Friday, July 30, 2004

What I Have Learned From the Left -"Crystal Clear"

    1. The first rule is to question everything that the President does –even in a time or war. It is our duty in a democracy and it is unpatriotic not to do so –especially in a time of war. If the ‘other side’ says that we are aiding and abetting the enemy –we scream ‘foul’ and claim that they are contesting our constitutional guarantee of dissent.

    2. The second rule is ALWAYS distrust the motives of the President –it’s a personal check and balance that keeps us safer.

    3. We must always criticize the economy –regardless of what the numbers show. It is unpatriotic to assume that ‘America can’t be better’. It would dishonor those killed on 9/11 not to expect more of our leaders.

    4. We must always remember the economic horn of plenty that Clinton provided-don’t let anyone imply this was a tech bubble; and reject the idea of the Clinton/Gore recession in 2000-2001 because they can not be blamed that a tech bubble burst.

    5. You can cover all political bases by voting for a war, but then criticizing it later. This is an important rule as you will always have two sides to stand on regardless of the crowd that you are addressing. The hawks will respect you for voting for it, and the doves will love you for protesting against it.

    6. If your constituents are mad that you voted for the war just vote against the funding of the war. To avoid people saying that you are hurting the troops, claim that the bill was worded wrong and that you didn’t want to give the President a ‘blank check’. When all else fails continue to evoke the evils of the President.

    7. Attempt to discredit everyone in the current Administration even if some were appointed by your political allies. When they are correct –take credit. If they mess up –cut them and run and blame the Administration for keeping him too long.

    8. Use any minor infraction to discredit the opposition. Try not to belittle the soldiers, because the American people won’t like that but the Administration is fair game. If you discover people putting underwear on someone else’s head or treating a prisoner in any way less than would be expected at the Waldorf Astoria, report ‘wide-spread torture’ and keep using the word ‘atrocity’. While you are at it –bring impeachment charges against the President just incase he wins a second term-start proceeding immediately. Downplay any horror committed by the opposition as retaliation for the war in general.

    9. Do not let them use Nick Berg / Paul Johnson as a diversion to any news here at home –dwelling on these deaths may remind the people what we are fighting for and there is a possibility they may rally behind the President.

    10. Constantly remind your constituents of all the awful things that America has done –never let them de-humanize the enemy or label them as ‘terrorists’ because they will relate it to 9/11 and may rally behind this corrupt administration. Remind them that we have done terrible things to African Americans and the Japanese and that we are not superior to anyone-reiterate cultural tolerance (Maybe even quote one of the 'nice' verses from the Koran).

    11. Don’t let America forget that we too have bombed things and killed innocent civilians and that the opposition in the Middle East are just young freedom fighters who strongly believe in what they are fighting for …didn’t we kill the British when we felt that they were invading our land.

    This is what I have learned in the past two weeks in my conversations with liberals on these blogs. It is wrong for me to have a flag or a yellow ribbon because that is implying that Republicans own Patriotism and that those who don’t want to fly the flag somehow love the country less than I do. I should be more worried about protecting a person’s right to borrow 'Tthe Anarchist Cookbook' from the library, and having it be kept private, than the security of my homeland –because that is the premise my homeland was built on. I should never insinuate that we should feel funny if 5 Muslim men -in there 20s- all get on my plane reading the Koran... because that would be racial profiling and lots of Muslims love the West and if we go down that road they may all end up in interment camps. The other side can accuse the president of every atrocity known to man, but I can question nothing about John Kerry because he served in Vietnam

    Does everyone know that…John Kerry was on a swift boat in Vietnam?

    Wanna Play 20 Convention Questions?

    1. Who are the delegates?
    2. Why was everyone at the convention so very unattractive?
    3. Will the GOP convention be as ugly?
    4. Does Vanessa Kerry have nostrils?
    5. Why did they mention that J. Kerry was 6’4” FIVE times?
    6. Why wasn’t P. Diddy clapping?
    7. Why does Alexandria Kerry have SO many teeth?
    8. Why did the “John Kerry movie” timeline go-Soldier>Dad>Prosecutor>Presidential Nominee…wasn’t he a Senator for 20 years?
    9. Were the vets on the stage real or actors?
    10. Why doesn’t Max Cleland wear any prosthesis?
    11. If 90% of the delegates there were anti-war –why all the glorification of war?
    12. If he has 70 billion dollars, why hasn’t John Edwards had that mole removed?
    13. If they don’t want to “limit educational opportunities”, why vote against the school voucher program?
    14. Do you get to pick your own secret service guys?
    15. Why does John Kerry always wear the same tie?
    16. Why hasn’t John Kerry been back for his follow-up Botox injections?
    17. Why is Gary Heart so damn grumpy?
    18. Why is the DNC suddenly claiming the GOP values of “Faith, Family, Country”?
    19. Why does John Edwards keep having his little kids up so late?
    20. Does the Bush-bashing resume today?

    Thursday, July 29, 2004

    On My Mind Today...

    Here is small tour through my head at any given time during the day…

    *** I watched as much of Edwards’ revised stump speech as I could handle last night…I hate that him and his mole keep saying that he is practicing the ‘politics of hope’ while in the next breath he talks about ‘Two Americas” (this is politico-speak for playing class warfare and the race card). How divisive and coming from the richest ticket that has ever thrown their hats in the Presidential ring… (We will go into the whole hypocrisy of him even mentioning high health care costs at a later date)

    *** My husband has to have two knee replacements and I am a stay-at-home mom/student. This is always on my mind…Last year, after taking the leap in 2002 to start his own business; he was stopped at a red light when an 18-wheeler plowed into him without ever touching the brakes. Was the guy asleep, on drugs, over-worked by his union…who knows and quite frankly I don’t really care. His carelessness has the potential to ruin everything we have worked so hard for…

    *** I want to see Kerry’s divorce records. The Dems have adopted a republican platform at the “re-Invention Convention” this week and are not only evoking God (guess the ACLU doesn’t have delegates there), but are claiming ‘conservative values’. Let’s See Them. I want to see actions –not words…The Democrats had Jack Ryan’s sealed records opened on a hunting expedition-I want an eye for an eye. I have seen reported numerous times that in the years after Kerry divorced his first Millionaire wife, and was running around with various B-Movie actresses, that he was a dead-beat dad. I want to know if that is true! They bitch that W may not have shown up here and there for NG duty (even though he was honorably discharged and they have no proof), but I think being a Dead-Beat dad is WAY worse of an offence. The fact that he wife was suicidal because of their marriage seems bad enough- and that wasn’t sealed…What is he hiding? The folks have the right to know –full disclosure! I also want to see THK’s tax returns…

    *** As with Edwards’ role in the skyrocketing health care costs, Kerry’s Vietnam service is on my mind, but that will have to wait until I can devote the proper amount of time and research to it.

