Friday, July 23, 2004

DNC Convention: Schedule of Events

Democratic National Committee

Attn: Terry McAwful

Official 2004 Democratic National Convention Schedule

6:00pm –Opening Flag Burning Ceremony

6:05pm –Pledge of Allegiance to the United Nations

6:10pm –Secular words by the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

6:30pm –Anti-War Song Performed by: Babs, Linda Ronstadt, Bono, Bon Jovi

6:45pm –Teddy Kennedy proposes a toast

7:00pm –Spoken word tribute to France by Jeannine Garafolo

7:10pm –Collect offering plates for Al-Zawahri Legal Defense Fund

7:15pm --"Recognizing Hate Crimes" workshop by Senator Robert C. Byrd

7:30pm –Spoken word tribute to Germany by Al Franken

7:45pm –Uplifting video montage --Michael Moore

8:25pm –Teddy Kennedy proposed another toast

8:30pm –Terrorist Appeasement Seminar –“The Spanish Example”

9:00pm –Marriage Ceremonies for same-sex partners (on small stage)

9:30pm –CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN strongly urge defeat of President Bush

9:45pm –ACLU distributes “help censor Fox News” petitions

10:00pm –Posting of the Iranian & North Korean colors by Sean Penn & Tim Robbins

10:10pm –Reenactment of Kerry’s ‘medal toss’

10:20pm –Reenactment of the famous Dean-Scream “Yeeeeaarrrrgggg!”

10:30pm –Abortion demonstration by N.A.R.A.L (sign up sheets at N.O.W. booth)

10:40pm –Teddy Kennedy proposes another toast

10:50pm –Special thanks to the New York Times, Washington Post and LA Times

11:00pm –Lawyers lobby presents: “How to Maximize Medical Malpractice”

11:15pm –George Soros presents “How to Maximize Welfare Workshop”

11:30pm –Saddam Hussein anti-death penalty pep rally

11:50pm –Teddy Kennedy proposes another toast

12:00am –Nomination of John FORBES Kerry as Democratic candidate

(*Just Added* -5:00am –Swimming & water safety class conducted by Senator Ted Kennedy –advance enrollment required)

This was sent to me and i just had to post if for everyone to enjoy (after re-writing some of it that I thought was silly).
Original Idea (?) Sent to me by (justrose) Re-written by (ALa71)


justrose said...

I seldom laugh out loud when I write LOL. But ROFLMAO at the "uplifting video montage." Well done.
PS Love the pics --

~Jen~ said...

Loved the post. I did a "YAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR" in honor of Howard Dean.

aprildawn said...

funny post. even though i'm a lefty. i live in boston, making it even funnier. i can't wait to see the one about the republican convention in are going to post one, right? :-)

Comunidade Chao said...

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