Monday, July 19, 2004

The Debate: Values?

It seems strange to me that in the hot pre-election days, that al qaeda has gleefully promised to be the 'summer of blood'; the debate has turned to 'values'. As Islamic extremists continue to practice their sacred act of beheading our candidates are arguing values.
This begs the question, "What are values?" Are they what you value and what will drive your leadership or are they a core stem of morality within your person? Bush claims the values of the conservative platform: faith, family, country. Kerry said to the NAACP (after throwing up the black power sign -sorry that is funny no matter how many times I think about it) that he thinks values have nothing to do with morality or belief, but instead jobs and fighting aids. He said that AIDS is the biggest problem facing our country. Hmmm...funny, i thought it was preventing a dirty bomb.
As I thought about who should get to define values, I remembered Kerry saying that Whoopi Goldberg's anti-Bush rant at Radio City Music Hall (bottle in hand -expletives flying) represented the values of Americans. Does Whoopi Goldberg represent us? Now, don't get me wrong...I am a 100% advocate of free speech. If Whoopi wants to make comparisons of Bush's last name to parts of the female body --it might be tired and obvious for a professional comedian and I would think she could be a bit more original, but never-the-less it is her right. That night (at a Kerry/Breck Boy fundraiser) the President was called a poo-tang, a liar, a killer and a thief. a time of war. wow.
Now I wanted to compare this with an event that took place that very same night about an hour away that has gotten little or no coverage from the very balanced main steam media. Sean Hannity & Ollie North's "Freedom Concert" at Six Flags in Jackson, NJ. It was a concert to raise money for the children of all the soldiers that have been killed or injured in Iraq or Afghanistan (raised over 2 million) -the Kerry/Breck concert raised 7.5 for...Kerry/Breck. At Six Flags there were flags everywhere (American flags! -thank God the ACLU wasn't notified!), soldiers brought up from Walter Reed Medical Center (GREAT guys!), Bush/Cheney shirts, signs and stickers, smiles, cheers, chants of USA. In front of 12,000 people Darryl Worley sang, Martina McBride, Ted Nugent, and Danny Aiello (believe it or not a pro-Bush celebrity). There were NO bad things said about Kerry -actually he wasn't even a thought. It was Pro-troops, Pro-America, Pro-Bush, Pro Pro pro.... I know, I was there.
Quite a contrast to Anti-war, Anti-Bush, Anti-Cheney, Anti-haliburton, anti anti anti...
This was a nice snapshot (to me anyway) of values. To me it is summed up in the difference between the "Bush/Cheney '04" and "Anybody But Bush" bumper stickers. I am FOR something. I KNOW what I believe. I believe that GWB is the person that best represents my values. He has moral conviction and doesn't cave to poll numbers. He doesn't tell Jewish groups that the wall around Israel is a necessity one day and the Palestinians that the wall is a crime the next. He doesn't say that he owns five SUVs in Detroit and on Earth Day claim that he has none. Some may say that it is Bush's moral clarity that scares them, because they don't have the same beliefs as him and they know that he will not change --they call it closed minded. I say if you believe in something and don't stay with it you didn't really believe. If John Kerry is elected we have no idea what we will get because he hasn't said --and that my friends, in the summer of blood and the ancient sacred practice of beheadings --scares the shit out of me!


91ghost said...

Wow. We really are living in a genuinely polarized nation. Honest to God, there really is one side that gets it, and one side that does not. Regarding Israel's wall: I have to seriously question the true motives and agenda of anybody or any entity that would deny a sovereign nation its most natural right of defending itself. This move to prevent the wall from going up is not even so much about the wall in itself, but it is about those who really do want some kind of international, centralized global state calling all the shots, relegating each sovereign nation to a "member state." I am so tired of hearing it from the sympathizer crowd. Quite simply, the enemy within is creating the conditions for another hit.

I've been to the Outer Banks--it's starting to get built up in some places, but still, it's one of the more spectacular pieces of coast in the world.

MonicaR said...

Oooohh, so much said here. I agree with everything you say here. In addition I would like to say that my husband and I just signed a petition to get the US out of the UN. (and the UN out of the US...) Can't stand the UN - can't stand 'em.