    *** We are supposed to be leaving for the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina on the 7th…I have so much to do before then…

    *** I saw a great bumper sticker the other day:

    “If Theresa doesn’t trust John Kerry with HER money, why should America trust him

    with OURS”.

    *** I have to go food shopping and I have been putting it off all day –I used to love going and now I hate it, but I have no idea how the transition came about…

    Wednesday, July 28, 2004

    The Left Direction

    Do you see what I mean about how people answer the poll question "Is the country going in the right direction?"
    Uh, no..I'd say it's going in the left direction...

    Oh God, I almost forgot...when Janeane Garofalo was on Sean Hannity today, she bestowed these peals of wisdom on the listening audience...I had to write them down ------
    I report -you decide...(haha)

    "The Soviet Union was collapsing and no threat"
    "The Ronald Reagan myth needs to end"
    "George Soros was instramental in ending the cold war"

    This ties in beautifully with earlier conversations:

    Tuesday, July 27, 2004


    I know we all have been talking about the "14 Syrian Musicians" and this (link below) article makes it sound A LOT worse (if that's possible). I know it's kind of long, but worth the read!
    -14 Syrians
    -Air Marshall kicks down plane bathroom door to find a man removing the mirror -what was behind the mirror___THE COCKPIT
    -Middle Eastern men rush the cockppit -then stop short ...trying to flush out Air marshalls...
    Scary stuff :

    The GOOD The BAD and The UGLY -More Random Thoughts...

    The Good:

    Anne Coulter was booted from her job of covering the “Democratic Re-Invention Convention” by USA today for…being Anne Coulter. I wanted to post a paragraph from the article that got the papers panties in a twist –

    Written by Anne Coulter 7/26/04:

    “…the corn-fed, no make-up, natural fiber, no-bra needing, sandal-wearing, hirsute, somewhat fragrant hippie chick pie wagons they call "women" at the Democratic National Convention…” –Anne Coulter (

    Written by me 7/25/04:

    They all dress like they live at Goodwill and wear no makeup and even the cutest of them has uglied herself up beyond recognition with pointy little Lisa Lobe glasses…” ALa71 (

    Now can two ‘angry right-wing blondes’ be wrong?

    Since us fanatical right-wingers are always criticizing Hollywood leftists, I would like to commend Sean P. Diddy Combs for two things that he has done recently that have impressed me. 1) He heard that the soldiers in Iraq needed baby wipes and sent over and entire truck load. 2) In his ‘Get out and Vote’ campaign he is not encouraging voters to vote for Kerry, but telling them to research the issues and educate themselves –and you know that means… more votes for Bushie!

    I would also like to commend the Australian Prime Minister, Alexander Downer, for his strong words to the Spanish and Filipino governments in regards to bowing to the will of terrorists. “The military withdrawal of the Philippines and Spain from Iraq has encouraged terrorists to continue their threats."
    Amen Brother!

    The Bad:

    Can you believe Clinton had the audacity to bring up Vietnam –and continue the allegation that Bush was AWOL…Bush volunteered for the NG and Clinton dodged the draft and went to England to ‘not inhale pot’ and protest on foreign soil.

    “There was ample risk involved in flying military jets in domestic airspace, certainly. Two of W’s fellow pilots were killed in separate mishaps during the time that he was stationed in Ellington. But there was virtually no chance that W., as a National Guardsmen, would see combat. Aware that his father might encounter criticism over this issue…W volunteered for Palace Alert, a special program that dispatched National Guard pilots to relieve active duty pilots in Vietnam. But W. was turned down. The program was being phased out…” Christopher Anderson- Time Magazine (former contributing editor) People (senior editor) Reporter for Life Magazine & The New York Times.

    Why would you have Jimmy Carter at the DNC convention? Any President who had the term ‘misery index’ created during his Presidency should be hidden away--not center stage.

    Planned Parenthood is now selling t-shirts that say “I had an abortion”. Do I really need to make any comment here…
    (Thanks to Tammi at Road Warrior Survival for pointing this out!)

    The Ugly:

    Michael Moore

    More/Moore lies exposed…

    I have taken to amusing myself with the things that Moby doesn’t write about…any weapons found in Iraq, Saddam’s mass graves, Saddam’s methods of torture, Democracy taking hold (this was even in the front page of the NYT but still not a peep from the techno-king), fast approaching elections in Afghanistan, Oil for Food Scandal, Putin’s warning to President Bush about Saddam, Joe Wilson’s ‘African uranium story’ reported as false in the 9/11 commission report, Sandy Burglar stealing classified documents… His last entry was about, yup, you guessed it –Bush’s National Guard Service…

    Monday, July 26, 2004

    The Nixon Precedent

    Mention amending the Constitution (to stipulate that marriage is between a man and a woman) and you will hear a collective gasp from the left. My God! Those evil Republicans do not respect this sacred piece of paper. How could you amend the Constitution and take away State’s rights, this would be the worst thing since prohibition…

    YET, it is these very same people that are STILL saying that Bush stole the 2000 election. Beyond just saying, “Get over it”; we have to force these people to be intellectually honest. It is a Constitutional directive that our President is elected based on the votes of an electoral college (the word ‘college’ is not actually used-for you sticklers out there)…This is something that was written into the Constitution by our founding fathers.

    The purpose of a representative democracy is to protect smaller states and keep them politically viable. If the election was purely a popular vote the candidates could focus solely on states like Texas and California and never look at the interests of smaller states like Vermont or Maryland. A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win the Presidency. In 2000 Bush got 271 votes and Gore 266. Three major news organizations (Time Magazine, CNN and The New York Times –all fair and balanced publications…) did extensive investigations into that election in the year that followed and they all came to the same conclusion…Bush won. The only voters that were proven to be disenfranchised were the 790 servicemen whose absentee ballots Gore attempted to block (what a Patriot).

