large numbers of them?
This whole topic is a bit mind numbing and it's not funny I agree. I just think that if you value life at conception....you better show a propensity to do so after birth occurs as well.

10. Hehehe.....as far as the foreigners question goes.
Where do you think most of these people work? Who do they work for? What jobs do they take? Most of them do service industry or farm jobs for dirt pay. They take jobs Americans don't want or won't take because the hours are long and the pay sucks.This isn't new....this is the American immigrant history. Do you think that we couldn't defend our border w/ Mexico if desired?? I believe you're brighter than that. You know and I know that they get in because the economy and the corporations rely on their cheap labor. You don't have to pay for their educations, healthcare or any of it....just be prepared to pay hyper inflated prices when the low/ illegally low wage earner pool disappears. Either way....you lose the money.

There are your answers. A little thought to leave you with. While there is a desire in both the far right and left wing to commandeer their parties, it doesn't mean that everyone has the same views. How could a country this size be truly represented by 2 parties? In my view, you pick the one that you lean to the most and be brave enough to vote your mind when the time comes. Trust me....I'm open minded and I'll gladly listen to anyone, including Michael Savage. Maybe one day when you're done playing puppet....you'll rip his hand out and find that you have a few differing opinions of your own.

ALa said...

leftyjones_I will just speak to 3 of your points...1)I think that with the often mentioned (by me) Oil for Food 'thingy' at the UN Dems and Repubs can agree that there was NO way France, Germany and Russia were coming with us. Let's face it --even if Saddam had their wives strapped to nuclear war heads pointing at the US, they were not giving up 90 million and all the kickbacks. 7)If you look at the FCC's website, the main person leading the 'speech witch hunt' is a Democrat named Michael J. Copps, no one is looking to take Howard off the air BUT Senator Tom Harkin (D) actually put in a defense appropriation bill that Rush should be off military radio. Now That my friends is the govenment trying to censore someone for political dissent. 8) I believe 91Ghost was talking about the right to bear arms...(refer back to Kennedy bumper sticker...hahaha)

riceburner147 said...

All that I remember my parents being concerned with was grounding me for some infraction or another..

I happen to know this is not "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth". AND, IM tellin your mom. ;>)

btw, great blog, you are a force to be reckoned with.