    NEVER before in the history of Presidential politics has a candidate sued over the outcome of an election. In 1960 when Nixon ran against JFK there was overwhelming evidence that election fraud had taken place (especially in Southern Texas and Chicago). Nixon was urged to contest the election (even by Ike), but declined. He said, “A challenge would cause a Constitutional crisis, hurt America in the eyes of the world and tear the country apart”…so began the Nixon precedent. In 2000 all of Nixon’s predictions came to fruition. The country was –and still is- torn apart. Bush is blamed for this, but it should be Gore. He didn’t receive enough votes to be President. If Gore would have followed Nixon’s lead our country would not be as bitterly divided as it is during a time that it is imperative we be united.

    I am not bringing this up to argue and rehash election results or the mechanically -challenged people who can’t operate a hole punch in Florida (and if Bush and Gore were both punched on the same ticket- who is to say they were Gore’s votes –I’ve never gotten that). I am bringing this up to show the inconsistency of the left. Almost four years later I still hear some referencing the ‘stolen’ election. If you insist on calling this a stolen election -- you are obviously disregarding our Constitution –therefore you can have no problem with amending it to reflect the will of the majority of Americans…

    Note to Pollsters and Wishful Thinkers:

    I actually got selected to do a Zogby poll the other day and when asked the question “Do you think that the country is going in the right direction?” I said “No.”

    I hear pollsters and DNC talking heads on the news touting the “wrong direction” poll results. What the question doesn’t ask is “Why?”

    Oh, why you ask?

    Because of the division in this country (that we now know was caused by Al Gore), because activist judges are over-riding the votes of the people counted through referendums, and because the ACLU is slowly undermining all that was good in this country and turning us into a secular shell of what we once were.

    So don’t get too excited when you read these polls, because I am sure that I am not the only one in the country that feels the ‘wrong direction’ has nothing to do with George W. Bush.

    The Hillary Factor

    I am really not into the whole black helicopter/conspiracy theory thing…HOWEVER--I do allow myself one indulgence –The Hillary Factor…

    Now, let me preface this apocalyptic post by saying that I was never a ‘right wing Clinton basher’. I thought that his abuse of power was disgusting, but I wasn’t driving around with a 12 foot effigy of him with flames coming out of his pants. He wasn’t a hate inspiring President for me –kind of a non-President. (“Consensus signals the absence of true leadership” Madeline Albright)

    Hillary is another story. She scares the hell out of me. There is a small bit of respect mixed in with that fear (–in the interest of full disclosure). Now, I have tried to think through the two available scenarios by which she will get herself elected as the first female President of the United States in 2008 –because this is the grand plan…that I would bet on. Only one scenario works for her…

    Scenario 1: Bush Wins

    The Clintons control the DNC right now. This is unusual because, technically, it should be Al Gore as he was the last nominee. The head of the DNC, Terry McAwful, is the Clintons hand-picked guy. Dean said that he would fire McAwful should he attain the nomination. Dean was promptly taken out of the race in a scream of agony. Gen. Wesley Clark (whom I found quite handsome –in the interest of full disclosure) was also hand picked by the Clintons as the ‘anti-Dean’ –with full knowledge that he didn’t have a shot in hell. It is no coincidence that it was Clark that leaked that the “Kerry intern problem will cause Kerry’s candidacy to implode” to 12 top media outlets, “off the record”, on the day that he bowed out of the race…This failed because the Kerry intern story was never pursued by the mainstream media.

    Kerry’s poll numbers are quite close –if not even with Bush’s and this is a problem for Hillary. If Kerry wins (god forbid) and has a 2-term Presidency (shudder) it will be 2012 –at that point Edwards is the likely nominee and if he gets 8 years (arggh) it puts us at 2020 –which makes Hillary 73 years old.

    She needs Bush to win this election. There are many Democrats that would be very hesitant to vote for a woman president (think teamsters-roofers-plumbers unions), BUT if Bush gets 4 more years the hate on the left will be at historical highs and they would vote for Forest Gump if he ran as a Democrat in ’08. Add Trouser-Gate and my scenario is all but written in stone. This info (the stealing of national archives) was NOT leaked by republicans…Karl Rove is WAY too intelligent for that (call him the devil, but he is smart as hell). The White House had the 9/11 report before the public did and knew that there was nothing damning to the Administration in it. If they were going to leak this they would have held on to it until the weekend before the election (just like the Gore campaign did with Bush’s DUI). SO either the Clintons’ leaked (likely) it or Kerry’s campaign leaked it (Kerry denies knowing about it), figuring better now than later and thinking they could use the convention to make people forget that Sandy Berger was a Kerry campaign foreign policy advisor. The 9/11 report did enough damage to Burglar as it was (4 denied attempts to get Bin Laden) –so what was in those papers? It’s going to be fascinating to watch what else is leaked “by the republican attack machine” (AKA Hillary) to hurt Kerry’s chances in the months ahead. (*for the record –Kerry & Terry McAwful DO NOT get along and Kerry has also made subtle comments about replacing him…bad move).

    Scenario #2: Kerry wins

    Is it worth Bush winning if it all but guarantees a Hillary presidency in ‘08? Would we be better of with 4 years of Kerry? Now some of you may say if Kerry screws up too bad Hillary can run against him for the nomination on ’08, BUT if it was a democrat in office that screwed up another democrat has a slim to none chance of getting elected –history shows this and Hillary knows it!

    Do you see the dilemma? Kerry now or Hillary later…Who would be the least destructive of the two? Hillary may become a hawk to prove that she isn’t a weak woman. If she is elected she will want a two-term Presidency, so she may shift to the center like ‘magical me’ did when he was President.

    This is why Hillary didn’t leave Bill throughout all of his shenanigans. This is the grand plan. There is NO way she is going to let some insignificant senator from Massachusetts take it away from her…

    A little something for everyone (on both sides of the isle) to contemplate as we go into the week of the Convention…and head into the election…should be fascinating!

    Sunday, July 25, 2004


    So I find myself turning 33 tomorrow and looking back at what makes me –me…

    I received an email the other day from a fellow blogger (FarenHate 9/11 listed as a movie favorite) that basically stated (not this bluntly of course): How can a person that listens to Dave Matthews and Bob Marley be a Conservative? How can you hear Bob belting out One Love and hate everyone that is not like you…just curious…have a great night…

    I will be the first to admit that I label people-I do. I make it a game in my head actually…when I am driving I watch people and create who I think they are: “Deaniac” to the scruffy bearded Birkenstock boy in his early 20’s, “Bar softball league” to the slightly beer-bellied, too-old-to-be-wearing-his-baseball-cap-backwards guy with the faded green Miller Lite t-shirt…you get the point.

    I HATE to be labeled. Hypocritical? I don’t know…I meet many 20-somethings (as I have a sister and three brothers that are all 20-somethings) and they are SO predictable. They are MTV, they spout pre-packaged opinions and find themselves enlightened because they French-kissed their best friend in 10th grade. They all gave Dean $25 because that’s all they could afford working non-profit for the Philadelphia Clean Air Council. They all think smoking is horrible and are vegetarians, but have all done Special K and Ecstasy. They all dress like they live at Goodwill and wear no makeup and even the cutest of them has uglied herself up beyond recognition with pointy little Lisa Lobe glasses.

    I try not to be condescending. I really do, but for all their PETA literature and statistics about the number of people in Africa that have to sleep on dirt floors and not mattresses –what have they done? They are so self-absorbed. They remind me of that commercial where four girls are standing in a bathroom all looking at the water running and exclaiming how awful that is and what a waste of water and drag on the environment…as they stand there in horror another girl walks over and turns the water off. I am that girl. They are looking at the waste, wearing cute-slogan t-shirts about it, but I am turning it off.

    I wrote an entire diatribe about compassionate conservatism and how I got to where I am…all the good things I do…and then I deleted it.

    It’s easier than that…At 33 I am the girl who just turns off the water.

    (*exception: one 20-something brother actually volunteers quite frequently*)

    Saturday, July 24, 2004

    The Debate Continues...

    LeftyJones has just informed me that my 'comments' section must be full (Under "Censorship" post) and won't allow for more submissions. I will post the 'debate' about the DNC schedule posting (see below) here and the discourse can resume:
  1. this we'll defend said...

  2. ...Yes I am left of center. If you promise not to believe everything that is said about liberals on Fox News I promise not to believe everything that is said about conservatives on AirAmerica. For instance, I believe in a progressive income tax system, for instance, and hate the Bush tax cuts. That doesn't mean I want to punish the rich for being rich or that I believe in income redistribution or communism (I am VERY capitalist because I think history has shown it to be a more effective system). Instead I believe that we are all better off when we invest in schools, infrastructure, enforcing the rule of law, ensuring poor children have a healthy diet, etc. Just like I believe tax dollars spent on defense can be good or bad depending on how they are spent - spend wisely and we are better off, spend poorly and it is a waste - such as national maginot line - I mean missile defense. And if you disagree with me - God bless America that you and I can do so and not want to imprison each other, or censor each other, or even hate each other. That is what scares me about how partisan and one-sided the nation has become. Next stop: one party state. I don't care which party it is - it is wrong and everybody that believes in democracy and our Republic should say STOP. That is why your "funny" DNC schedule of events really wasn't that funny. Flag-burning? Do you honestly believe that Democrats hate America when they oppose changing the 1st Amendment to prevent flag burning? Or do you think we really burn flags? Or that we want to appease terrorists? Why even suggest it? Don't give me the humor excuse. I'm not blaming you, it is acceptable these days. But that doesn't mean it is right......................So where did our informed, logical, honest argument about national policy go? And how can voters make intelligent decisions when this is the way we learn about the world around us? Don't buy into it. The democrats are not the enemy, but the loyal opposition. The republicans are not the enemy, but the loyal opposition. Anybody that thinks otherwise IS THE ENEMY. (shortened -read entire post under"Censorship")

  3. ALa71 said...

  4. TWD:
  5. A progressive income tax system means that you do want to punish the rich --this doesn't effect the richest people (like Theresa H. Kerry who got their money through an inheritance) it effects the WORKING rich--that are already paying up to 60% of their income on taxes (meaning they are working more than half the year to pay taxes) The rich (1-5%) of this country carry 70% of the tax load --how is that fair and how is that not punishing the rich? Would you even bother to go to work if you were only going to be given 40 cents on each dollar?

  6. I think that just as you have said that history has proven that capitalism works --it has also proven that government programs don't. Did you know that up to 73 cents on EVERY welfare dollar goes to administration cost? What business would be allowed to run that way --what charity wouldn't be criticized and scrutinized were this the case? When I give to charities, the first thing I do is look up what actually goes to the charity (Freedom Alliance 100% =Women for Women International 96%) This is why I believe in small government and private contribution. I can pick where I want MY money to go and I can ensure that the charities stay honest in competition for my dollars.

  7. As for education the Teachers Union (NEA) has gotten more money than any time in history =average dollars per student $9,354, more teachers (one staffer for every 8.2 students), higher pay for teachers (average $44,642 for 9 months) --and has education gotten better? Average reading scores: (on a scale of 1-500) 1971= 285.2 / 2001=287.8 Average Math: 1971 = 300.4 2001=308.2 Illiteracy rates 2000 (4th grade): 63% blacks, 58% Hispanics, 60% children in poverty That is why I believe in School vouchers -pro-choice!

  8. Obviously I cringe at the thought of 'free health care'. Not only did I live in England for a year and experience socialized medicine first hand, but when I was young we had to go to the Police & Fire clinic (as all Police and Fire families did then -now they have Personal Choice) and sit in a jammed waiting room for HOURS waiting for them to call you into the 'big bird room'. You went with a stomach ache and ended up with every ailment known to man after spending HOURS in that germ-infested non-ventilated waiting room.

  9. You said:'spend poorly and it is a waste" I think I have illustrated --the government always spends poorly. It is inherent and too systemic to fix.

  10. As for the DNC schedule...yes (obviously) it is a joke...meant as a slight departure from the stress of the 9/11 report, the election, the war and life in general -BUT it is also a satire of the direction that the Democratic Party is heading.

  11. Do I think that the far left hates American and really burns flags, you ask? Absolutely! If you don't please visit and watch 'operation wolverine'. I am TERRIFIED of the far left. What's in the video: burning American flags with Palestinian and Communist flags flying high, people dressed as homicide bombers, blood stained Israeli flags...SCARY. I hope you watch the video. It's not 10 or 50 people -thousands. Groups like ANSWER/ NARAL / NOW (all lobbyists and contributors to the Democratic Party). So do I think you (no I am sure not you) burn flags...YES. Or that you (once again, I would bet my life not you) want to appease terrorists...YES. So I am not giving you the humor excuse, I am giving you the "I have seen it with my own eyes and I hope you will too" excuse. This is why I said that you must be a Democrat and not a 'left liberal' (big difference). If you have not seen these 'protest' and heard all the anti-American statements made abroad by the likes of Michael Moore and others in the far left --you should before you align yourself with them. As I do not put myself in the same category as the rev. Jerry Falwell and others of that ilk.

  12. So I say don't go to the media. Watch real life. Watch the video, watch the politicians, check the statistics and then decide. I don't hate anyone (well maybe Michael Moore -but I believe in free speech -not libel and slander). I think that most of us have the same goals -just very different methods of achieving them.

  13. The informed, logical, honest argument about national policy is right here -right now...that is in fact why most of us are here right?

  14. Friday, July 23, 2004

    DNC Convention: Schedule of Events

    Democratic National Committee

    Attn: Terry McAwful

    Official 2004 Democratic National Convention Schedule

    6:00pm –Opening Flag Burning Ceremony

    6:05pm –Pledge of Allegiance to the United Nations

    6:10pm –Secular words by the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

    6:30pm –Anti-War Song Performed by: Babs, Linda Ronstadt, Bono, Bon Jovi

    6:45pm –Teddy Kennedy proposes a toast

    7:00pm –Spoken word tribute to France by Jeannine Garafolo

    7:10pm –Collect offering plates for Al-Zawahri Legal Defense Fund

    7:15pm --"Recognizing Hate Crimes" workshop by Senator Robert C. Byrd

    7:30pm –Spoken word tribute to Germany by Al Franken

    7:45pm –Uplifting video montage --Michael Moore

    8:25pm –Teddy Kennedy proposed another toast

    8:30pm –Terrorist Appeasement Seminar –“The Spanish Example”

    9:00pm –Marriage Ceremonies for same-sex partners (on small stage)

    9:30pm –CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN strongly urge defeat of President Bush

    9:45pm –ACLU distributes “help censor Fox News” petitions

    10:00pm –Posting of the Iranian & North Korean colors by Sean Penn & Tim Robbins

    10:10pm –Reenactment of Kerry’s ‘medal toss’

    10:20pm –Reenactment of the famous Dean-Scream “Yeeeeaarrrrgggg!”

    10:30pm –Abortion demonstration by N.A.R.A.L (sign up sheets at N.O.W. booth)

    10:40pm –Teddy Kennedy proposes another toast

    10:50pm –Special thanks to the New York Times, Washington Post and LA Times

    11:00pm –Lawyers lobby presents: “How to Maximize Medical Malpractice”

    11:15pm –George Soros presents “How to Maximize Welfare Workshop”

    11:30pm –Saddam Hussein anti-death penalty pep rally

    11:50pm –Teddy Kennedy proposes another toast

    12:00am –Nomination of John FORBES Kerry as Democratic candidate

    (*Just Added* -5:00am –Swimming & water safety class conducted by Senator Ted Kennedy –advance enrollment required)

    This was sent to me and i just had to post if for everyone to enjoy (after re-writing some of it that I thought was silly).
    Original Idea (?) Sent to me by (justrose) Re-written by (ALa71)

    Thursday, July 22, 2004


    I used to be an avid Howard Stern listener. I listened from the first day that he came on in Philly—I was 15. For weeks before his climactic debut, the station kept running this promo of Stern repeating, “He’s a Dick, He’s a Dick” (referring to the local ‘Morning Zoo’ guy who was #1 back then …you know the type –Hawaiian shirt Fridays and Wacky Wednesdays). Anyway, what could be cooler at 15 than someone saying ‘dick’ on the radio –it was unheard of then. I was hooked. Years ago he did this great bit about turrets before people believed it was a real ailment –he called the principal of a school with the perspective turrets inflicted ‘student’ on the extension. It was SO funny, the kid kept saying all these crazy sexual things and cursing and the Principal was trying to be PC but had no idea what to think.

    I don’t listen to Howard anymore. It isn’t because of his daily bash-Bush tirades. I stopped listening after his wife left him. He wasn’t real anymore and he became another rich, ugly guy with a hot young blonde that wouldn’t have given him the time of day were he not ‘Howard’. I understand why Howard is lashing out about being censored, but I am angry that he is misdirecting that anger. I am even angrier that people are listening to him—he is swaying votes based on false information! Howard ‘the hawk’ had Michael Moore on the other day and kissed his ass!

    We should all be outraged at censorship. Be outraged even if you despise Howard, because it may not stop with him. I hear many conservative Christians saying “Good, take him off, he’s a pig”. What about someone that thinks Rush, Sean or Savage is a pig? TURN THE DIAL PEOPLE. I have been glad to hear Rush, Sean and Glen Beck all defend him…but I have yet to hear that Howard has defended Rush. A defense appropriations bill was recently sent to the Senate where Tom Harkin(D) added a stipulation that Rush be removed from Military radio. That is scary…a senator using a defense bill to censor a political personality.

    With a bit of digging Howard would see that the person leading the ‘indecency’ witch-hunt over at the FCC (did you know that the commissioners regulating what you see and hear are NOT elected officials) is not Michael Powell, but Michael Copps (D). This should NOT be a partisan issue. Just like our soldiers fight to keep the freedoms that allow people to say things that they may not agree with –we need to fight for the same things here at home.

    Random Thoughts...

    Have you all seen the article “Terror in the Skies…Again”? If you haven’t- you should, here’s the link (long but worth the read)
    I think that I will never fly again. I have bungee-jumped, rock-repelled, went white water rafting…but I don’t think I will be on a plane in the foreseeable future. Call me immature or paranoid—I don’t care. I had a very similar experience to the one in the article in 1996 on a plane from London to Philly. I was crying and paralyzed with fear (and that was pre-9/11). Looking back I wonder if I should have notified authorities. Michelle Malkin has been investigating this story. She is linked on my site.

    I heard today that news organizations ‘calling’ the election in 2000 before other states had voted cost Bush 1,400 votes on the western side of Florida alone. Someone called Hannity today to encourage people to go vote regardless of what the news is saying the day of the election…do people really need to be told that?

    The mayor in Philadelphia is the worst ever in the history of the United States of America…ok, ok after Marion Barry he is the worst ever. I heard on CNN that Philly is one of the last cities in the country that still votes purely based on race. The GOP dropped the ball and ran a white dude against this incumbent who ALWAYS plays the race card…”Don’t let them take us out of power”. He defaulted on his student loans, didn’t pay taxes, had his gas and electric turned off and is running the 5th largest city in the country. NOW he wants to add money ($20-$30) to everyone’s gas and electric bills to cover the people that don’t pay! (Aside from trying to close 8 firestations). Are you kidding me? If you were the other person out there that watched the short-lived HBO K Street then you saw James Carville shamelessly using the show to campaign for him…

    Moby hasn’t posted in days…he must know I am watching his every move…

    I think 91Ghost IS Michael Savage….

    It’s really starting to piss me off that every guy I know is making excuses for Scott Peterson…

    I wish Jack Ryan hadn’t pulled out of the race in Illinois. He is a better-looking (and Republican) John-John and he could have gone far in the GOP. He is pro-life, pro-tax cuts, pro-Israel, pro-tough on crime and going after terrorists. If the ‘public sex’ story is true, I am OK with that. After Clinton I find it quite refreshing to see a man dig his own wife that much. I say he should embrace it and campaign on it. What a change that would be….I want to have sex with my own wife…how uplifting.

    Wednesday, July 21, 2004

    A Quick Thought/Question...

    I just got back from driving around running errands in my big, evil, gas-guzzling SUV (I saw someone with a bumper sticker that said "Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my gun" --that rules). Don't worry 91Ghost--it is a Grand Cherokee NOT a Hummer (and it actually gets pretty decent gas mileage...) Anyway, my point. I was listening to Sean Hannity and he had a caller that raised a really great point (ironically he was from Philly-actually that's not ironic at all --sorry Alanis Morrisette overtook me for a second) Oh yeah, my point. Ok the caller was referencing the fact that John FORBES Kerry has been in the Senate now for 20 years and has never sponsored and had a bill passed. He went on to say that Kerry claims that he will 'change world opinion', but considering he couldn't even change his colleague's opinions that seems unlikely. I HONESTLY would like to hear a democrat/liberal/independent's answer to what signs of leadership skills this man can possess if in 20 years he couldn't get one thing passed. It seems that there is one of two explanations:
    1) He has no diplomacy or persuasion skills.
    2) He has really bad ideas that even his liberal friends won't sponsor/pass.
    Now, you are not allowed to answer a question with a question and say --'what did Bush do before he was President'...He is President already and we do not deal in hypotheticals here (unless they are mine). Bush has had many bills passed (and supposedly with false info so he must be pretty good).
    I would love some honest thoughts because I really don't get it....

    Tuesday, July 20, 2004

    How the Great Have Fallen...Fast

    Over the past six or seven months there has been an all-star lineup of liberals coming out against the Bush Administration --and then, conveniently adding their names to the growing section of Bush-bashing books on the front table at Barnes and Noble.

    Each person has been the star-of-the-moment, splashed all over the news for days and touted for their service and truthfulness—YET when something has happened to expose them as liars or to discredit them- they just disappear from the radar screen. Poof. (A little like that pesky Oil For Food scandal!!!)

    Sandy Berger (burglar?), the former Clinton NSA, is now under investigation for shoving classified documents in his UNDERPANTS and socks (allegedlyJ). He has now resigned as Kerry’s aid (Did the Clinton’s leak it? Oh, that’s for another day). What was in the documents? Was it information about the three offers that Clinton had from the Sudan to ‘take Bin Laden’? Was it info to help Kerry’s campaign? I seem to remember that after he testified everyone sang his praises---but let’s not gloat because I am sure that this is all a vast right wing conspiracy to take attention from the 9/11 commission report.

    What would they say if this had been Condeleeza?

    ‘Terrorism Czar’ DICK Clark was the star of the moment –every show on every channel. Michael Moore lauded him, Moby praised him…all the libs evoked his name to justify their crazy liberal theories of how ‘Bush told all the Jewish people to leave the Twin Towers and then let the planes fly into them’ and other truly intellectual ideas like that. Richard Clark was exposed by a Fox news interview done the year before where he had stated that 1) there was no plan for Al Qaeda passed from the Clinton to the Bush Administration and 2) the Bush Admin. increased CIA capabilities and the plan to go after Al Qaeda by FIVE FOLD. ALSO, as I have been told, a chunk of Michael Moore’s schlockumentary is based on the ‘fact’ that members of the Bin Laden family were allowed to fly right after 9/11 when there wasn’t a plane in the sky and it was all personally sanctioned by Bush. WRONG! It was after the planes were back in the air and who gave the clearance for all of them? Michael Moore’s hero –DICK Clark.

    ‘Ambassador’ Joe Wilson, another of the 60 minutes book deal club, claimed that he was sent to Africa with no help or recommendation from his CIA wife (LIE), and that he found and reported that there was no proof that Saddam was seeking to buy Uranium. He says that he gave this info to the Bush Admin., and that they blatantly ignored it. The 9/11 commission says that Wilson’s report BOLSTERED the case that Iraq was indeed looking to buy uranium. Did Saddam want radio active smoke alarms, because that is the only use for uranium that I can find… besides, of course, the proliferation of NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

    In their rush to smear the President, democrats have clung to any figure with a grim tale to tell before fully vetting their stories. They hailed Michael Moore then bowed their heads as Christopher Hitchens tore him to shreds. They have disenfranchised the true Democrats (Miller, Lieberman, Evan Byah –they even lost Dennis Miller) to embrace the leftist fringe of the party. If the Republicans had person after person making slanderous claims and consistently being proved liars it would be on the front page of the New York Times for at least 97 days –just like the Abu Ghraib ‘torture’ photos.

    I don’t know if I can take 3 ½ more months of this…

    Monday, July 19, 2004

    Who Qualifies as the Religious Right?

    The pearls of wisdom bestowed upon us by Moby today: He is not sure why the ‘religious right’ makes such a big deal over abortion and homosexuality, when they are things that Jesus never spoke about.

    Without giving the former music star a theology lesson about the fact that Jesus is part of a Trinity, and that Christians (at least Protestant/Evangelical) don’t differentiate between the words of God and Jesus, it would be hard to explain to him. The Bible—as a whole—is the ‘Word of God’ and therefore the word of Jesus.

    That said I wish I knew who the often evoked but never defined ‘religious right’ (herein referred to as RR) are. Reverend Billy Graham? James Dobson? Pat Robertson? Is the President part of the RR? Am I? I went through 12 years of a Christian private school, I believe in God and Jesus, I am pro-life BUT…I have tattoos and piercing and I am not sure if the Rev. Graham would approve. Can we be put in the same group? Who actually has a bona fide membership to the RR?

    He asks why Christians are against abortion, but for the death penalty. I think a better question is: why are liberals pro-abortion and anti-death penalty? I can see the rally signs… “Spare the Murderer and Kill the Children” (“Barabbas!”) 40 million abortions since Roe V. Wade (1973). 40 MILLION. In the same time frame there have been 918 executions. 918.

    I actually stopped watching CNN when the Partial Birth Abortion Act got signed. If there is someone with a stubbed toe on CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta comes out and explains the inter-workings of the stubbed toe, BUT when the FIRST restriction on abortion since Roe V. Wade was passed: NOT A WORD from Dr. Gupta. “A form of late-term abortion” was all they said. Bill, what is it exactly? Soledad, tell the people what happens! Jack, my man, why so quiet? Sanjay…where are you? Aaron Brown will come through…Aaron!!!! Nope, not a peep. They didn’t want people to know what it was because everyone would be against it. Even my staunchest Pro-choice friends say “why was that legal to begin with?” It was Fox News from that day forward.

    I may be kicked out of my tenuous RR membership for this, but I fully support civil unions. I believe that people can not be denied legal rights –that is how ‘man’s law’ works. SHHH…don’t ruin my “angry and judgmental right wing Christian” persona.

    No one denies that abortion and homosexuality are tough and divisive subjects (I guess I have broken every rule here –never talk politics, religion, abortion….), but this is a discussion that the American people need to have. Isn’t ‘dissent is healthy’ the mantra?

    Note of Interest: “Roe” of Roe V. Wade is actually pro-life now.

    “I long for the day that justice will be done and the burden from all of these deaths will be removed from my shoulders. I want to do everything in my power to help women and their children. The issue is justice for women, justice for the unborn, and justice for what is right." Jane Roe (real name: Norma McCorvey)

    The Debate: Values?

    It seems strange to me that in the hot pre-election days, that al qaeda has gleefully promised to be the 'summer of blood'; the debate has turned to 'values'. As Islamic extremists continue to practice their sacred act of beheading our candidates are arguing values.
    This begs the question, "What are values?" Are they what you value and what will drive your leadership or are they a core stem of morality within your person? Bush claims the values of the conservative platform: faith, family, country. Kerry said to the NAACP (after throwing up the black power sign -sorry that is funny no matter how many times I think about it) that he thinks values have nothing to do with morality or belief, but instead jobs and fighting aids. He said that AIDS is the biggest problem facing our country. Hmmm...funny, i thought it was preventing a dirty bomb.
    As I thought about who should get to define values, I remembered Kerry saying that Whoopi Goldberg's anti-Bush rant at Radio City Music Hall (bottle in hand -expletives flying) represented the values of Americans. Does Whoopi Goldberg represent us? Now, don't get me wrong...I am a 100% advocate of free speech. If Whoopi wants to make comparisons of Bush's last name to parts of the female body --it might be tired and obvious for a professional comedian and I would think she could be a bit more original, but never-the-less it is her right. That night (at a Kerry/Breck Boy fundraiser) the President was called a poo-tang, a liar, a killer and a thief. a time of war. wow.
    Now I wanted to compare this with an event that took place that very same night about an hour away that has gotten little or no coverage from the very balanced main steam media. Sean Hannity & Ollie North's "Freedom Concert" at Six Flags in Jackson, NJ. It was a concert to raise money for the children of all the soldiers that have been killed or injured in Iraq or Afghanistan (raised over 2 million) -the Kerry/Breck concert raised 7.5 for...Kerry/Breck. At Six Flags there were flags everywhere (American flags! -thank God the ACLU wasn't notified!), soldiers brought up from Walter Reed Medical Center (GREAT guys!), Bush/Cheney shirts, signs and stickers, smiles, cheers, chants of USA. In front of 12,000 people Darryl Worley sang, Martina McBride, Ted Nugent, and Danny Aiello (believe it or not a pro-Bush celebrity). There were NO bad things said about Kerry -actually he wasn't even a thought. It was Pro-troops, Pro-America, Pro-Bush, Pro Pro pro.... I know, I was there.
    Quite a contrast to Anti-war, Anti-Bush, Anti-Cheney, Anti-haliburton, anti anti anti...
    This was a nice snapshot (to me anyway) of values. To me it is summed up in the difference between the "Bush/Cheney '04" and "Anybody But Bush" bumper stickers. I am FOR something. I KNOW what I believe. I believe that GWB is the person that best represents my values. He has moral conviction and doesn't cave to poll numbers. He doesn't tell Jewish groups that the wall around Israel is a necessity one day and the Palestinians that the wall is a crime the next. He doesn't say that he owns five SUVs in Detroit and on Earth Day claim that he has none. Some may say that it is Bush's moral clarity that scares them, because they don't have the same beliefs as him and they know that he will not change --they call it closed minded. I say if you believe in something and don't stay with it you didn't really believe. If John Kerry is elected we have no idea what we will get because he hasn't said --and that my friends, in the summer of blood and the ancient sacred practice of beheadings --scares the shit out of me!

    Sunday, July 18, 2004

    Of Course there is NO liberal Bias in the Media!

    Here is a quote from Moby the other day:
    "the bi-partisan senate 9-11 commission has concluded beyond a shadow of a doubt that there were no wmd's in iraq and that there was no connection between iraq and al-qaeda and there was no reason for bush to have waged war against iraq."
    Members of the 'bi-partisan' 9/11 commission went on various news shows to rebut how the media had handled this report. They said that the report in NO WAY said that there were no connections between Iraq and Al Qaeda --in fact the report sited that they found numerous connections. What the site couldn't find was 'operational collaboration' for 9/11. Quite a different thing there Moby.
    Curiously there has been no report from Moby about the Oil for Food Scandal at his precious United Nations. There has been not a peep about the fact that they have now proved that Ambassador Joe Wilson was a LIAR --and that his reports actually bolstered findings that Iraq was indeed looking to buy Uranium from Africa. Where are the apologies for the accusations against Bush for his State of the Union that stated this --and was true!
    I will agree that the post-war situation in Iraq may not have been fully planned through, BUT I truly believe that the reason for this was that The President (& his Admin) 100% believed that they would find the WMD's and then all the other countries would have to bow their heads in shame and come and help us out. This was not the case, but I think that it shows that Bush is not a liar --he honestly thought they would be there. We can argue about what happened to them. I find it a bit hard to believe that the ENTIRE world and two Administrations got the intelligence wrong. Everyone moans about the 'rush to war', but I think 17 resolutions at the UN and a year of build-up after the final resolution were plenty of time for a trip over the Syrian border.

    Saturday, July 17, 2004


    I spent a year abroad when I was in college. I went a lot of places and everyone was really nice. I am an American and LOOK like an American (I am from Philly so I definitely SOUND like an American). BUT__the Brits were nice, the Irish were the best, the Dutch were great (and mellow), the Greeks were friendly, the Spanish wonderful and low and behold even the French were really nice to me. The only people that I met in all my travels that were consistently horrible were the Canadians. I don't say this to be mean --it's just true. They all wore giant Canadian flags on their backpacks, so --god forbid-- someone didn't mistake them for being from the States. They told bad jokes referencing our inability to speak more than one language, and generally bristled whenever a lower-48 was around. Why? I can't answer that because to this day I don't know. It can't be as simple as "we took all their hockey players and now their teams suck" (one explanation that I have been given).
    NOW, they are continuing to harbor two AWOL US soldiers --continuing the proud tradition of slapping the US in the face that started during Vietnam.
    I hate when Canadian bloggers have US politics pages. I just read one and I had to fight the urge to post a comment and risking giving the person an ounce of legitimacy.
    Canada: Extradite our soldiers and allow Fox News on your airways...what are you afraid of?

    A Small, maybe Inmature, Fantasy

    There will be a Protest warrior Counter-protest in NY for the GOP
    convention. I am not sure how many of the PWs will show because
    they will be in for a rough ride. Spitting, screaming, ripping
    signs, tripping, punching....ironically all from the 'peace'
    people. All the Anti-War groups will be out strong and a few
    brave souls will counter their hate with signs like "Beside Ending
    Slavery, Fascism, Communism, and Nazism ...War has never solved
    anything." The Doves are never very dovish when the PWs show up and all
    free speech rights seem to fly right out the window when it's a
    conservative mouth moving. Anyway, my fantasy is that all the PWs
    that show up have lunch at Moby's Meatless cafe. I would love to
    see his face as the Bush supporters flooded his establishment.
    Would he spit in their faux burgers? Would he smile politely as
    the sun beamed off his head? Would he turn down the filthy
    dollars of capitalism? Oh well, a girl can dream...

    To see videos of the 'peace' marches:

    November Election

    Here's the thing...this election is about one thing and one thing
    only--National Security, regardless of what your social, religious or
    even political views are. You can't marry your gay lover, have an
    abortion, listen to Howard Stern or fight for union overtime if you are
    dead. That's just a fact.

    I just heard a speech Kerry gave today where he joined the chorus and
    blamed the President for the pre-9/11 intelligence failure. This
    statement from a man who served EIGHT years on the Senate Intelligence
    Committee and consistently voted to cut defense and intelligence
    budgets. At one point he even proposed a bill with such sweeping
    intelligence cuts that not even his liberal mentor, Teddy Kennedy, would put his name on it.

    Kerry recently spoke to the NAACP and said (before throwing up the
    'black power' sign) that [a man with words and no deeds is dead].
    Hmmm...So he voted to cut intelligence, but now blames Bush. He claims
    that he believes that "Life begins at conception", yet he would never
    let that influence his votes or policy making. Is that not a man with
    words and no deeds?

    "I voted for the 87 billion before I voted against it." John Forbes Kerry

    Friday, July 16, 2004

    Why Moby?

    I read
    Moby's on line journal every day. I don't know why I do because it
    usually makes my head feel like it will explode. I hate that famous
    people have a 'voice' and a forum and I don't. I am not even sure if
    Moby is even relevant anymore. Does the MTV generation still dig him? I
    guess I am considered a GenXer and I know no one that like/listens to
    him. My fear: that the MTV generation does like him, reads his journal,
    doesn't have the where-with-all to independently research the things
    that he writes and actually believes the half truths that he espouses.

    For instance...the other day he went on and on about how President Bush was actually from Connecticut. Bush 41 and Barbara Bush moved to Odessa, Texas
    when Dubya was an infant. They then moved to Midland, Texas when he was
    three and bought a house with the help of an FHA loan (how rich could
    they have been if they needed FHA?).

    Moby's blog claims that he bought his ranch in Texas on "the advice of Karl Rove" --which may

    be true. "Hey George, I know someone selling a great
    place in Crawford...” Moby, of course, makes it sound sinister. Like
    Bush was the
    Massachusetts liberal that Kerry is and was like "get me a
    place in
    Texas, so I can fool people into thinking I am a cowboy". He lived in Texas
    his entire life! This is one small example of how disingenuous this
    Moby guy is. (But what can you really expect from a self-proclaimed